Reviews for Footsteps
Latarra chapter 14 . 8/24
This is a great story. I hope you can return to it one day.
Nicol chapter 14 . 8/1
Take care.
Get well and FINISH this story.!
Guest chapter 14 . 6/21
I am struggling with the same problem, granted to a lesser degree. Good luck with your job opportunity and moving. I hope some joy and light can find you in your current darkness and that you get all the support you need. Take your time getting back on your feet but never give up. I need to repeat that to myself constantly but just remember that light will eventually come back into your life to help you back up. Also that you do NOT need to feel guilty for what you are feeling right now, so just express to your hearts content. Sometimes it's just one of those days and there is nothing wrong with that.
Remember that you have a community behind you that loves you online and supports you right now. Stay safe!
Guest chapter 14 . 6/21
Take all the time you need. You have to take care of yourself first. I look forward to the day you update and /or write a new story. I understand mental health. I hope you feel better soon. Take care and know that you are an amazing person
sophie333 chapter 14 . 6/22
Good job taking care of yourself! And good luck with the job, house, and move! I've been there myself and know it's not easy, but keep your chin up, find a reason to laugh, and you can do it. :)
zezily chapter 14 . 6/22
That's totally understandable, your just take the time you need to do you :D
patiflops2 chapter 14 . 6/22
Alright mate I hope you are well. Any mental issues can effect you in many ways I know that. I hope you get out of your dark spot mate one day, just remember make sure not to waste away. I been there and it affect me both in mental health and physical. Good luck mate.
mithrilandtj chapter 14 . 6/22
COme back Soon!
HARVEY'S GIRL chapter 14 . 6/22
Paladium chapter 14 . 6/21
good luck and see ya again! :)
FireSenshi2 chapter 14 . 6/21
Take as long as you need and I hope to see you in the future. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for you. :)
sjrodgers23 chapter 14 . 6/21
We will miss you and your stories
Purplecat2003 chapter 13 . 3/24
Chapter when is ur nxt coming up
uneducated.394 chapter 13 . 12/31/2017
I think Harry should tell Snape about Sally and if she tells the whole school then so be it. I think Sally should apologise and then beat the living hell out of Draconis Lucius Malfoy. Snape and Alexei then sit Harry and Draco down and make them come to a truce... then the horrible problem of Ronald Billius Weasley rears his ugly head and all hell breaks loose!
uneducated.394 chapter 6 . 12/31/2017
Have you considered allowing Hogwarts to have Muggle sports... baseball for example? or Archery?
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