Reviews for Stuck Like Glue
waka chapter 20 . 8/25
i liked it but i need a new chapter please
Runecutter chapter 6 . 8/23
If they do not SAY something to groups like the grufflepuffs the others do not really have a chance to recognize their fault and change their minds about things. Honesty and a supportive statement towards Cedric should go a long way with the Badgers, but being silent and sneaking around without ever defending himself is a bad thing to do, it only encourages rumours and hostile mindsets. (Of course not everybody will come around, some people simply live to hold onto their prejudiced ideas, but to not even try?)

btw i SO hoped Neville would do something symbolic and courageous to stand at Harry's and Hermione's side in the herbology lesson... sadly it was not to be. But it surely would have gotten lots of people thinking if the quintessential Hufflepuff-Gryffindor would protect the boy who got stuck to his best girl-friend...

Nasty bracelet... forcing them to cuddle *snicker* If this continues they soon will have to start going commando in the castle as the "chain" won't let them put on underwear anymore... or let them look away gentlemanly/ladylike. Actually... I think i'd prefer it would go slower and give them more time to get used to the concept of a relationship by their own pace, not the bracelet's one... Holding hands and smooching in public are already pretty much for most teenage relationships around 14 (even if some have already thrown away their "virginity" by then) and it's not been very much time yet... the same goes for whatever the twin menaces are planning... please don't rush it, they are doing fine by themselves and who cares for what the others think they should be doing by now? Or a bit of carnival jewelry?
Guest chapter 20 . 8/23
More more please... Loving it.. Also the Grangers is a nice touch.
Runecutter chapter 2 . 8/23
While i must confess that i'm definitely curious how the two will manage to live with this "little obstacle" and how it will influence their future relationship as friends or more, the way the twins go about "pranking" them with the goddamned piece of trash is reckless and haphazard even for the clown twins of Gryffindor. Hopefully there'll be an explanation later why they suddenly (or at least Fred?) seemed so fixated on using this thing on the two friends while they never in canon truly used their joke products against either of them... and why they switched sneakyness and cunning approaches to hiding their handywork against storming out of a niche and manhandling two younger students so roughly.
terri-jeanBVB chapter 4 . 8/18
My name is terri-jean. This is one of my favorites
Lady AMS chapter 20 . 8/15
WOW! l found your fanfic today and couldn't put it down till I had read the whole thing. Update Update Update ASAP!
Shani8 chapter 20 . 8/8
LOL! The twins thinking Hermione was knocked up, was hilarious!

I look forward to more. Hope you update soon.

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 19 . 8/8
I liked this chapter from the Grangers POV. Nice!

I look forward to more. Well done!

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 18 . 8/8
Ahh... Amicus is one wily wizard! It's cute that they are married though.

I look forward to more.

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 17 . 8/8
Awesome as always. I look forward to reading the conversation with McGonagall.

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 16 . 8/8
Great chapter, as always. I like the idea of the promise rings. :)

Looking forward to more.

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 15 . 8/8
Nice! I thoroughly enjoyed this, along with the parallels between L/J and H/Hr. :)

Having Amicus show up out of the blue, was a nice touch too. I look forward to more.

Well done!

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 14 . 8/8
LOL! Fred and George are annoyingly good at what they do. I don't envy poor Harry or Hermione though. ;)

Having them snog in front of the whole school was inspired. Nicely done. I look forward to more.

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 13 . 8/8
Wonderful job of writing the action scenes. I loved how Harry and Hermione worked together to achieve top marks for the first task.

Looking forward to more.

-Shani :)
Shani8 chapter 12 . 8/8
Wonderfully written as always. I enjoyed the bantering with Sirius and the metamorphosis of Ron. *giggles*

Looking forward to more.

-Shani :)
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