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Kazuma-mato chapter 7 . 1/14
This is amazing I am in . Love with this story.

A few key points I really likes were the part were

When you whole witch hunt for beta testers I always felt like the the show never explored that enugh so hiding that you are one adds a sense of thrill wondering if people will be caught XD. I hope that go's a little bit

I also loved how you use every char in such detailed ways I such with name but one key moment I liked in this was those two talking in the inn to join the guild of the Knights of the blood oath juho and michkio I think

It was also pretty scarey to see suguo now having plans to do bad things the kirata but I do w o need what roll he will play In sao

Now I am going talk about kayaba it was cool to see him log out and explain why he is not helping with the first floor and it does make sense if everyone relied on hi. It defeats the point of why he did this to begin with.

I also hope to see points where he cares about kirata because gi en that she I s the daughter of his friend

I liked how kline still a newbie who is trying to grow stronger with his friends

It was also cool how we get to see kirata being op but we can see how scared she is to trus people because of how easy it is for someone to turn there back on you
I am dying to see how this story go's so great job
VampiricShade chapter 25 . 1/12
This review took way to long to get out and I apologize, this chapter, as usual, was extremely well written and provides something excellent on my Friday night to read. I am wondering if Kirita will be the one to join the KoB instead of Akio due to the brother-sister relationship you have developed between Kirita and Heathcliff.
I shall eagerly await the next chapter.
erica.phoenix16 chapter 25 . 1/10
I enjoyed the flashback with Kirita's parents, it was nice to learn more about them and their closeness with Kayaba.

I also enjoyed Kirita bonding Michiko, since she's the closest to her Aunt that she has right now.

Thanks for updating. :)
harlequin320 chapter 25 . 1/1
great chapter, I loved Heathcliff/Kayaba's scenes especially, you are really fleshing out his connection to Kazuta well, I look forward to seeing how he gets closer to our heroine as the story continues to progress, also, Kirita's scenes with Goro and Michiko were great too, the whole confessing to a stranger thing was interesting, I look forward to seeing if that will continue going forward, Goro becoming Kirita's confidant would be an interesting twist, also, Kirita and Michiko's scenes were great, I enjoyed seeing them bonding, Kirita really needs more girl friends, I hope to see that dynamic continue, finally, love Heathcliff and Goro's relationship, Goro's needling of Heathcliff is hilarious, anyways, great chapter, keep up the good work
Otaku of Anime chapter 25 . 12/31/2017
Holy crap. Amazing chapter. That flashback Heathcliff had was really an amazing way to show how much he cares for Kirita without openly showing it to others. Regarding the dream, HOLY CRAP THAT WAS SCARY! I get that it was crucial for the storyline, but a little warning might have been helpful. Damn it freaked me out. Anyway, as I always say, until the next update, best of luck in all your writing endeavors
stiggyREVENGE chapter 25 . 12/28/2017
Yet again an amazing chapter. I do wish for updates to come quicker though, save me the time of re-reading an 800k word fanfic every time this is updated XD.

Regardless, every chapter is amazing with very little dip in quality, both in the quality of English, and the plot. A suggestion is maybe instead of putting everything into 1 chapter and releasing, have more frequent updates with shorter chapters, maybe that will help increase viewership as people will see it is frequently updated.
Quathis chapter 25 . 12/25/2017
I'll be honest, that dream with Akio seemed like a memory at first, and I was worried the Kayaba had arranged for Akio to be removed from Kirita's side so he could get closer to her. This actually paints Kayaba in a better light.

I did enjoy how Kirita is able to reach out a bit to others here, even if only due to circumstances. Good showing of her social progress, though it does seem she's missing her companion here. But he's the same, so that is good. Especially in light of the rumors going around, which they'd find ridiculous. They have gotten close, but not that close, yet.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until next time.
XylemicGaming chapter 25 . 12/23/2017
At this point canon is lost already, although I don't mind it because these are new characters with histories that are basically fully fledged. I think that the route your taking will be a new look on the whole story. My favorite character is Delano, very respectable and awesome guy in all.
wolfstyle2074 chapter 25 . 12/22/2017
Or how about this? After SAO game is cleared out, Kirita and Akio were transferred to ALO as players stuck in this game for only those who are SAO Players
Neph Champion chapter 25 . 12/22/2017
And Kirita's nightmares rear their ugly head. That was fun.

I found Heathcliff's aversion to actually interacting with Kirita frustrating but also amusing.

I enjoyed all the character interactions.
TBone511 chapter 24 . 12/7/2017
Your writing is as impeccable as ever, the three featured characters of this chapter were all utilized in great ways that did justice to both themselves and to the story. I cannot speak much for your two OCs but Heathcliff in particular stood out to me with how the story expands upon him while also maintaining the character from the original story, when I read his dialogue I can actually hear his anime voice actor in my head reading his lines.

As for the questions, I found it refreshing how this chapter picked up in the middle of the action for the same reasons that I enjoy it in the Marvel movies, because we already know many of these characters and their skills so we as an audience are not confused at all as to what is happening and what the characters are intending.

