Reviews for The (Cruel) Mother's Gift and other Tales Through Time
Tranker chapter 18 . 13h
This has to be the greatest Fire Emblem fic out there. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed these. Simply put this was amazing and so are you. Thank you.
RadioactiveSpoon chapter 6 . 8/25
Nowi and Tiki...

I'm not crying. Seriously.


IrateScribe chapter 18 . 8/25
I hereby declare this collection of stories to be Better Than Canon. Forever, and ever, and ever. Forever. Period. It's that awesome. I love these, all of them. Without a doubt. They are amazing, and tragic, and beautiful and just perfect. and yes I waited to this chapter to tell you this because I read through all eighteen of them first and they are FLAWLESS.

You are amazing.
drunkdragon chapter 18 . 8/21
I think the challenge of this particular piece was the political aspect. While it was certainly a driving point of the story and we could see that there was a lot of thought put into it, I feel like it was also too foreign to the reader at times. It's not a subject we see too often, nor do we often see it approached like this. Still, very good job at making it both believable while straying away from how it's commonly written.

I don't know if I can locate something that I disliked. While it was certainly not as heavy as other pieces, its humor also isn't openly hilarious. It's a mix. I don't even know if I can call it a feel-good fic, because there is obviously some angst in there that resolves very well as piece continues.

It's certainly a different approach to the whole harem concept, and feels much more tastefully done. It's a breath of fresh air, and it comes together nicely, though I do wonder if the servant's potential as a candidate was necessary. I can see and understand it, but did he really need naother? Was this to help cover for the 'nameless maiden' Chrom marries if he has no supports? I feel like I can draw partial parallels, but not full similarities.

I think the only thing I can add now are falsified Fates spoilers. Kamui is a bad guy. Grima, Naga, and Ninian are the final bosses, who bond together to form some sort of dragon triumvirate. Also, it is actually an action-based rhythm game.
The Astronomicon chapter 8 . 8/8
That is indeed, how one fights a God. The losses are so immense, "Was it worth it?"

Yes... No.
Guest chapter 18 . 8/8
Oh, think maybe, down the line, you could do a X Lissa fic?
Ectis chapter 18 . 8/5
*only slightly delayed response due to finals* Robin/Say'ri? Best pairing? HAREM EXPLORATION?

This was DEFINITELY a change of pace and was an interesting take on the dynamics of the game. Especially considering the fact that potential S-Supports just hang.

Japanese emperors did, historically, partake in polygamy and actually only recently stopped (1926 I believe is when they stopped), so this is actually accurate if you blended Japanese culture with Chinese.

Robin's FACE when the others came to him! That's a first class flag builder right there. A pick up king specializing in dangerous women.

I sort of viewed this as an alternative ending to the Tiki/Robin story at the beginning, and at first I thought I was misinterpreting things (as Say'ri in your story has a notable history of saying the wrong thing to uncertain hearts), but then I realized you were actually going through with a harem attempt!

Historically accurate, extremely lighthearted, and golden ending achieved. Now we need to see how the Chon'sin court responds to this.
TippyToe Zombie chapter 14 . 8/4
First you did "The Loving Family" where I wanted to see some reactions from the rest of the camp (particularly Sumia) and now you did "The Unnecessary Plan" where I'm wanting to see Robin having a talk with Cordelia and The Vaike. Some of these are really leaving me wanting more. (I'm posting this review here because I already posted a review on Chapter 13). I felt like this was a very good chapter and was a nice take on Cynthia.

I am the TippyToe Zombie
I like to Limbo
Often I fall on people's heads
pokemon.rhoades chapter 18 . 8/3
Lucky Robin.
TippyToe Zombie chapter 7 . 8/2
I liked how Chrom married Cordelia in the Sumia one.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 18 . 8/1
Gaaah, Sumia-sempai, please take good care of us!

Also, ouch, cultural differences. What a mess. I admit, I laughed quite a bit, but I couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy the whole time. The fact that the whole thing is done behind Robin's back is a problem ; that one of his "wife" is someone he essentially doesn't know might be another. Also, logic would suggest that things could go both ways (especially given the more balanced views of this world on gender issues), so, one can wonder how Robin would feel about his wife taking several husbands. All in all, I can't help but fear the whole thing will come crashing down, in which case Say'Ri would come across as involuntarily cruel for toying with other's feelings. Maybe I'm too pessimistic and should not think too hard about it, but, yeah, I admit it felt heavier than what was probably intended.

On an unrelated note, wow, Virion doesn't seem to be held in high esteem by Cherche. Harsh.
Rennerd chapter 18 . 8/1
I must say I have greatly enjoyed this series, even the less than pleasant ones. While I can't really see much of what you could write for it, I would enjoy a continuation to the chapter.

I understand what you mean about avoiding spoilers for fates, I'm trying to avoid them too. When I was deciding to buy Awakening (my opening to the series) I ended up spoiling much of the story, and while it caused me to buy the game, I'd have much preffered it not knowing what was going to happen.

Reading this has brought to mind an idea I had for a story, though I don't think I could make a 'complete' story with it, where basically all the future children think Robin ought to be their parent due to crossing timelines or somehting, and the humor of each of them trying to play matchmaker. If the idea intruiges you, feel free to try it.
AdvancedAlto chapter 18 . 7/30
This one was great. I would love seeing a Chrom/Cordelia one, maybe giving Sumia Cordelia's role etc.
xQEAx chapter 18 . 7/30
Wow I almost wanna see a sequel where he gets the harem lol I've read every chapter of this story and I love them all i don't know if you take requests but could you make the next chapter a tharja and Robin story
Ziodyne967 chapter 18 . 7/30
This has got to be the best chapter yet! I kinda wanted to see what would happen after, but eh, the journey towards the ending was awesome!

Cant wait to read more.
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