Reviews for Order of the Dragon
grimmich chapter 30 . 11/20
Wow dubledore, still not learning your lessons apperently... So much for being a brilliant man.
grimmich chapter 27 . 11/20
... You know you make harry pretty much useless so far. Hermone is smart, ron has his strategy, and yes harry has his full magic but that is it, you can have all the power in the world but if you dont know how to use it them it is even more useless them to haveing no fucking powewr at all!
grimmich chapter 16 . 11/20
Why the hell didnt sirius just tell harry about dumbledores lie?!
grimmich chapter 15 . 11/20
YES! Thank you charlie!
grimmich chapter 13 . 11/20
I hope charlie takes harrys name,then he wont be a weasley anymore and molly will have no say in ANYTHING either of them do anymore...
grimmich chapter 10 . 11/19
... Why the fick did he forgive them just like that?!
grimmich chapter 6 . 11/19
What happened to hedwig if their wands were taken before they could transfigure her back?
miu.sakurai.73 chapter 62 . 11/16
kyaa! me muero! me enamoro este fic! encerio! me gusto mucho, fue lagrimas a mas no poder y ahora con los cachorros nuevos... kya! me enamora! espero que Harry pueda hacer algo y que Sirius no haya hecho alguna travesura mientras era Harry :D
jajaja gracias por escribir tan buen fanfic, espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo.
bipop chapter 62 . 11/11
I like it! Hope you'll update soon :)
bloodedlife94 chapter 62 . 11/11
This is simply one of the best written fics I have read in a long time.
13brismol chapter 62 . 11/6
Just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your story. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into it. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
kajjjann chapter 62 . 11/2
Fantastic story, I truly hope that it will be continued one day :)

Padf00tandpr0ngs chapter 62 . 11/1
I absolutely adore this story
Guest chapter 62 . 10/22
Please please PLEASE update!
RedPandaPatronus chapter 62 . 10/18
Hey! I like this wolfpack. I would read a whole story about them...hint...

Or if you include them more here, I would like that.
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