Reviews for Her Soldier
MickeyandMinniearetherenames chapter 1 . 11/8/2013
Awww 33 My heart just melt everytime im done with some of your fics c: This is soo beautifull!
KaylaMicael chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
YAY! You wrote some more! This was absolutely incredible, and so fitting for the Fourth of July! The emotion in this is so... I don't know what to say. The grenade scene was incredible, so touching and frightening at the same time. And of course I'm just tickled that you included Ozzie in this... I put him in my 4th of July story too!

Hope to hear more from you soon! :D
Chlstarr chapter 1 . 7/9/2013
Dawww! That was a VERY good read. It just made my morning. LOVE IT!
*raises hand* I'd like you to write that sequel. I don't know 'bout anybody else but I'd certainly like to see it..
I'm Not Mad- I'm Alice chapter 1 . 7/5/2013
Oh, man, the feels. Feels everywhere. See all of this I'm swimming in? I'm up to my head in feels!

I've been reading too much Homestuck. Please let me calm down and say something meaningful. :P

I knew this was coming. I honestly knew this was coming. I log on here, see the title of the story, and the first words out of my mouth were "I knew it!".

However, I wasn't really expecting two things: The cousin bit and the whole thing where Mickey seemed to have died. I was laughing through the cousin bit, and then the whole death scene was really a dunking into the feels pool.

Didn't Disney actually do something like this? If memory serves correctly, Donald was off in the Navy during Duck Tales, right? I can't remember. It's been so long since I saw that show...

Anyway, this was beautiful. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Keep up the great work!

- Im Not Mad Im Alice