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AvatarofBahamut chapter 5 . 3/30/2014
I'm really digging these. I'm reading the Stahl/Sumia supports first, but I am planning on going back to read the Frederick/Gaius supports. I also checked out your poll - Voted for Chrom/Panne, Chrom(Grandfather)/Morgan(Grandchild), and and Virion/Inigo.

Would liked to have seen Chrom and Miriel as an option, but I am just a weirdo like that. (Although, to be honest, it's not that strong a pairing, but considering some of the pairings that are in game, there are worse. And, I mostly am interested in it because Laurent as Chrom's son and Lucina's brother would be badass.)
AvatarofBahamut chapter 6 . 3/30/2014
Wow, these Stahl and Sumia supports are surprisingly well written. I appreciate your diversity of language here, and you choice of scenario to focus on for the supports. I was rather disappointed that the two couldn't support in-game and I was really glad to find someone's well-thought out imagining of what it might be like. I always thought their personalities worked well together and they have some interests and abilities that blend. And honestly, he would have been my #1 choice for Sumia's S-Support if they had been able to do such.

Speaking of which...are you going to write an S-Support? It's completely fine if that isn't in your plans, but I am curious.
Lilybud chapter 5 . 3/21/2014
Why the creators of Fire Emblem decided against Sumia and Stahl's support is beyond me! They would be PERFECT together!
Lilybud chapter 3 . 3/15/2014
Aww, I like this! It keeps them well in character with also a realistic resolution in the end. The only suggestion I would make is about descriptions. While your writing style is exceedingly advanced compared to a lot of the stories on , I think you should add more sensory details besides what the character can SEE. The sensory details shouldn't be too overwhelming that it distracts the reader, just subtle things that enhances the overall scene. This suggestion may be void since I haven't read the later chapters, but I thought it could still help you. Anyways, lovely story and I can't wait to read about Stahl and Sumia.
By the way, I don't think I saw this option on the poll, but just in case you're going to add it to the new one, I think it would be fun to see a support about Nowi and Miriel. I can imagine Miriel being intrigued about how Nowi can turn into a dragon. There could also be one about Miriel and Panne
but Nowi's penchant for never sitting still may be more humorous. This is just a suggestion, by the way!
Lilybud chapter 1 . 3/15/2014
I actually saw all of Gaius' supports that were mentioned, so I found this even more hilarious than it already is. Heh, Frederick has a good point about all of the 'crimes', just the wrong assumption. I love when he talked about "innocent robbery". I mean, in of itself that is a contradicting statement since robbery is still a crime...just not as bad as murder. Sorry if I'm overthinking that, but it still made me laugh.
Eric chapter 6 . 2/10/2014
Yeah I have to agree with you there. Those guys miss a great couple such as this I mean they have something in common.
RookieNeir chapter 3 . 8/5/2013
Hi! I'm one of those guys who follows the freakin' friggity story and forgets to review or to freaking check the new updates. But I have checked this one...and I'm a new reviewer sooooo expect a review per support thing.

I've recently finished the Fire Emblem: Awakenig'sss story mode and one thing I really didn't like about the support scenes is how some of them don't make the relationships between the characters evolve, they just friggin' are like: "YO. LET'S DO THINGS. FANSERVICE LOL". Some of them were good, not going to lie, but some of them were like nah. Just why. Why did I spend aaaaaaaall that time in making a pair that I don't even think I'll use JUST to see the freaking cutscene and you gimme dat? Nah. Just no.

This is rather different to be honest. I actually expected fanservice dialogue but honestly, I did see some character evolution. At support A. The thing is, chapter one and chapter two worked as buildup to the finale of the arc and not as a slow evolution of Gaius's and Frederick's friendship, which I think that was the point of the support cutscenes. Not to say it was bad, it just seemed more like a streamlined mini arc rather than the one-shot scenes the support scenes really are. So they were a bit more plot focused than character focused as I expected these thingies to be, but that's not a bad thing, just a different approach.

Characterization is top-notch here. It seems like you've just pulled the characters from the game and made them a lot more charming. The dialogues were also great and entertaining, bringing interesting topics to the table, specially for the A support..

Description could use a little bit more work, but it doesn't matter very much since it isn't the main focus of this kind of story, but still, could use some more background description.

This arc was a lot of fun, really interested in the more plot based focus of the story, rather than the oneshots the game has. Overall, I give this arc a 7.7/10.
RedMerchant chapter 5 . 7/26/2013
I hope writing is always a fun hobby for you, then. If it ever feels like work or a chore, go ahead and stop until you feel like writing again. :)
nneefa chapter 5 . 7/23/2013
Can I just talk about how absolutely FLAWLESS your writing is!?

