Reviews for Bella? Is that you?
TinaF chapter 27 . 7/3
Loved it!
andrewpine chapter 15 . 6/12
Okay,sorry but i am done with this all you do is wander around in circles with no point or plot.
andrewpine chapter 14 . 6/12
Where do you plan to go with this story or do you have a plan? will you just have everyone imprint on each other then just dance around the sex part like a bunch of virgins until you finish the story? what will happen to Eddie or Jake or Jasper or Garrett or Tanya?
andrewpine chapter 13 . 6/12
Still confused. did she just imprint on Jasper's mate and if so why did she say she needed to get away from Jasper do something to her, did he hurt her?
andrewpine chapter 12 . 6/12
I hope you get to the point who are the people she is watching?
andrewpine chapter 11 . 6/12
Will both of the couples be dancing around the subject of sex for the whole story? I thought if you imprinted you would be drawn to each other and screw constantly to seal the imprint?
andrewpine chapter 10 . 6/12
I was wondering why you threw those other Fox shifters in the 't tell me that either the one lone one will imprint on Bella or heaven forbid Jake?
andrewpine chapter 8 . 6/11
I really cannot believe Jake would just give up that quick after hounding her for years.
andrewpine chapter 7 . 6/11
Looks like it is time to kick Jake's ass.
andrewpine chapter 6 . 6/11
One or the other needs to be jumping someone and seal the imprint.
andrewpine chapter 5 . 6/11
So looking forward to Eddie's torture.
andrewpine chapter 4 . 6/11
Is there going to be any bumping of the uglies in this story since she has the extra part she can really make Alice happy.
andrewpine chapter 3 . 6/11
Why would female shifters become futa? is it so if they imprint and it is a female they can pass on their genes like the guys?
andrewpine chapter 2 . 6/11
Will Rose get to beat Eddie's ass before daddy steps in to protect his little boy?
andrewpine chapter 1 . 6/11
Wonder why she keeps her it is too much pain not to;). did that dickhead Jake have his buddies gang rape her or just beat her? also what was it that she was telling dickhead about that he didn't believe,was it that the Cullens were back?
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