Reviews for The Kirita Chronicles
Axel Fones chapter 2 . 8/25
I mostly stuck to the characters I remembered from canon. If I end up getting confused I'll come back to read the bios again. But generally I'm not one to get stuck on the details, I'm willing to concede I don't remember a specific detail and just keep moving along lol.
Axel Fones chapter 1 . 8/25
This is looking interesting. Genderbender fics have always been an interest of mine, and this one looked deliciously long when I found it. The first chapter definitely had me hooked afterwards.
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 19 . 8/21
Loved the fights got Klein and Kirita. Gave excellent details to who can do what and built solid extra background for others.
TBone511 chapter 19 . 7/27
Character development, an exciting fight scene, and compelling backstory all rolled up into one excellent chapter. Honestly I do not know what more any reader could have asked for.

Does it make me strange to admit that I am actually glad Kirita lost that fight? I remember how after I watched SAO and ended up learning how one of the major complaints about the show was that Kirito seemed veritably invincible and that the only person who ever defeated him was using a God Mode cheat. This chapter proved that Kirita is immensely skilled but is not the warrior goddess that Akio and many others thought her to be, on that note I agree with the characters in that Akio needed to realize that Kirita was not invincible and that there are times when the hero loses.

The backstory segments on the characters were enlightening, how Delano became the best in order to overcome the truth of his pedigree and how Kirita shut herself away because of the truth of her pedigree. It was a great contrast between the two of them to show how Delano overcame the harsh truth of his heritage while Kirita succumbed to it.

I do not have much else to say beyond the praise that I grant on the finest points of this chapter, good job and good luck with the next chapter!
johnkschau chapter 19 . 7/26
Overall I don't think that the story could be improved much more because every chapter consistently has it all: the length, the detail and the number of sides there is. Most fanfics focus almost solely on the main character but here many more characters are expanded upon and over the course of the story I feel like I got to know each one of them personally. It also expands on other less well known characters in the anime who really deserve more attention such as Argo.
In the authors notes at the end you mentioned something about people thinking the chapters were too long but I think they were perfect because as they included a great amount of detail on each of the sides of the stories but not overly so which makes every part of the long chapters really interesting to read.
However I think a slight increase in the length or number of the 'Kirita' parts of the story would make the story even better. I also hope you won't start skipping large numbers of floors like other authors because it would just ruin the smoothness of the story.
Thanks for reading my review.
harlequin320 chapter 19 . 7/23
excellent chapter as always, now onto the review:

first, the fight between Kirita and Delano ... loved it, you did a great job of portraying them as relative equals, I felt it was very realistic for each of them to exchange small/minor blows for the majority of the fight and for it to end suddenly with a critical blow due to an error of judgement, anyways great job with the fight, it definitely lived up to the expectations in my mind;

second, I felt their duel highlighted some key differences between Kirita and Delano's mental states at this point in time, Kirita's mental state was a little erratic, she was still analytical in her thought process but her decisions seemed to become closer to snap judgements as the fight progressed, thinking about it a little I feel this highlights the fallout/results of the 1st Floor Boss Battle, it seems to me to be a direct result of the fact that Kirita has become a hunted figure/the most infamous figure in SAO at this time, she has been constantly on the move, never quite feeling completely safe since they reached the 2nd Floor, this would certainly wear on the mind; contrarily Delano has yet to face any true adversity in SAO at this time, he has completed every objective he has set his mind to so far and in doing so gathered a following that became his guild, he was a relative unknown before the 2nd Floor Boss Battle, all this would lead to less mental stress which in turn would allow for a calmer mind; I feel these two distinctly different SAO experiences are what led to the result of the duel, a slightly erratic Kirita slipped up first allowing the calm Delano to swiftly capitalize and succinctly win the duel;