I'd read the Gaius/Frederick support a long while ago, but every time I wanted to review, I got distracted to do something else. Instead of talking about this first, I'm gonna go back to how much I loved the Gaius/Frederick bit. I'm not gonna lie - I doubted Gaius' return right along with Frederick. XD I hadn't even thought of him running to get help; just that he landed himself into some trouble and ran. I should give him more credit. You did a SUPERB job, and really, I commend you for even starting this series (even if it's only until your inspiration runs dry - I'll stick with this forever).

Now, for Stahl and Sumia - OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH!

I've been craving for supports between these two! I'm so disappointed in the developers for not allowing these two to interact (even in the Harvest and Summer Scramble, ugh). You did their characters justice, okay?! Words alone cannot express how much I squealed over these two. I loved the comparisons you did between their horses (I don't know ANYTHING about horses, so this is all I can really offer), and just - I love this, alright, and I'm TOTALLY looking forward to their A and S rank conversations!

Ah, I dunno if you're still accepting suggestions, but I'd totally love a support between Lon'Qu and Sumia (and, hehe, again Owain and Gerome). Keep up the absolute fantastic work and I look forward to your future chapters. Good luck!
Undertaker5 chapter 5 . 7/21/2013
Not bad! I liked how you made a connection between riders and their mounts, giving them a personality. Now, I'm interested in what Stahl has got planned (nice cliffhanger)! Keep up the good work!
Flutterspark chapter 5 . 7/21/2013
Whyyyy isn't this a real support? Stahl/Sumia would've made so much sense!

I have absolutely nothing to say with regards to characters voices here, you have them both down pat! Love, love, love their interactions. Cuties.3

I DO have a few nitpicks, mostly about the horses. Brace yourself, nerd incoming.

You refer early in this chapter to Stahl and Sumia's horse/pegasus as a 'colt' and 'filly' respectively. Firstly, there's no need to call Sumia's pegasus a 'female filly', as all fillies are by definition female. Secondly, it's VERY unlikely that either of them are young enough to even be a colt or filly, as colt/fillies are typically horses under 3 years of age. Horses don't finish developing until they're around 4, and some trainers don't do any 'hard riding' (ie, galloping with a rider) until they're 5 or even 6. So I can't imagine putting armor and an armored rider on any animal still being called a colt or filly, essentially.

Thirdly, and this I'm willing to take a pass on since it's SUCH a common trope-stallions. For Stahl to be playing matchmaker with their animals, I'm assuming you intend to say that both are intact, which story-wise is cute, but realistically just isn't possible. (Not even talking about pegasus/horse relations here, stallions are just a pain in the behind!) Like I said though, I'm perfectly willing to give it a pass since a bunch of people with horses (me included!) anthropomorphicize their animals and set up 'play dates' for them even if they're fixed. /pathetiiiic I can totally see Stahl and Sumia wanting their mounts to be BFFsies.

I'M SORRY this was way too long and probably unnecessary, but I hope it helped a little? Like I said earlier, I love the Stahl/Sumia interactions and am really excited for A-rank!
Kikifoo chapter 4 . 7/19/2013

Actual chapter review: OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! jdkhlsdfgjsdfngsdfglkjaf; Selenia, this... is so. ADORABLE and d'awww worthy and cuuuuute I just ughughugh! More glorious writing and fabulousness from you; you're seriously gonna kill me! *v* The fuzzies are punching me in the stomach right now, but it's a good hurt!

They are just... adorable. Stahl is just a sweetheart in every single way and so encouraging and nice and considerate and WARM, and Su is the same exact way! ;w; I honestly think what you chose for this support is awesome and definitely worth what time/struggle you took/endured to figure it out! I mean, Sumia is right, she IS an big animal buff and Stahl is just a sweetie, and their reactions to what's gone on so far are nothing less than perfect!

That, and I love the bits of realism you include that really bring things together. The fact that Stahl's horse wasn't used to more than just him on top of it, and the fact that Su would feel insecure and observe that with her animal-buffness makes complete sense. I also really like that Stahl is giving his horse a bath! So cute! The next support is gonna be a horsie date! :D I really cannot wait for the next chapterrrrr! :'D
Kikifoo chapter 3 . 7/19/2013
THE FEELS. THE TEARS OH MY GOODNESS. This glory is just too much to handle, bro. You're killing me with how amazing this is! ;w; BUT AT LEAST THIS KIND OF DEATH IS SWEET. Ugh, omg. When I finished this support, my initial thought was "how in the world am I going to give her a review that lives up to this beautiful writing?" I'm still at that point, so if this review is terribly worded and confusing as heck, just smack me!

