Reviews for Apropos of Nothing
owieeey chapter 16 . 10/6
This fic just made me soooo freaking happy :) I loved reading it. Are you planning a sequel or just leaving it like this?
Sailor Pandabear chapter 16 . 9/29
Honestly don't you two read chapter 16 . 8/17
Funny and sweet story :-) I would have liked a few more chapters or a sequel where Stane would learn that no one uses Tony Stark, and see Tony take over his business replacing Stane with Pepper and embracing his ownership of the company :-D
LittleMissTrickster chapter 1 . 8/10
This was too awesone! I love teen tony so much! I hope you make a sequel! Other than that i cant explain how much i loved this fic!
FictionFreak16 chapter 16 . 7/29
I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning just to finish this story. It was so good. Please, please, please write a sequel! I loved teen Tony! LOL it's so easy to imagine them just showing up whenever someone even threatens to bully him xD
LovesDragons chapter 16 . 6/21
Nice Story.
LynDea chapter 16 . 6/14
This story was awesome! I hope there's gonna be a sequel? I haven't check your profile yet. Hope so!
AnimeWarrioress 359 chapter 1 . 6/10
This was awesome. Is there going to be a sequel. If there is are you going to go through Iron Man 1 so that Tony can build his Iron Man Armour?
Guest chapter 16 . 6/8
This is so cute omfg I love it so much THANKYOU for writing this beautiful price of writing you amazing human being
Missnoname chapter 16 . 6/2
I finally got around to reading your story
and the sequel cuz I had downloaded it a long time ago
And I am so IMPRESSED with ur writing
Alas when I tried to comment on your ao3
It said you didn't have any works
So I came here and heard about that whole elm tree Ebook mess
AND I realized that u actually wrote a LOT of my fav fics
So I'm sad to hear u deleted all ur wips
But I hope u reupload them sometime
Cuz mannnnn did I want to know what Clint was gonna do in reaction to those hickies XD
Good luck
And keep writing!
UnicornGalaxya chapter 16 . 5/24
Have you deleted the sequel? I hope you repost/continue with this series it's one of my absolute favourites! I love the plot and how you portray the characters! :) x
OrangeSunset1701 chapter 16 . 5/22
Great story!
Tonsoffandoms chapter 16 . 4/30
kate chapter 16 . 4/12
This is one of my favorite avengers stories, I really love it. Are you gonna continue on your sequel for this? Cause it would really be great to read a continuation of this
tonyeddie chapter 16 . 4/11
I really liked this story. It would be great if you continued it, you definitely left it open for a sequel
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