Reviews for Working Lunch
Bluem55 chapter 100 . 1/30
I liked this story and I love the writers attitude towards negative comments. After all reading stories here on FF is like reading a book you may have purchased or picked up from the library, you may not like every thing in the book but you read it or not and move on, you don't write the author with negative cruel comments.
To the author, I think you did a good job and good luck in you endeavors.
vickiel2r chapter 78 . 1/13
I think doing all this activities like going to the office, flying to aspen is a bit too much after having a major surgery from bullent wounds involving organs like liver and lungs, especially when Christian could hardly manage by himself. It's fanfiction but you have to be realistic on events and activities. Just my opinion.
Faith2luv chapter 23 . 1/11
Love you post. I am a computer illiterate, so to speak. Can't figure put my fanfic acct so I am signing on as a guest because your post cracked me up. I do not at all get the people who read and don't enjoy a story but keep reading & reviewing negatively! Why oh why don't they just move on to a different story or write their own if they have such great ideas. I can see constructive critism because that will make better writers but if they want to bash - Just Don't Read it.
I am enjoying Your story with a new twist. Please keep writing. Thx
Guest chapter 24 . 1/10
I was glad you wrote that, some readers are quite rude with their reviews and demanding for frequent updates. I just found this story and playing catch up.I like it and wiil finish it. Thank you for your time.
vickiel2r chapter 61 . 1/11
Ana is like acting without thinking. She is in the height of labor and still minding other people. How can she have all that energy left?
vickiel2r chapter 60 . 1/11
Ana was in a panic, more in distress worrying so much about everyone, and forgetting she was also distressing the babies, complicating labor and delivery. With all those bullet wounds Christian would have a longer time to recover.
vickiel2r chapter 57 . 1/11
Christian is a workaholic, reserve CEO, with childhood and adolescent issues, and tends to internalized his feelings. He is not going to change overnight. Although they do have active love making sessions and he loves her. He may change when he becomes a father.
vickiel2r chapter 56 . 1/11
I always feel pillow fights with feathers are very childish especially for a reserved CEO. All that mesh it creates. Sorry, but thank you I like this story, no over the top unrealistic human accidents and still end up allmost unblemish.
Guest chapter 11 . 1/9
I think if a reader dislikes a story he/she should stop reading it and moves on to another instead of demeaning that writer. You spend so much time answering to them instead of concentrating on the story line. There are many stories available for anybody to read. Just my opinion. I like this one, so I will finish it. Thank you for your time. I guessed it was Samantha to blame when problems started.
vickiel2r chapter 51 . 1/11
I like Ana's idea of them being legally married before children's birth, which is more or as important than Christian's being so careful of legalities before blaiming Elena with all the threats.
Guest chapter 6 . 1/9
Smart decision for Ana, can't be just a fuck buddy.
vickiel2r chapter 33 . 1/10
Glad Ana can stir Christian to where his priorities lies.
mz.sonya61 chapter 102 . 12/13/2015
What and amazing story really enjoy reading different ways Ana and Christian meets...enjoy reading this in two and half settings. Great story.
trubleu chapter 24 . 11/27/2015
I have to say it's very refreshing to read a well thought out story. This one hits the mark, and I am loving it. I truly appreciate the people who have given this story their time and dedication. All of the fundamental elements of writing are beautifully woven into this story. I truly appreciate all the work that was put into this story. I am thrilled that there is so much more to be read.
heather221 chapter 1 . 11/22/2015
Awesome story, sorry to see it end
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