third, I want to discuss Delano in a more general sense, I think Slade pegged him perfectly when discussing Delano with Johnny Black, due to Delano's upbringing it appears he has developed a superiority complex, he seems to feel a need to be better than everyone else, on top of that he appears to hold a disdain for the weak which he does not try to hide at all, I imagine this stems from some event in his past, maybe connected with his scar? I imagine you will reveal that due time time, finally Delano is very blunt, he says what he feels and holds nothing back, I feel Slade hit the nail on the head when he said sooner or later Delano is going to make too many enemies and it is going to come back and bite him, the writing seems to be on the wall for that to happen sometime in the future whether it is 5, 10, 20, or more floors away, I feel that unless Delano changes that event is a certainty, and I don't feel like Delano will change before that, he seems set in his ways, and like Slade says he listens to what others say, but I'm not so sure he truly takes into account what others say, it almost seems like Delano has made his decision and is only listening to others as a formality, in any case this is all leading to the point I was getting to, I am very interested in what follows that point when things start crumbling around Delano, will he survive that event? will he change because of it? in any case I imagine that event is far in the future, a lot could change between now and then, maybe Delano will surprise me and change enough to prevent that event from happening? only you know;

fourth, moving on from Kirita and Delano, I loved the continued development of Akio, he continues to struggle, to scratch and claw his way through SAO, his frustration with his own weaknesses is fascinating, his impotent threats to those he feels are slighting Kirita are somewhat amusing, I love how he is not a great and powerful figure yet, I continue to look forward to seeing how Akio develops in to one of the strongest figures of SAO, he has a great destiny ahead of him and I'm looking forward to seeing the path he takes to get there, in any case I'm curious if you will have him stick to Kirita's side throughout? there seem to some small and some blatant hints that he feels Kirita would be better off without him, I wonder if Akio would take things in his own hands at some point and leave Kirita without discussing it with her? if that came to pass, I imagine that would have a negative effect on Kirita's mental state and could drive her to make some bad decisions, and then there are the Knight's of the Blood Oath, Heathcliff's guild, as we all know Asuna was the Vice-Commander of the KotBO, I wonder if Akio will have a role in Heathcliff's guild in the future? and if so, how would that come to pass? how would it affect Kirita?;

fifth, Argo and Sasha, that dynamic continues to be interesting, they have such different personalities, Argo is somewhat cold and calculating for the most part, Sasha is very emotional, this continues to lead to disagreements between the two of them, Argo has so far managed to pacify Sasha with logic, but a frustration seems to slowly be simmering within Sasha, I don't imagine she will always bend to Argo's logical arguments, she is slowly coming in to her own, I imagine at some point Sasha will no longer quietly and obediently follow Argo's will, when she stops being so passive what will that mean for their guild? it will be fascinating to watch that develop;

sixth and final, it was nice to get a look in on Klein and Griselda's guilds, that is an interesting friendship to watch develop, I can definitely see benefits for both parties involved in them working together, though I do see a danger in Grimlock's frustration and deteriorating mental state developing quicker than it did in canon, with his seeming inclination to always see the worse case scenario, I can easily see Grimlock believing more is going on than strategy discussions about the guilds when Klein and Griselda hold their private talks, and you seemed to hint at this chapter, I believe earlier we had a little discussion about a potential Klein/Griselda pairing? this could easily lead to that, I can see Grimlock making a move against Griselda sometime down the line and Klein coming to her rescue;

in any case great chapter, loved it as always, out of curiosity should we expect any more chapters before you finish uploading all the "Into the Fog" chapters?
GGFBank chapter 19 . 7/22
Took me a while till I get to read this. No thank to Fate/GO and my working life.

I bet on Kirita win goddammit! Though I didn't expected it to come down to fist fight.

Another thing is I feel a bit strange that this version of SAO keep become more and more realistic than canon. It is not bad, just strange. Especially after I just reading Alicialization arc's canon as comparison.

Hot spring scene is fanservice huh? Half expected to get non-serious Ping-pong match after that.

