Reviews for Lost Effect
Guest chapter 25 . 8/13
I really do hope you update this soon. I have reread this twice and really want to see what happens next.
fuzzyidioms chapter 25 . 7/30
I enjoyed reading your story so far and I would like to see new chapters regularly. The mercenary route is different from other SIs I like it!
fan-rei chapter 25 . 5/29
I like your story. Your characters are interesting.
That said I would prefer if you concentrate on your characters , their developments and their choices with out joining the main story line ( shepard).
You got an original story going. It would be good if it 'd stay this way.
Good work.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/15
nice writing , but to much drama , and like most of the mass effect storys the si becomes probably shepards bootlicker ,this whole travel with the normandy gets old. chapter 25 . 5/14
My favourite mass effect story. Thank you for posting! Very much appreciated.
IsraAl'Attia-Theron chapter 25 . 5/12
I gotta say, its refreshing to see another take on merc groups. Usually all i see is them being Asshole's, or that they're just a gang of some sort, it's nice to see that you didn't make them out like that.

I also like how you show an average day when it comes to the teammates, how normal they are.

I'm curious on how the meeting with Shepard will go, because like, she (You), are in the Blue sun's, and he doesn't come to Omega until ME2 to recruit Garrus- who is fighting the Mercs- so...yeah curious on how that would go. What will happen to the team by then?

Questions. So many Questions.

Sorlian chapter 25 . 5/12
Yeah, really weird guy, especially for a Krogan! Then again the main experience from the games as I recall are with a Battlemaster and a Krogan bred to fight... Though I see that watching constantly thing and I think Shadow Broker, or something similar. Also have to wonder if she is still counting down the months/years until Mass Effect's start. Also hope she doesn't meet Massani, at least for a while, as I recall he has a massive hate-on for pretty much anything Blue Sun since he got kicked out.
Sorlian chapter 23 . 5/12
Overly-friendly people on Omega? Yeah I'd be nervous.
Sorlian chapter 9 . 5/12
Good research makes for the best stories! But yeah, wonder what she'll do with the Plot looming?!
Chatwyn chapter 25 . 5/11
I was going to say 'Aww, don't worry girl, Dolgan the Krogan just has a cute little crush on you!' But then I realised that this was something to worry about too. Nice story, keep it up!
Shadowed Replica chapter 25 . 5/9
Loved it as usual. I wait impatiently for the next update. Hope life is treating you well.

Her Eternal Grimoire chapter 25 . 5/6
I am glad to have new material and that you are still invested and have plans though sad about the possibility have another long wait. Still, I was so shocked and pleased to see you had a new update that was a new chapter! I would say can't wait to read more, but of course I shall.
gphoenix51 chapter 25 . 5/3
I'm so happy this fic hasn't been abandoned, it's one of my favorite Mass Effect stories. It's original and got a great plot, ups and downs and it's very interesting. Thanks for the updates!
general-joseph-dickson chapter 25 . 4/30
Nice chapter. She seems to be getting in more trouble.
Twisted Platypus chapter 25 . 4/30
It's alive! I never gave up hope. I've read a lot of ME fics since the last update, and this one is still unique and a pleasure to read. The characters are so memorable and well fleshed-out, it's just great. Thanks for the update!
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