Reviews for The Wizard's World: YR 2
Nycel chapter 2 . 6/17
are you going to continue the story it has be are not many good Harry Potter Pokemon there are not many good Harry Potter Pokemon crossovers
HonorLove chapter 2 . 6/10
So, loving this story/series. I've never played any of the Pokemon games (and only seen a very few episodes), but this is a great tale! I realize you're leaving this one along for now ::pout:: so I won't ask about updates. I am curious as to Dumbledore's reason for trying to destroy the Flamel's descendents. Is is just so he can control the money their children have? Either way, just know that you have some (at least one!) people out here in cyberspace waiting patiently for you to update this at some point. (Or even a summary of "this is what was going to happen")

Thanks for sharing, and don't let the trolls get you down!
Guest chapter 2 . 5/10
Finish it!
ReadAlert chapter 2 . 4/26
Are you gonna pair Ash up with a witch or a muggle while visiting some local town?
Goeno chapter 1 . 4/5
Well, I'm surprised, but I'm still here.
C.Janeway chapter 2 . 3/25
I am so sorry. I misjudged you and your work. I thought this would be utter shaite but you proved me so wrong, so completely and utterly wrong that I'm ashamed to admit it. My initial thoughts were "Well, isn't this the funkiest smelling crossover since the dawn of fanfiction?" and now I'm practically gagging for more! You've taken two universes I previously thought completely incompatible and turned them into something fantastic! You are a master at your art! I am so glad I overcame my initial bias and clicked the link because you have absolutely riveted me. I love how you actually handled the issues about child abuse (and the lingering effects it can have!) as well as how flawlessly you incorporated Ash, Mrs. Ketchum and everybody else. And I must say: your evil Dumbledore is magnificent. I never thought I could hate the old coot any more, but clearly I do, you have shown me the light. Interweaving the Flamels was a stroke of genius as well! I am completely overwhelmed! I have now read through the entirety of what you have written in this series and I hope you see fit to continue one day, because this is utterly brilliant!
theawesomeyvetel chapter 2 . 3/22
Me is dyings of boredoms. Hurry, please!
crazyone-oh-one chapter 2 . 3/3
Oh my arceus, you have to continue this! I love how this is going, please update soon! I love this way too much, so please, indulge in my addiction to this wonderful story! I'M BEGGING YOU!
Stachelbeere chapter 2 . 2/24
Love this story:D
Would be happy, if you ever decide to continue it;D
R. A Cross chapter 2 . 2/22
Nice one ;-)
lordzoabar chapter 2 . 2/20
Come back to usssssss! We miss youuuuuu!

This is one of my absolute favorite stories (this series as a whole) and it makes me sad when I check and it still hasn't been updated. :(
Polymer1 chapter 1 . 1/27
Are you planning on finnishing this? Because it would be kind of sad if you don't.
RinYun913 chapter 2 . 1/10
Guest chapter 2 . 12/20/2014
Can you please update this story? It's really good.
Miyu Kokomi chapter 2 . 12/18/2014
Plus plis plis plis. Yesss?
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