Reviews for Sweet Temptations
sagajunkie chapter 47 . 8/16
Poor Jacob I bet not many weddings turn out like B/E's. Breaking all the "rules".
sagajunkie chapter 9 . 8/11
Hmmmm... What a surprise Poor Edward. His first real relationship, her probably first everything.
sagajunkie chapter 8 . 8/10
Beginning to worry for Edward. He wants sooo badly to impress Bella and have this new relationship bloom into something beautiful. My only concern is Edward's past relationships. I'm sure they're gonna come across some jilted ex (like Tanya) and make Bella doubt Edwards feelings and intention.
sagajunkie chapter 5 . 8/10
Wow:}:}:] Get her riled up repeatedly and then kick her to the curb. I personally think he was too generous. I am wondering about Caius and James. I'm also wondering about Denali Investments. How is he gonna get rid of that?
E Gray chapter 58 . 8/3
This is such a great story with such a wonderful Bella. She has gone thru so much and has been
so caring to everyone. How could you treat this character who has gone through an auto accident
and loss at such a young age and left to be an adult. Then an attack in the park. Why couldn't you
given her a happy birth experience with Edward? They were moving into a house Bella wants
to fill with love and children. So you give a 20 year girl a hysterectomy. So sad.! No GREAT

E Gray
ChristyWIX chapter 60 . 7/10
So sad that Rose is going through PPD but, very glad she got so very much support to help her through it. I'm so very sad that this tale has come to an end. I've really loved it. There were two points that had me scratching my head, yet I made it through. Truly enjoyed your characters throughout the whole story. I would love outtakes and futuretakes both, as I'm greedy for more of this family. The whole extended lot of them. Thank you very much for sharing your imagination here with us all. ~Christy
ChristyWIX chapter 59 . 7/10
Very sweet chapter. Showing Charlie to everyone in the window, was such a cute scene. Then relaxing in the room while Bella slept, rocking him, awwwww. The first feeding and the first diaper change. All very sweet.
ChristyWIX chapter 58 . 7/10
I have to admit I was wondering if something like this would happen to them. With her being so tiny and the baby so big . . . having a horrible pregnancy, if you ask me . . . this was really not surprising. It was sad, as we knew they were looking forward to many, many babies. However, it was also happy as both Charlie and Bella made it through the ordeal healthy and alive. With three father's names, he really is a junior, isn't he? Very good name. So glad they made it.
ChristyWIX chapter 57 . 7/9
Anthony's questions to Edward upon waking up on their car ride home, were very good questions. I loved that he not only answered them but, he turned them right back in Anthony, making him answer them as well. I'd like to think by doing that, that Anthony saw the questions and answers differently. Loved the fun they were all having at the party. Didn't see the point of Kate being there at all. This family has enough drama, Anthony didn't need that wretched woman showing up on his special day. She didn't care about him when she had custody of him. She doesn't care about him now. If anyone, that probably set Anthony's progress in therapy back a bit. Poor little dude didn't need that.
ChristyWIX chapter 56 . 7/9
I was wondering how Bella would slow down, when she just kept adding to her plate. They discussed getting her a personal assistant, yet it was never mentioned it again. I'm happy the baby is healthy, just large. That was good news. Yes, she needs to take care of herself, or it will get worse before it gets better. She can point in that kitchen and someone else can move stuff to where it needs to be, sheesh! You made me worry when Bella mentioned that Vicky was still cig. Good to know it's just because she's pregnant, thankfully.
ChristyWIX chapter 55 . 7/9
I'm elated that my wish for more between Caius and Seth came true! It was hilarious that Bella walked in on them. I am really curious as to what she walked in on, as there are all kinds of different things. Edward freaking out about the baby being so small, was quite interesting. Clearly, he had not thought about that yet. I foresee him buying every baby book out there all of a sudden. It was cute that his freak out included Emmett. Too funny. As always, Bella could tell he was freaking out and calmed him as best she could. Loved the beers for the dad's. Interesting, yet understandable, that Edward drove ten miles under the limit all the way home. Very caring. Loved that Anthony was sharing his dad's sandwich there at the end. Such a cute little scene.
ChristyWIX chapter 54 . 7/9
I really like that Caius found his inner peace. Very happy for Marcus, sticking with his son and helping him through his healing process. Everyone is capable of change. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. It really is wonderful that he realizes what he did and why he did it. Apologizing to Edward and understanding if he can't ever forgive him. He certainly stepped up when he offered to drive them to Forks. Allowing time to catch up with each other. I like that Seth stayed there with Caius, while Bella and Edward awaited the birth. The romantic in me was wondering if there was more to Seth still being there. What lovely tradition you brought into the men in that circle. I loved that. Quite fascinating and completely believable that a tribe would do just that, in this day and age. Looks like Bella and Edward are having fireplace shmexy times again.
ChristyWIX chapter 53 . 7/9
When I read, or meet someone in real life, that wants children, yet doesn't have the ability to have them, I wish there was a way to switch places with them. I knew from the time I was sixteen, that I adored children but, they would never be for me. Thankfully, I met and married a man that felt the exact same way. We went the childfree route and have been so very happy about it. We borrow our nieces and nephews when we want, so we get that little fix. I would happily give up my ability, to allow someone else to have it. Does that make sense? So glad that Alice found Jasper, a man that understands and accepts. Depending on what is wrong with Alice, maybe they could harvest an egg and use Jasper's sperm to create an embryo, that one of the family member could carry for her. Or, hire a surrogate. Then again, they could adopt, as there are so many children out there that need good homes. And like they mentioned, adoption worked out excellent for all three siblings.
ChristyWIX chapter 52 . 7/9
Those were very naughty children. Whoops! I did like the way they handled them. The punishment was definitely fair. I liked learning that Anthony and the family, are seeing Maggie. I also like that there is the two way mirror so the parents can hear straight from their child's mouth, what may be wrong. The closer it gets to Bella's due date, the more scared Nathiny must get. Kate deserves an especially awful thing to happen to her. I just can't think of anything that she'd actually care about. Grrrrr. Bella and the black card, good for her. Silently telling the woman to step the fuck off her. What a presumptuous bitch. I liked that Edward gently made Anthiny take a nap anyway. Then I lived that he went to find Bella to make sure to take advantage of two children asleep.
ChristyWIX chapter 51 . 7/9
Wow, so much going on in that chapter, even though it was shorter than usual. Bella stole Agela from Edward and I love it. I hope they find a really good replacement for her, as she was excellent at her job. The last thing you need in there is another James. Funny how you out James up in Alaska still with Tanya. Tracking animals, funny. You made me want key lime pie. Yummy! I love that Jasper is going to,propose to Alice. That should be very special. So, Vicky is sick, huh? Did she catch what Rose and Bella have? Or, did she just have a bug?
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