Reviews for Innocent
Guest chapter 80 . 6/20
I felt like a kid again reading this! I liked this style more than the original JKR style. I liked how we got different character views. I'm glad there's more from this author. Kept me excited to keep reading. A very well done job, indeed!
Beyogi chapter 80 . 6/5
Pretty good story, but the pacing is kinda bad. The same story could have been told in 100k words and would have been better for it. Basically less detail and more plot progression.
fhl1234 chapter 33 . 5/21
I'm relieved that the werewolves are going to be known as an organization of sorts by those in the Ministry such as Tonks as creatures who aren't necessarily dangerous, step in the right direction if you ask me. Before Remus got involved usually only those like Greyback were talked about and he's utterly evil, but not every werewolf is and that's definitely an important differention.
fhl1234 chapter 32 . 5/21
Padfoot's birthday was so cool :)

I'm glad that Harry decided to become an animagus now. Also it was nice to see Sirius playing the role as his guardian by making Harry decide to learn now or later. It shows that Sirius's finally growing up a bit. Knockturn alley was a bit creepy, but if Harry's not to prejudice he's got nothing to worry about. I just hope that he doesn't turn to Lord Voldemort's side in the end. Dark magic is more risky/dangerous, but if anyone can walk the line it's Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world. lol

When will Tonks figure out about Remus?
fhl1234 chapter 31 . 5/17
The AK misunderstanding was a bit awkward; I thought that they had a DMLE problem on their hands (thought she'd need her memory modified for a moment their). The fact that others came to visit the graveside before them I imagine helped Harry come to terms with their passing. It looked like they had other mates who cared. Did Minnie bring some of the flowers?
Prince Pondincherry chapter 4 . 5/17
There's something cool about random wizards knowing Professor Dumbledore. Because of course they would.
fhl1234 chapter 30 . 5/16
The auror trainee session was definitely relaxing. I think that Tonks and Marlene just might be best mates some day.

Greyback most certainly got what he deserved. Wish that the punishment had been more severe though. He deserved it for what he's become.

Lovely chapter :)
fhl1234 chapter 29 . 5/14
Why can't Sonja visit St. Mungo's? Maybe there's something that they can do to help ease her suffering perhaps...some sort of potion to make her final days more comfortable. Her daughter probably still needs her functioning as her mum for as long as possible; even if that is a selfish thought it's true. It was nice to see Marlene visiting them all in hospital. Neville is one of my favorite characters if he's portrayed well that is. Hope to see more of him soon.

It was sweet of him making sure that the Potter's rings were barried with them. Their trip to visit Harry's parents graves sounds fun but risky. When will Harry meet some children of his own age? I think that he's beginning to recover enough from what the Dursleys didn't do for him and the cave to hang out with the other kids. Plus it'll be good for him. It wouldn't do at all for him to turn up at Hogwarts socially inept.
fhl1234 chapter 28 . 5/14
I thought that Draco being groomed into a Gryffindor was just a passing fad, and not going to be a reality, guess I was wrong. Maybe if Harry winds up in Gryffindor, he can persuade Draco to be a spy for the light instead of just a pawn for Lord Voldemort. The lecture on the Seven Properties of Dragon's Blood was interesting.
fhl1234 chapter 27 . 5/14
The Dementor's Draft reminds me of BPD; will the book on Occlumency help Sirius?

Loved the bit with "Aunt Catherin".

Will the werewolves accept Nymphadora into their pack? And if so, will Harry and Sirius one day join them as well? I hope that Nymphadora will prove an asscet to the two remaining Marauders and Harry, rather than being a negative influence upon them. She is in an odd predicament though, should she tell her trainer or choose to leave that out?

The debate about how to raise Hydrus and Draco was amuzing. I really want one of the two brothers to join the grey side rather than become evil. That's because I don't want Harry to turn into the next Lord Voldemort. Guess I'll have to keep on reading to find out.
fhl1234 chapter 26 . 5/13
Paris sounds like a delightful place to visit.
fhl1234 chapter 25 . 5/13
And the chase is on...
Kioko Yasu chapter 80 . 5/9
I don't think I've been this enthralled with a story since my first read through of Harry Potter. I went looking for a fic where Harry didn't end up growing up with the Dursleys. The fact that this fic also had Sirius-my favorite character- getting to have a life is what made me take a look. I'm so glad I did. There's some grammatical issues here and there, but the quality of the plot and the characterization make it a non issue. Going to go dive into the next one!
RainyDays chapter 80 . 5/8
Jeeeeesus Christ, that was one of the best emotional roller coasters I've ever been on, particularly at the end with the whole Serpent Sworn fiasco. Seriously, you did a fantastic job with this! I didn't know this was part of a series until a few minutes ago, and I'm so happy that there's more to this story (I've been dreading the end of it since somewhere around chapter 60). I think it's been years since a work this long has kept me so captivated with the story the entire way through, so really, kudos to you.
fhl1234 chapter 24 . 5/7
Sirius sure does have a powerful accio!

Is Remus reinstating the Order of the Phoenix, or is he starting a vegilanty group of his own? I know it's not his place to reinstate it since Dumbledore is the Head of the group but...I like Debby. Perhaps her and Mat can hook up. If Remus didn't already have his eye on Nymphadora I'd suggest that he date Debby. He certainly understands what she's going through. Why be an auror Remus? You sure are a good healer and they'll need that in the fight against Lord Voldemort one day.

Oh no, I hope that Harry's not to worried about Sirius.
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