Reviews for Epilogue Z
XxSilenceOfTheNightxX chapter 1 . 11/29/2013
moshimellow chapter 1 . 9/14/2013
:') bittersweet ending...
Basuke Vongola-Style chapter 1 . 9/11/2013
They all died!?
Just here dreaming chapter 1 . 8/11/2013
Wow. Just found this story. I found it very powerful and I love how accurate it seemed. Loved it, Kudos!
IsyPerolla chapter 1 . 8/5/2013
Gooosh, this oneshot is very good! It's amazing, I loved reading it, I was so involved with the story, I felt as if reading the manga, but they were zombies instead of the titans, hehe.

' "I would." The answer was immediate, just like his. But Eren would die if he admitted that he sense a bit of fondness in the man's tone. "I would, because I care and I want you to still live." ' - Awnn, that cute! Rivaille want to see Eren live as far as Eren wants see him alive too *-*

Wonn, it was very sad! They all died, even Sasha and Hanji, they are two people so excited, it's really hard to imagine them dying...
But I confess that I was more sad for the Rivaille losing his arm than for the fact of have all died, that was horrible! :/

Oh, yes, Jean is amazing, he is among my favorite characters! Between the recruits, he is the character more mature, he is always facing situations head on and learning from the pain, I admire him a lot! It was sad for me to know that he also died along with others, I do not think I could overcome this shock if it to happen in the manga... T.T

And Eren is perfectly in character. What more can we say about he is DETERMINATION and CONFLICT WITH HIS OWN FEELINGS, so you nailed it, it was great! xD

Congratulations for this amazing oneshot!
Orithyea chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
Firstly, dear Lord. After eradicating the titans they face this epidemic? I know I sound stupid and unheroic, but if that happens to me-in our world-then I think I won't mind dying. Secondly, bye-bye, humanity. Two men won't be able to reproduce, unless they'd see more survivors beyond the walls.

On to the more serious part, the start already grabbed my attention. Having Jean in the start was perfect. I agree; out of all the characters in this anime/manga, Jean was the most mature one and had the most growth in contrast to the rest of the characters. His rashness, his honesty, and his realistic views on the world were aid to his development. Armin followed him, in my opinion, so having him be the one to talk some sense into the others were brilliant.

Their talk was genuinely satisfying. Their ideas and thoughts did not clash with their personalities nor with the plot itself. As you had justified, it fitted their vocabulary and their knowledge; hence, making it appear more practical in their timeline.

Being heroic and noble was Eren's trademark (all of the shounen protagonists, though), so his conflicting emotions were actually pretty rational once you think of it. Who were the enemies? This time, who were the hunters and who were the prey? What could I do? But while this was an asset, it could also be a liability. As proof, look what happened in the Female Titan Arc. Since he's just a kid, I guess it would appear pragmatic.

My only disappointments were the sudden deaths and the absence of Irvin's appearance. There was so much character development and tension in the first part that I had no idea what became of it when Eren came to consciousness. I loved Eren and Rivaille's talk, but it would have been so much better if the fight happened when all of them were together, adding drama and angst with it, not just focusing solely on the Eren/Rivaille moment, although both of their dialogues were overly fantastic, down to every single line and thought they had. It was good, but it could have been better.

About Irvin, I would have preferred it if he was part of their serious talk. That's all.

Overall, the emotions-the fear, the determination, the doubts-everything seemed so real, the vivid descriptions were, indeed, a great asset throughout the story. Your writing was superb!

P.S. There was actually a bunch of typos and grammatical errors, but the story was so long that I forgot where it was, lol.

P.S.S. I noticed you're having problems with your dialogue punctuations, so here's a hint: You use a comma instead of a period when the dialogue follows a speaking tag (e.g. said, cried, gasped, screamed) and a period when it's an action tag (e.g. smiled, waved, sat, pooped) like: "Hey, dipshit," he greeted /versus/ "Hey, dipshit." He waved at him.

And you use a lower case letter even if the dialogue follows an ellipsis, an exclamation mark, a quotation mark, or a hyphen like: "Hey, dipshit!" he greeted /and/ "Hey, dipshit..." he greeted lowly; but an upper case letter if it follows an action tag like: "Hey, dipshit!" He waved at him /and/ "Hey, dipshit..." He waved at him.

P.S.S.S. I didn't notice my review became so long! But I believe long stories deserve long reviews. I am so sorry! u/u
katrinadianne chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
So basically, humanity is doomed because rivaille and eren cannot reproduce. This is a very sad fic. I mean, imagine that there's only two persons who survived. On the lighter side, Rivaille and Eren can now have sex without day in and day out, here and there! And, there-s no one to stop them! Haha great job. :)
FangLing chapter 1 . 7/20/2013
First: I loved it. The "zombie" ideas might be too used nowadays, however, to put it as a aftermath for SNK is quite accurate, and clever. Because the story itself goes around eating humans, so canibalism fits.

Second: It is sad to know from the start thar probably not many of them would survive, is just a matter of do maths when comes to these monsters.

Third: But is good that the survivors were them, Rivaille and Eren. BUT... If we follow the idea that the infection spreads with bites, it means that Rivaille would end up being a living dead himself. If it is just the idea of water or food poisoning, then not. I believe is better to leave it to each person conclutions.

Fifth: Damn Eren, he should have turned into a Titan before. He needed the wise (?) blunt words from Rivaille before to put some sense into his mind. That bothered me, I do love Eren, but that side of him can get into one's nerves.

Sixth: The grammar is really well done, as it is the structure of the story. It shows there was work behind it. It has an order, development, good timing, climax and a "expected unexpected" ending.

With that just said: I think a continue is not needed. It would be far more interesting a new scenario. If you ever feel like so.

What else? Just keep the excellent work and sorry for my lack of proper grammar.
Sky chapter 1 . 7/6/2013
This is simply gorgeous. The char deaths made me so sad, but they really do work into the mood and flow of the story. You've captured the barely-there RiRen/Ereri that I so adore and it's amazing how spot on you've captured Rivaille's way of speaking. I did wonder a little at his pain threshold at the end there, but that's just a little logistics issue haha. I really hope you'll continue writing SnK! Loved it :)