Reviews for Footsteps
GoddessonmyKnees chapter 13 . 11/21
Great chapter. I feel so bad for Harry.

Can't wait for more.
Dhea30 chapter 13 . 10/10
wow. can't believe I just found this story. anyways, I had wondered Hermione never mentioned here, and now I actually think that your Hermione version is not sorted to Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw. because really, the canon her will SOMEHOW forced her way to enter the story even though writers didn't want to. I'm not complaining though, it's refreshing to see stories like this, and I don't mind if Harry and Dean still just a duo. They're brilliant enough on their own. Not that I'm going to complain if somehow you decide to forego the 'trio' and simply goes to 'quartet' with Fred and George. No one can say that a 'gang' truly has to come from people the same age right?
Kimmiekitten75 chapter 13 . 9/28
Love the story. More Please!
AmethystSiri chapter 13 . 9/19
Brilliant story! Can't wait for the next chapter, please update again soon :)))
ANGEL FALLEN FROM HEAVEN chapter 13 . 9/12
Oooh i love it keep going
Paladium chapter 13 . 9/6
:D nice!
LtsHrIt4ThBoyz chapter 13 . 9/3
Wow, congratulations on 'The Return'! I'm so proud of you for at least making the attempt to continue/finish this; it really means a lot!
FYI, this was one of the very first HPff stories I read in the genre and have had it bookmarked since 11/2013!
I was anything BUT a HP fan: Despised the books, still do, but it was your story and several other 'fix-its' and 'should have been' stories that showed me that there were an amazing number of readers and REAL writers who saw the same flaws, plot chasms, and disturbing 'plot devices' (who uses serial child abuse and bullying of multiple characters as plot devices in books for kids?) as I did, but had the imagination and talent to turn my 'frown' upside down: Thank you for being one of them!
Good on you for coming back!
history chapter 13 . 9/3
I really love how Fred and george are here!
aperyder chapter 13 . 9/1
Love the story and really hope that you will finish one day. But I understand that life does happen so please don't give up on it. Thanks for taking the time to entertain us with your story
DarkRavie chapter 13 . 8/31
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
Rori Potter chapter 13 . 8/31
Amazing. Update when you can.
sjrodgers23 chapter 13 . 8/31
please do no give up on this story. love it so far. thank you
mandancie chapter 13 . 8/31
I am so happy that you've updated. ;) I loved this chapter. ;) I can't wait to see Severus' reaction towards how Sally is acting. I hope he gets her good. :) Please update soon. :)
Thank you again for updating. :)
Krysania chapter 13 . 8/31
I love this story I dearly hope that you will find inspiration -and time- to continue:DDDD
Abby Nesoya chapter 8 . 4/8
Did you know that Alan Rickman played Rasputin in a 1996 Made-for-TV movie called Rasputin?
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