Reviews for Working Lunch
4 Ezria chapter 89 . 4h
Poor Christian was crying. Its sad he feels so not in control anymore. I hope his grandpa doesn't die.
amysuer chapter 7 . 13h
Just started reading your story during my lunch break at work and I can't stop reading. I'm sitting at work getting NOTHING done. Love this story! I think it was the Samantha in the black car.
4 Ezria chapter 88 . 5/31
Ana loves that she has a family now. Christian's family
4 Ezria chapter 87 . 5/30
Great chapter. Christian is back at the hospital.
4 Ezria chapter 86 . 5/30
Poor Kate. Her daughter won't stop crying but Ana to the rescue. This story just keeps getting better and better.
4 Ezria chapter 85 . 5/30
Date night for The Greys! Idk about the new Housekeeper
4 Ezria chapter 84 . 5/30
Christian is so sweet with Melissa! That's his little girl, and I can tell he'll be super protective.
4 Ezria chapter 83 . 5/30
Aww. I love how Christian is so excited about his niece. Awwwwwweeee
4 Ezria chapter 82 . 5/30
Awesome story. Ashleigh is such a prettt. Name.
4 Ezria chapter 81 . 5/30
4 Ezria chapter 80 . 5/30
Christian drank alcohol with his pills but I'm happy he's alright now
4 Ezria chapter 79 . 5/30
Christian is so weak and now he was drinking Ana be mad.
4 Ezria chapter 78 . 5/30
Lol. When Christian had his erection and was light headed when Ana said do u want mom and he this pointing penis. I was laughing so hard. That was funny. This story is funny, can be emotional and its amazing
4 Ezria chapter 77 . 5/30
Gail is going to be the nanny and that's awesome. So they need a new housekeeper
4 Ezria chapter 76 . 5/30
When Christian said he wanted to hold both this children it was so sweet. I got emotional.
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