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bruceleeroythelastdragon chapter 20 . 6/15
AWSOME STORY! You are a very talented and imaginative writer! I hope to see more of this excellent story!
havoc396 chapter 17 . 3/24
I'm gonna modernize this decision from Catherine just so everyone can understand how monumentally stupid she is acting, if put into words now it would be 'her husband got a bad form of covid, and because she cannot wait, because she is impatient and impulsive she went and possibly infected herself so she can be with him' stupidity itself
oxyd2013 chapter 20 . 6/16/2017
"One of the best stories out there" Ascended's Times June the 16th 29.835.321 New Alteran Year
ElementalsAdvocate chapter 20 . 4/28/2017
Marines: Another major problem I’m seeing is the gutting/removal of the U.S. Marine Corps by AU Truman. Without the Marines, General MacArthur won’t be able to pursue his feint and seizure of Inchon during the Korean War, if that happens at all. The Marines are crucial to many of the conflicts the U.S. will have in the future, and their removal should be taken into account in the AU down the road. However, with aid from the US allies in the British Commonwealth to provide funding and people for the SGI program, and a curtailment in exploration of other planets and a focus upon colonization of ES-1, ES-3, and ES-4, as well as research and development of the alien technologies, the Marine Corps might be saved. Furthermore, the Marines mission form, making amphibious assaults, heavy combat, and protecting naval assets such as ships and ports, would be essential for any space program run by the Navy. Not to mention the fact that the Stargate Canon makes frequent use of the Marines when serious muscle is needed.

Sooner or later, the Stargate Program will have to be disclosed to the general public, if only to avoid being dragged out into the light by a traitor or an alien invasion. However, such a disclosure would need to accompany some momentous event. Furthermore, certain presidents may choose to use the Stargate Program as a distraction for the public to overlook their own misdeeds or difficulties, (Nixon, cough cough). I can see Eisenhower and Kennedy respecting the need to keep the SGI a secret, but afterwards, with difficulties arising from failed overseas ventures and poor choices made at home, certain Presidents may be more likely to divulge the nature of the SGI then others.
Considering what has been written thus far, I think that Soviet discovery by sifting evidence is far more likely, perhaps even inevitable. Once that happens, the rush for Giza artifacts and other Earth-side alien tech will be on. The Soviets may even force cooperation by presenting the DHD, and demanding that the American’s work with them, or else. (I’ve no real idea of what the “or else” might be. Nuclear war is always a possibility.) Soviets may even attempt to steal the Stargate from Area 52.

Consequences of the Quarantine and the Goa’uld Possession Incident:
We have already seen the first ripples spreading immediately after the conclusion of the quarantine, with Truman’s discussion with the allied leaders of Britain, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. However, closer to home will be the assessment of the actions of those immediately involved. What will be Katharine’s fate, having broken Quarantine protocols to get to Fort Roosevelt? Consider: If Katharine or Ernest had been taken hostage by the Goa’uld; would their partner have been able to take the shot to prevent the Goa’ulds escape? Would Doctor Langford have been able to take the shot?
I think that this will be a prime moment for the military to step in and at least attempt to take full control of the SGI.

How will the SGI ensure that no one will dial extraneous sites during the 20-50 years it will take to colonize ES-1 and ES-3? Human nature being what it is, someone is going to try and circumvent (if not out-right break) the ban on going to explore different worlds.
ElementalsAdvocate chapter 19 . 4/26/2017
ES-1 Heliopolis – Ancient Technology, Goa’uld language
ES-2Unknown – Goa’uld world – First Contact, Horus Guard, Fliers and staff weapons seized.
ES-3Unknown – Grassland world, Fort Roosevelt
ES-4Unknown – Desert world, not Abydos due to lack of Pyramid around Stargate
ES-5Unknown – Goa’uld world – First Contact, Ammit Scorpion Jaffa/Ashrak

Possible ramifications:

Capture of Goa’uld weapons: study, but unable to reproduce due to the lack of naquadah on Earth, or on any other worlds controlled by Earth (or so we know).

ES-1 Heliopolis: Treasure trove of technology. Assuming that Heliopolis was not attacked by Asgard Alliance to break Ra’s power as in canon. That in mind, Heliopolis could be viable for colonization. However, if that is not the case, then Heliopolis will remain primarily a research colony, as life will be marginal due to Heliopolis’s proximity to its sun and unstable orbit. Nevertheless, the knowledge of 146 discovered elements (compared to 98 in 1945), and presumably whatever knowledge is stored in the projector, (assuming that the Tau’ri can learn to understand the language) will catapult the SGI’s understanding of atomic structure and parallel knowledge bases by decades, or even centuries. At any rate, Earth will be working from the Heliopolis Cartouche in order to find future addresses to dial.