Th first thing you have to know, is how much I love how you've delivered their characters as a whole, and how in love with your writing style I am. Honestly, I'm envious of how you do third person because it's just... so... PERFECT. I don't know how you do it! Even though I'm pretty sure it's an omniscient perspective, I honestly adore the shift to limited here and there (or maybe it's the other way around! xD Kinda like asking if a zebra has black stripes or white stripes; they're both there and I love it!) And again, you describe everything so fluently (and efficiently), from the characters and their little quirks, to the situations. AND you give the perfect amount of details! You never drone on and on about anything, but it also isn't just a straight dialogue run-through like the supports in game, and I think it's perfect that way. ;w; DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW YOU WORD THINGS. Guh, so envious! :3

"Down boy. Now was so not the time." I love this line so much! Just another example of that voice that you've got going on in your wonderful writing! :')

I also need you to know about how my adoration of your dialogue- EVERY piece of dialogue- knows no bounds! :'3 I'm a big dialogue lover anyway, but every line in this story a character says reflects so much of who they are, it's just wonderful.

The fact that Frederick realizes Gaius isn't as bad and learns more about him really takes the cake (ha? xD) on the role of this A support, me thinks. Gaius confesses those personal bits and Freddy accepts him, and that's just like how the game plays out A supports between the same gender and stuff! I appreciate that you kept a similar format, but I'm so glad you vouched for new, awesome original ideas rather than novelizations of pre-existing support conversations! ;w; This is just the best darn story idea! x'D I ALSO LOVE THAT IT LOOPED BACK AROUND AND REFERRED TO THE C SUPPORT WITH THE COMMENTS ABOUT MURDER, and that Gaius understands why Freddy acts the way he does- being over cautious and whatnot. :3

That last line makes me feel all warm and happy and fuzzy inside! ;w; so adorable and sweet and lovely and perfect. THIS IS PERFECT UGHD FJKDHLFJ My eyes are so happy they get to read this wonderful piece of writing! I actually had a suggestion for later chapters because honestly the supports for the following two in-game made me a little sick, bahah. Between Gaius and Cynthia (as father&daughter,) I was really disappointed. Like, I never pictured him for one to cry... AND THEN she brings up going to a CAKE shop and Gaius... REFUSES?! HUA?! IMPOSTOR! YOU'RE NOT GAIUS! I think you would do a fabulous job at recreating a better, more realistic set of supports between them, if you'd be interested in doing so! :'3 I also thought some sort of support between Gaius and Kellam might be interesting, just because Kellam is super good at disappearing and Gaius's profession asks for him to be sneaky, so maybe it could start with something like that? I don't know! Being a Gaius fangirl can sometimes cloud my brain from much else! HAH! xD Regardless of the supports you do, I have the utmost confidence in how they'll turn out! :'3 Keep it upppppppp! You're awesome! :D
Kikifoo chapter 2 . 7/19/2013
dskhljdskgd this review is so painfully late for this wonderful piece of writing ughughugh! But I'll get on with the review (FINALLY!) :(

I just have to tell you that I was right about your style and how absolutely perfect it is! You effectively describe everything and everyone and the situations so ridiculously well, it's astounding! That said, these situations you thought up for the characters and the way they play into the supports are just... klihygldskfjgns fabulous. I am in awe! :')

Not only that, but the way tell this story -between that voice you've placed in your third person writing and what you choose to include overall- is just so. darn. ADDICTING. Everything flows so well and the characterizations are perfect. Flawless. Immaculate! Spot on, ol chap! On that note, I really adore the dialogue (and everything else about the chapter), and how you're able to portray them SO well that you don't even have to tell readers who's talking.

I have to say, Frederick's assumption that Gaius fled is not only incredibly like Frederick, (more characterization gushing) but reasonable in general. Especially since they aren't like bff's or anything and Gaius is one of those people you can't really read very well (and his profession is, well, y'know!) Combined those facts with Frederick's weary personality and the situation, and we get this thought that he ran away and I think that's one of my favorite parts about this chapter/story; how naturally everything plays out. Nothing is strained or stretching anything, and that makes these wonderful supports you've written that much easier to accept as the headcannon supports between these characters! ;w; I love your writing so much I just can't even jdfhsbgj!

OH, one more thing before I continue on to the next chapters for some much deserved reviews AND THAT GLORIOUS SUMIA/GAIUS ONESHOT! I LOVE when Freddy notices his heart beating in his chest, but remembers that he knows how to stay calm. It's a freaky position to be in, and I love how you've depicted his reaction to it! I can't thank you enough for posting this story for us to enjoy, SO THANK YOU SO MUCH! 3 :'D

P.S, sorry if this review is outta whack or confusing. I'm a little out of practice and I had so many emotions about these chapters so far, it's hard to put them into words!
Tiredlazyname chapter 4 . 7/18/2013
Can't believe I never thought of Stahl and Sumia, you're right, it's totally an adorable pair.
Think it's mostly because I didn't really like Sumia's stats at all though. o. 3 But it's totally a cute pair. Probably so cute that it triumphs over the main Chrom/Sumia pairing (which, seriously I don't know if it's translations or whatever- but the support conversation didn't make me want to support that pairing at all. Even if it didn't make a heck of a lot more sense for an Avatar/Chrom pairing for the story. Derp.)
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