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Makarainen chapter 16 . 12/6/2023
Millenium, with a single n, doesn't mean thousand years. It means thousand assholes.
GunpowderPatron chapter 24 . 5/11/2023
Veto is best girl and I love her
amerikhan786 chapter 2 . 4/25/2023
The OC makes no sense, why make your body Weaker on Purpose, she already knows the entire Plot yet she gets worried for trash like wanting to stay Human when there are more important things to worry bout like dunno the entire Galaxy bring at risk of Extinction?! Why does she give up like she's going to die once she gets injected with Reaper Machines she can literally build herself a new body from scratch and switch to it. Why look for help when you have the advantage of staying hidden from the Reapers and the Citadel and have access to Superior and means to build up a Fleet of New ships and to fuck with the plot in the background to her advantage. Frustrating Character irrational decisions making it impossible to enjoy the Story.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 2 . 12/16/2022
Nice. Kinda ironic using the Collector that was encountered as material for future gear/tech! I approve.
Antex-The Legendary Zoroark chapter 1 . 12/16/2022
I know this is the older version but I wanted to get a general layout and read it first before the reboot. Good work so far.
jmeson75 chapter 1 . 5/15/2021
Such a different AU in Mass Effect and I really liked it! Hope you come back to this story.
Prometheus-777 chapter 24 . 5/2/2021
Ana as a Reaper Harbinger sub-instance huh... And the plot thickens! What a plot twist!
Prometheus-777 chapter 23 . 5/2/2021
Ardat-Yakshi? Whom? Where? Eddy? How?! Morinth?! Nani?!

As for the CREATOR Vs CATALYST "reveal"... Unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome. But I like the FORESHADOWING...
Prometheus-777 chapter 22 . 5/1/2021
Heh. HELLZ YEAH! Finally gonna get some closure on the Reaper derelict...

And why does she keep creating lobotomized AI/VI REBECCA Clones? Why not make an army of REBECCAS and spread them out all over the galaxy to INGILTRATE ALL GOVERNMENT and NO GOVERNMENT organisations, legal and illegal? She can even CREATE CERBERUS if it doesn't EXIST... She can CREATE HYDRA as a similar version to CERBERUS, and kinda like a pastiche of CERBERUS and Marvel's HYDRA organisation but benevolent, even if still clandestine. Cut one head of and two or more will grow back... Like a weed that won't go away lol!

She SHOULD have had a REBECCA in OMEGA working with or "for" or AGAINST Aria... Although having Aria as an ally EVEN JIST FOR HER CONNECTIONS and the disaster that would strike if she died and there was a power vacuum is best is still something to consider...

But please, pretty please, have at least a a 300 REBECCAS like the Spartans of old. Why? REBECCA said it HERSELF... She CAN'T see HER OWN FLAWS bit other REBECCAS can... So obviously the versions that have been created have flaws they can't see but others can too! Just take that LOGIC to its LOGICAL conclusions... Obviously SELF DIAGNOSIS is shite. That's like a Doctor self diagnosing and dinging nothing wrong with themselves in their memory but other Doctors diagnosing them and finding countless holes in their memory...

It's like the river Mnemosyne... There's also a myth about a river of KNOWLEDGE called MNEMOSYNE that was like LETHE'S opposite, where anyone who drank from it would gain omniscience. Contrastingly, the river LETHE has the myth that whatever dead souls drank from it would lose all there memories from when they were alive...

So in your story, the river is like the McGuffin that is the (allegedlyDerelict" Reaper from which our protagonist and her clones were born/created. Or rather their back up whenever they're terminated... Now we have a REBECCA 3.0 going there and then to the Geth, whilst REBECCA 2.0/ANA is doing her thing on Illium. REBECCA 1.0 died, alas, on the Citadel but her memories are helping her descendants as it were... Then there's REBECCA 4.0, the dumb version that ANA has as a VI... Not a TRUE REBECCA so she doesn't count like those LOBOTOMIZED REBECCAS don't... Kinda like the equivalent of PLUTO not being the 9th planet and thus only 8 planets are in the Sol System according to the latest scientific research that it...

SOOOOO~... Please give REBECCA MOAR DAKKA backups lol. Sure this makes it seem like she's expendable.. BUT, BUT, BUT! Think about it... Think about how REBECCA 3.0 reacted and DIDN'T trust ANA 2.0... initially that is, and probably trusts her a little more now that she realises they're similar but still mistrusts her as ANA is allegedly a HARBINGER copy as opposed to REBECCA 3.0 being made from the Prothean 1.0 shackled version... So then OBVIOUSLY REBECCA 2.0 and REBECCA 3.0 NEED to create and STOP copying themselves to prevent the REAPERS from shacklimg there fellow AI clones...

These copies can act as BACKUPS!

They can pretend to be VIs on all military ships by simply INFILTRATING every military ORGANIZATION!

Starting with the BATARIAN HEGEMONY... Someone need to check and disable THE FREAKING BATARIAN ALPHA RELAY... That will FORCE Harbinger to take the long way round the scenic route into the Milky Way Galaxy...

Also... Rebecca NEEDS to have REBECCA clones on 2 year missions until the Reapers come to BODLY HO WHERE NO SYNTHETIC HAS GONE BEFORE AND CONVINCE the CREATORS of the REAPERS, the LEVIATHANS, to ally with her...

OBVIOUSLY have them destroy copy after copy of REBECCAS until they realise she will never give up try'na get their help and they stop sticking their HENTAI TENTA-CLAWS/BEARDSfrom their GIGANTIC ARSES and ACTUALLY help...