ES-4: Is ES-4 Abydos? It would seem so, with the creature that was killed by Powell being the same as that which Daniel ran into in Stargate Movie, and the overall climate. If this is the case, then Abydos will be the source of much of Earth’s naquadah, at least initially. It may also be the place where Earth runs into the Goa’uld again. Once Ike becomes president and the military-industrial complex of the Fifties-Sixties comes into full swing, I imagine that there will be a massive ramp up to seize naquadah on Abydos. (On closer reading, ES-4 is not Abydos, so colonization will probably be dependent on future expeditions, and preferably upon discovery of a necessary resource like naquadah, or maybe ruins?)

ES-3: Fort Roosevelt will probably see a massive ramp up over the years. Being the only planet that doesn’t appear to have any sign of alien influence except for the Stargate itself, it may have been a world controlled by the Goa’uld but was then abandoned. The fact that the SGI was able to make contact with it means that it probably hasn’t moved as much as other worlds, according to the Theory of Universal Expansion, which I haven’t heard mentioned yet.
At any rate, ES-3 should be prime colonization territory. I can see massive herds of horses and cattle having a fine time on the grasslands.

Plot Hole: The Ancient Language in Heliopolis. The Tau’ri don’t figure out that it is a derivation of Latin until O’Neill gets the Ancient database downloaded into his brain, and Daniel Jackson is given an oral translation of the message in the Ancient Vault. How would Ernest Littlefield and his specialists figure out that the language in Heliopolis has anything to do with Latin? If anything, the Asgard runes would be the most recognizable, and therefore the most likely to be translated, after the Goa’uld’s variant of Ancient Egyptian. In fact, that translation would probably help with comprehending the runes of the “Roswell aliens” (Asgard) and their spacecraft.

Colonization: A difficult proposition, what with the limited number of planets available. They haven’t even been able to get out of the castle on Heliopolis yet, (as far as we’ve seen) and all they’ve mentioned as being outside is the sea and cliffs. There may be interest in exploring via boat, but still unknown. Fort Roosevelt is a definite possibility, but more exploration further afield to access its value will have to be extremely long range, (possibly with aircraft?). And the desert planet will probably be left for last, and more expeditions launched to discover if there is actually anything of worth.
Any real colonization efforts will need to come only after extensive exploration of the areas surrounding the Stargates, and achieving self-sufficiency will be an even more difficult prospect. Furthermore, where are they going to get the people? For colonization, you need farmers first, not scientists or engineers (per se). And those farmers will need draft animals (Animals don’t need gasoline, it’s only smart to have some around even if Fort Roosevelt does have natural gas), and building material (underground or sod houses anybody? Near a natural gas field? I don’t think so!), and it all costs money, and more than likely the farmers won’t be able to come back through the Stargate except in an emergency. In other words, it’s a one way trip, to a world that really doesn’t have any more to offer than Earth in say, the 1500’s. They need real frontiersmen and women, and those don’t grow on trees. Heck, none of the planets they control thus far even have trees (as far as we know), making colonization that much more difficult, both in terms of native building material and food production.

We know from the Stargate Series that there are more alien artifacts to be found on Earth, as well as actual aliens. There is the Goa’uld Seth Fargo still roaming the world, keeping his head down while keeping his supporters close, and Hathor is presumably still inside her sarcophagus in Central America. There is also the Crystal Skull that will be discovered by Daniel Jackson’s grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, in South America. We have already been told that the Russians have the Giza DHD. One possibility is that the SGI’s allies in the British Commonwealth will send a return expedition to Giza to search for more artifacts. Another possibility from canon is that the NID gets its hands on a lot of alien tech that looks Egyptian, so there may be a rush to reassess collections of artifacts already available to them. Maybe something stored away in the British Museum? What about Isis and Osiris in their respective urns and that debacle?
Another project for development is Earth’s grasp of stellar cartography, in order to find out where other planets are in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Korus is captured along with at least one other Jaffa, and are being held at Fort Roosevelt, and will presumably be subjected to continuous interrogations to pump him for information about the Goa’uld and the galaxy at large.

Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power:
One aspect that needs to be brought up is the advent of nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors on the Stargate world. In canon, most of the power for the 1990’s-2000’s Stargate comes from a nuclear power plant. With the needs of the Stargate Program, will there be greater demand for more nuclear power than what happened otherwise?

