Reviews for The Art Of Suicide
shadowyshadow chapter 21 . 4/22
fantastic story
I'm Solo chapter 21 . 4/8
Another great read this chapter. On the use of the word Cunt as a man I use it often enough to express my dislike of something if it comes to using such a strong word. But story wise I get the feeling that Robin will have to make a choice in the coming chapters on whether he will risk it all and express his real feeling for Raven or bury them and try and help her rebuild her life from the sidelines.
RavenGrayson chapter 21 . 4/5
One word: beautiful. You made me cry Ophelia. How dare you?
That Chick chapter 21 . 3/23
I just wanna say I really loved the cunt monologue that was pretty funny and it brought up some good points lol.
Pobre chapter 21 . 3/18
We are getting somewhere!
erisol chapter 21 . 3/15
I don't remember if I've said this before, but I can definitely hear Raven's monotone voice. I hope they get closer. It will be interesting to read what that will be like.
Guest chapter 20 . 3/8
This story is too good to be taking too long to update .
Secretly Dark chapter 20 . 11/24/2014
Great chapter; very well written and a good read!
erisol chapter 20 . 11/7/2014
nice writing. I keep imagining Raven's monotone voice when she speaks.
I'm Solo chapter 20 . 11/6/2014
Wow. Just wow. Really strong chapter this round. Makes waiting for the next one even harder.
la canelle chapter 20 . 10/31/2014
Bravo! It was such a good chapter. I love it.
furrballnerd chapter 19 . 10/4/2014
I finally caught up. I didn't want to because I knew that after I read this chapter I would be at the mercy of your updating. Ug
Anyway, It's extremely powerful and surprising just how much poetry and old literature you have been able to both remember as a good point of recitation and to capture it so accurately within a story of today. Very well done. Also, your descriptions and ideas are phenomenal. Most people stick to cliche phrases and ideas, but you create your own. Very thrilling to see.
Overall, I love the story so far, as sad as it may be. It really helps you connect to it, whether you have personal experience with depression, suicide, and cutting, or not. Can't wait to read more
la canelle chapter 19 . 9/10/2014
Wow. This story really hits home. You are a very Intelligent person, and I am happy that I decide to read this amazing story. Update soon.
furrballnerd chapter 10 . 9/6/2014
So I have been reading this story and at this point, the best character is Dr. Graves. Not because the other characters are bad or anything, he's just that fantastic.
The story on the other hand, just makes me sadder and sadder. You wrote it well and I will continue through the next few chapters, glad to be able to read this.
I hope you continue to write, you have talent. Kudos
abbie chapter 14 . 9/2/2014
I love hat connection you made with Adam west it was ironically funny
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