Reviews for Sweet Temptations
MentallyDazzled chapter 60 . 18h
Loved it MD x
BellaTesoro chapter 1 . 7/30
Oh this sounds delicious.
center16 chapter 60 . 7/29
Great story. I really enjoyed Edward's growth and realization that family is important. Just loved the ending. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to reading more from you.
Guest chapter 50 . 7/25
Perfect ~ for the two of them~ I do not think Em could be any happier... as far as he is concerned... he has it all~!
KimiD chapter 60 . 7/27
Ah yes, I forgot it was That story that lead me to this one as well...
I fell in love again last night~! With every chapter I fell a little more and a little deeper with this crazy Cullen clan~! Perfectly Blissful~! Sorry to see it end... I look forward to a future take on this one...
KimiD chapter 59 . 7/26
I could so see Edward trying and succeeding to put Charlie's nappy on ... too cute...
KimiD chapter 58 . 7/26
Some how I KNEW this was going to be the case... I shouted a big bad word for that one! Just not fair, she's only 20 ~ Damn~!
I did the same four babies, one in heaven...
KimiD chapter 57 . 7/26
Oh An Thon ee, you is my hero too~ I think that was cathartic for our little man~! Being able to speak his heart to kate. He is soo so smart for only 5, An Old Soul~ in a baby body! And Lil Bit, man she was not having it, she was not Leaving her brovver... I think they all feel better for having said their piece to the woman~ she made her proverbial bed~! Obviously kate is an idiot in soooo many ways... especially accusing Bella, of all people, of being after Edward's money, ROFLMAO~ Go Family~!
KimiD chapter 56 . 7/26
I could just see poor Ant freaking out on the phone to dad... bless his little heart! The mighty little protector~! So Sweet! I am surprised the doc did not order iron supplements for her as well with her anemia. Whoa Vicky, at least we know why she was sick... I wonder if Bella knew? Babies everywhere it would seem~!
KimiD chapter 53 . 7/25
Okay ~ Jasper loves her no matter what ~ but, it also says there was a 'chance' she could get preggers... so there is still hope that at some point in time she might just have one of her own... and even if they adopt, Edward and Bella are living proof that you can love a child that is not flesh of your flesh, but a child of your heart and you love them just the same... so yeah, it's all good~!
KimiD chapter 52 . 7/25
As soon as you described what they opened the door and saw ~ all I could see in my mind was to little ones squatting on the floor covered in flour, looking up at them and blinking eyes... it was hilarious, and adorable at the same time, at least in my head and I could soo so see Bella losing it after seeing that... it will be a really cute story to tell their boyfriend/girlfriend when they are older... *snicker*
KimiD chapter 49 . 7/25
Sweet boy~ what kind of thought must go through his little mind... thinking all kinds of things not realizing it is kate who has the problem, he did nothing wrong, it no wonder he so loves Bella, she adore him, and as far as she is concerned, Ant is hers, I defy kate to try and get him back, baby or no, Bella will scratch her eyes out if she tries to take Ant... that's Her son now... are they going to adopt each others babies...? seems like the next logical step. Ant is so smart, he would realize then that they really do want and love him and want to keep him always, and Bit already loves her noo brovver... Sahweet~!
KimiD chapter 48 . 7/25
I totally love that song! It was the perfect song for him to sing to her!
Yay, the honeymoon... he was so cute when he ran up the aisle to Bella cuz he could not wait and then kissing her before the vows, so Edward...
KimiD chapter 47 . 7/25
Totally chaotic, sweet and beautiful~
KimiD chapter 46 . 7/24
lots and lots of fun times with the bucks and the hens...
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