SGI Future:
What happens when Professor Langford dies or retires? Who gets to be in charge? Ernest doesn’t seem to be much for bureaucracy, though I suspect that wild horses couldn’t get Ernest and Catherine out of the program, so maybe a general will be put in charge. Hell, what’s going to happen when Eisenhower finds out? Or Richard Nixon for that matter? Nixon was Eisenhower’s Vice-President, and had his fingers in a lot of pies. Nixon being involved with the Stargate Program throughout the course of his political career, and using it to his own ends, might make for some interesting situations.

Captured Technology:
As of Chapter 15, Earth now has over 120 staff weapons, the collected remains of twenty death gliders, and of Chapter 17, a zat gun, along with any number of tools, weapons, armor, and other artifacts snatched from Heru’urs jaffa. It represents a fantastic chance for advancement in Earth’s understanding of weapons and flight. Creation of their very own death gliders will probably spawn the Area 51 aliens and other flying saucer myths. To understand the physics behind them, SGI will probably have to bring in their finest minds, perhaps even Doctor Albert Einstein to examine the anti-gravity generators of the death gliders, (although Einstein’s views on the use of technology for more powerful weapons might make a few people wary about asking for his expertise.) There must be other scientific minds which could also be brought into the program to investigate the new tech. Do any names come to mind?
We also should look at the list of Presidents and other important figures of the period, and the possible ramifications to the SGI that come with each individual coming to power. We have:
Truman: (1945-1953, Korean War, Russian’s get Nuclear Weapons)
Eisenhower: (1953-1961, End of Korean War, Vietnam War, Beginning of Cold War, Established NASA 1958)
John F. Kennedy: (1961-1963, Vietnam, the Space Race, Man on the Moon, Assassinated)
Lindon B. Johnson: (1963-1969, Vietnam, the Civil Rights Movement)
Richard Nixon: (1969-1974, U.S. withdraws from Vietnam War, Watergate)
Gerald R. Ford: (1974-1977, End of Vietnam War, Recession, détente with Russia)
James Earl Carter: (1977-1981, Energy Crisis, Iran Hostage Crisis)
Ronald Reagan: (1981-1989, “Star Wars”, End of Cold War, Fall of USSR)

Joseph Stalin: (Dies in 1953, succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev)
Nikita Khrushchev: (Soviet leader 1953-1968, Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis)
Werner von Braun: (Works with NASA to build first ICBM, space program, dies 1977)

Marines: Another major problem I’m seeing is the gutting/removal of the U.S. Marine Corps by AU Truman. Without the Marines, General MacArthur won’t be able to pursue his feint and seizure of Inchon during the Korean War, if that happens at all. The Marines are crucial to many of the conflicts the U.S. will have in the future, and their removal should be taken into account in the AU down the road. However, with aid from the US allies in the British Commonwealth to provide funding and people for the SGI program, and a curtailment in exploration of other planets and a focus upon colonization of ES-1, ES-3, and ES-4, as well as research and development of the alien technolo
D72 chapter 19 . 3/3/2017
Turtle strategy... honestly doesn't seem like a bad idea here. Heliopolis is almost as good as the head grabbers as an intel source.

As to the UN haters, I've seen it a lot in sg fics, and surprisingly, trek fics. In either case they're referred to generally as hippies or "peace at any cost" party. (Usually vulcans) Either way it's lazy stupid bullshit. Even the series eventually acknowledged that "America: fuck yeah!" Is not a mission statement.

I think so far you've done a great job showing both alliances and speedbumps as far as cooperation goes.

The whiners also remind me of a fallout 3 quote, from Nathan Vargas: "God bless the USA, and nowhere else!"
D72 chapter 17 . 3/3/2017
That is an insedious and ingenious failsafe device.
D72 chapter 16 . 3/3/2017
Holy crap, did bratac seriously recover Don's dogtags? If so, master stroke.
D72 chapter 14 . 3/3/2017
Ah, Hammond of Texas rides again!

Poor friggin Simmons, he's got the SG1 curse of interesting missions.
D72 chapter 13 . 3/3/2017
Yeah, I don't see any president getting away with dismantling the USMC.

I'm still chuckling about the soviets using the most desired hardware on he planet as a glorified door stopper.
D72 chapter 12 . 3/3/2017
Hoo, big dodge! Simmons bagged himself a ray gun! Neck wounds make me uneasy! I couldn't find a translation for tar, so I'm going to guess it's "bro" and that the jaffa was flexin'.
D72 chapter 11 . 3/3/2017
Space cow!
D72 chapter 10 . 3/3/2017
Shepard from Normandy. Heh. As to the previous review, I was pleased, but think the gas planet could use some space cows. Then it could be christened as planet fart.
D72 chapter 9 . 3/3/2017
Operation: Fuck OPEC!
nomuse chapter 4 . 8/7/2016
So Hammond was a mustang, eh? It does totally fit his character.
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