For the second question, I think I prefer these more focused chapters as concentrating upon a more narrow selection of characters each chapter allows for a further exploration of those chosen characters without disregarding the characters that are not featured. It also helps the reader not get lost in the narrative as can be the case in chapters with many featured characters, this story has done an excellent job of averting that but chapters such as this one cancels the possibility altogether.

I have no issue with relatively truncated chapters, whether these chapters are several pages long or one page long I know that they will be great regardless.

I don't know what to expect from the upcoming interaction between Kirita and Heathcliff, which I think is good because this story thus far has been pretty unpredictable and succeeds in keeping me guessing and highly anticipating of the next chapter.
TBone511 chapter 23 . 12/6/2017
It was immensely interesting to see the dynamic of how Christmas was spent in this story, particularly by the players. In most cases of Christmas the holiday is spent with friends and family but most players in SAO are likely separated from both and this chapter did a wonderful job of displaying how the players are adapting to that dynamic.

I also enjoyed Kirita and Akio's conversation and how they came to a mutual agreement about sharing their stories with each other. I also appreciated how they discussed the reality of their situation in the real world, considering how many players are being kept on life support it is likely that keeping that many comatose patients alive in addition to the other responsibilities of medical staff could place a severe strain on the medical industry.

The above stated was another dynamic that I found intriguing, how some players during the happiest time of the year were still mindful of their situation. It simultaneously maintained the theme of a typical Christmas episode while at the same time reminded the reader of the gravity of the current crisis.
TBone511 chapter 22 . 12/6/2017
Great chapter, I thought the dialogue and pacing in particular were excellent. That line from Kirita about Akio's money being worthless within the game made me wonder if Sword Art Online was devoid of micro-transactions, if that is the case then I suppose that is a trait of the game that I can praise Kayaba for.

The confrontation with Wan Shotto was rife with tension but granted the readers few prospective insights into her character, I for one am curious if her attitude towards Kirita is more due to Kirita's skill than her age or vice versa.

My favorite moment from this chapter was probably the Christmas Eve conversation between Kirita and Akio, that moment with the scarf in particular made me want to rewatch a certain scene from Attack on Titan. If that scene was meant as a reference to Eren and Mikasa then are they aware of the parallels since anime such as Dragon Ball exists within the fanfic's universe? Furthermore, I like how their relationship is on a better progress track than it was in canon since in the anime I do not think they have a conversation such as that until the end of the game and they both thought they were about to die. Having such a dialogue in an earlier juncture of their relationship makes this version of their romance seem healthier and more natural.
TBone511 chapter 21 . 12/3/2017
"I can't expect victory every time. That's just unrealistic. Conquerors sometimes need to suffer defeats before they can truly win." For one who was apparently as academically accomplished as Delano I find myself wondering if he is familiar with Alexander the Great, Scipio Africanus, or Sulla, and how they refute that sentiment.

As always your writing is exceptional but it was the scenes with Delano that were my favorite, his attempt to recruit Kirita was probably my favorite. Showing that he does not care about her reputation or negative traits and only sees her skill as a player and how she can benefit him. I was also interested in an interesting between Delano's line from above and another conversation where he seems to express frustration about how slowly the players are advancing through the game. I found it strange that he takes defeat in stride yet becomes frustrated at a lack of progress, is defeat not the greatest hinderance towards progress?

Another scene that I enjoyed was the scene with Akio at the beginning, I normally skim through action scenes but with your writing I often find myself reading them with a much closer eye as I am always fascinated by your attention to detail while at the same time being able to keep the tension and excitement of the fight. Few authors, both on Fanfiction and in official literature are capable of such a feat. Well done.
RaiderBen chapter 24 . 11/13/2017
Shortening the chapter to about this length I think is a good idea, I think you can still cover sufficient material to make the chapter feel more well-rounded. I love the way you are portraying Heathcliff, makes it feel like the whole SAO thing is coming full circle, also one of the few times in Heathcliff's life where he feels emotion, because of how her father gave his life meaning. It gives the villian more depth than the canon.
As for Argo, he definitely has the most entertaining, layered personality. I really enjoy how you keep the reader guessing as to what Argo's true motives are when he does heroic acts, with a price. Maybe more backstory will show us how he truly thinks, but the longer you keep the reader in the dark on if Argo is more of an antihero or not in the story, the better imo.
I'm gonna admit, your character Slade intrigues me(ill admit major deathstroke fan here.) But he sticks out being much older than the rest of the cast, and has shared barely anything about him. I would really enjoy it if in the future Slade is given a moment or two for us to figure where he fits in, it would be cool to see him get some character development along the way.
As for our protagonist, Kirita, the way you're portraying her is incredible. It's exactly as i would expect a female version of Kirito to act. Akio on the other hand is not my favorite, I'm glad you're starting to show him as more independent, with more scenes away from being stuck under Kirita's shadow. Sorry if this review is long its my only one for all 24 chapters, but I absolutely love the direction it's going.
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