And Akio and Argo going to trip Kirita's bomb button at this rate. Not soon but it bound to happen sometime later.

Delano's both cool and scary.

And I hope Grimlock isn't that yandere to Griselda. Klein is going to get stab at this rate lol.
Lord Jace chapter 19 . 7/19
Ah well, I'm sure Kirita shall get him next time :)
Guest chapter 10 . 7/16
Lol, shit list
Quathis chapter 19 . 7/16
I didn't know who would win that duel, but it does make sense how it ended. Momentum did favor Delano, as he hasn't had issues with the world being after him and things have largely gone according to plan. This should be a good reason for her to keep moving forward. It does feel like she is stalling a bit, but Delano has been pushing a lot harder to keep going. Nothing like a challenge to reinvigorate a journey. Until next time.
Otaku of Anime chapter 19 . 7/14
The chapter was amazing. Takes me forever to read each chapter update, but this story is worth the time. Keep up the amazing work. Delano did seem a bit dark at one point of the chapter, but I can understand why he was feeling that way
warpterror chapter 2 . 7/14
Oh my God the chapters for this are fucking huge. Not really a complaint and more a general statement of amazement lol
taimurpro chapter 19 . 7/13
ok i want to ask a question i read the chapter but how is it possbile for kirita to lose i mean she practiced kendo and not only that even if she hated kendo she never hated using a sword so she could of used rulers in the IRL for practice and learn some new techniques otherwise the chapter was awesome
Zivyx chapter 19 . 7/13
I think you need to put more body language into this story. Some things can't be expressed with just words. For example, when Argo was talking to Akio about Kirika's trauma, Akio's response was "...Good lord." It didn't even seem like he was reacting that much. Maybe you could've put, "'...Good lord.' Akio muttered with wide eyes."
Patient 0 Zero chapter 19 . 7/10
Interesting chapter. You continue to do well in the realm of world development and structure. Still, the duel was well done, it was both interesting and necessary. Kirita needed to lose, so that her drive could be increased. Frankly my biggest issue with the duel is that broken spears can't be thrown accurately or with enough force to lodge through armor due to balance and wind mechanics. Except, "Virtual World", so I'll let it pass.

Now, at this point I am waiting for Kirita to meet the Black Cats, and for Argo to go AWOL and force Sasha to improve. Whether or not this is by Argo's death is still tentative in my mind.

I must say, knowing Xaxa and Johnny Black as LC foundations worries me, and I just know you will make us start to trust them, then 'boom', LC. That will be interesting for Delano.

Akio is still a pain, you made me so happy with the Delano conversation. You did a stellar job with character interactions this time. Probably the best part of the chapter, there was clear foundations for strife, such as with Grimlock, Slade and such.

Meanwhile, I can see clear improvements with Kirita, she appears to be stuttering slightly less, and more comfortable in general. Side note, thank you immensely for NOT using the location for cheap jokes and hijinks, which would have just been out of place.

Beyond this, the introduction of a bow will be good. And I can see it where Kirita and Delano might be fighting at each and every hot springs, which would be a good trend. Although Delano is a good character, the amount he mentions the fact the Kirita is just 'entertainment' was getting cumbersome.

All around, this was a good chapter and excelled at laying foundations for mechanics and interactions. However, my expierence with the show has caused a base level of caution towards characters, so I am worried where that will go. Argo still is the best, good job.

Side clerical note: Kirito fought Yuuki twice. Once dicking around with his broadsword, a fight that ended when Kirito figured out that she was a product of full immersion.

Second time in a tournament, where he wasn't duel wielding, but just using excaliber, and Yuuki was about to get KO'd, but was saved by the timer.

The author confirmed that the reason she could beat him was that she was running a device that was many times more responsive, as it had no delay in link or connection, increasing apparent reaction times and player potential, and he never duel wielded, where he would have won even against the medicuboid due to weapon stats.
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