And better yet, have them free some COLLECTOR ships earlier to fuck up HARBINGER'S plans for Mass Effect 2 EARLIER... Then have an ARMY OF REBECCAS GANK the fuck out of the HUMAN REAPER and HIJACK it. Then they can turn it into a TROJAN VIRUS/HORSE/REAPER to PENETRATE the REAPER NETWORK...

DIVIDE AND CONCUR and all that... CHAOS among their ranks and all that...

Ahem! Hypothetically speaking of course~!

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine.
Prometheus-777 chapter 21 . 5/1/2021
Blasto VETO FTW!











Skinner's box OP!

Heh. So TWO REBECCAs eh? I say STILL TWO REBECCAs TOO little... There's like an entire Reaper Armada waiting in Dark Space and making its way into the Milky Way Galaxy after Sovereign died, like, right now. So obviously QUALITY AND QUANTITY will win out against the Reapers... All the Catalyst REBECCA needs do is find dead, or semi functional immobilized Reapers as test subjects for VETO and an army of REBECCA Clones (insert Star Wars The Clone Wars meme and Resident Evil movie ALICE clones meme here lol!).

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine.
Prometheus-777 chapter 20 . 5/1/2021
Heh. Powder keg indeed. But why didn't Veto keep the Eclipse Gunship and fly it in the tunnels whilst her CREATOR, Catalyst REBECCA was in the copilot seat whilst GARD mech piloted it or the pilot seat? They coulda flee through the tunnels firing guns and missiles and MOAR DAKKA that Eclipse and Blood Pact can handle lol!

Makes zero sense to moi. Or better yet... HOW DID A GUNSHIP get down there?! The roof?! Then hack the hangar doorsor blow them up with the missiles and mwcha and then fly straight for the Prothean ship to escape or hack ALL Eclipse and Blood Pact ships to force them to shoot each other and start an interstellar gang war lol!



Ahem! I digress...

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine.
Prometheus-777 chapter 19 . 5/1/2021
Heh. This chapter man... Aria loves her "Don't. Fuck. With Aria" motto. But REBECCA has her own "Don't. Fuck. With REBECCA and VETO" motto lol!

That's this chapter in a nutshell lol! Not even bay REBECCA 3.0 could fuck with REBECCA 2 0 lol!

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine!
Prometheus-777 chapter 18 . 5/1/2021
Why are Thermal Clips idiocy? Or is it that Heat Sinks give virtually infinite ammo with overheating as the only limiting factor. Or that you will die before the gun runs out of ammo? If so, then yeah... Thermal Clips are stupid and invented by a Baka suffering from neurosis lol!

Heh. The Phantom armour should have Invisibility installed.

Nice to see Tristana at least getting an honourable mention in this AU. I hope she's still alive and that REBECCA can SOMEHOW get her to validate her alibi that she met Tristana at some point lol. And it wouldn't be TOO suspicious if the galaxy Kearns that Tristana was her biotics teacher. Especially an ex-Justicar too.

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine and keep up the MAXIMUM BADASSITUDE work.
Prometheus-777 chapter 17 . 4/30/2021
Heh. GJWD Rebecca. GGWP. Nice of her to get Aethyta, Liara and plan to get Benezia and Velora too. I am starting to see she has an Asari fetish just like moi lol~!

But Unlike this better. Asari are a beer investment in the absence of live Protheans simply for both species' abilities to absorb and transfer date and information EASILY... Unless of course one could get per Thorian and Rachni or simply ally with the Geth lol!

I feel like REBECCA is INDOCRINATING the Asari and some of the other species in her vicinity.

But it looks like Edeena is in trouble... But why is her nickname Eddy lol?! Why not EDI KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE! *DRUMROLL* X'DMUAHAHA-AHEM!Prom-kunGoddess ATHAME/AETHYTA, wow. I'm astonished, COMPLETELY shocked, I tell you. I am making a note of VAE on my GOOGLE KEEP NOTES APP, like right now. Don't mind moi, Imma just steal VAE's SUPERLATIVE sarcastic sadistic schadenfreude comment to EDI lol. *DRUMROLL* .. But before I do, Imma leave a favs and follows BECAUSE I got MANNERS and SHITE~! Muahaha-Ahem!

Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine... Not like I love your story or a-anything B-baka~!ꈍᴗꈍꈍᴗꈍꈍᴗꈍ)
Prometheus-777 chapter 16 . 4/30/2021
Hah! Cortana! Nice one... Now to FIGHT her CREATORS with her CREATED lol!


Heh. Smurph Asari lol!

...Again, why, o why, hasn't REBECCA installed a ln INVISIBILITY CLOAKING SYSTEM inside her relatively weak and Defenceless body so she can sneak around without her armour... *sigh*

Mad you're a wizard, Rebecca!


Ayyyy REBECCA is FINALLY on Mass Effect's TATOOINE... But yeah... No Janna the Hutt or Ziro the Hutt lol!


By I wonder who'll find REBECCA first on Illium now..

OOOOH!This is AWESOMENESS! Everyone and their mother who gives a damn is hunting down REBECCA lol.


Keelah'Salei and dasvidaniya O Author mine! Imma so giddy lol! I want REBECCA not die AGAIN... Why?! So we know where the NECMXT BACKUP is...

Moreover,. REBECCA shouldn't rely on HARBINGER to KEEP "resurrecting" her .. She should MAKE HER OWN BACKUPS lol!

Also, she should copy the. T-1000. from Terminator 2 and the Terminatrix from Terminator 3 for her CHASSIS... That way she can change shape and form at least...

Better INFILTRATION capabilities that way...

She keeps making TERMINATOR references non-stop, so why not go FULL TERMINATOR cosmetically and FUNCTIONALLY? SKYNET is the. best Sensei for teaching REBECCA how to INGILTRATE human and alien civilizations...

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