Reviews for A Resolve to Fight and Protect
EvanSol0919 chapter 14 . 8/22
Wow, it's really impressive how you managed to weave the anime only arcs into this and have it all make sense. You're a fantastic writer.
TR4PP3R chapter 3 . 7/30
Ichigo/Nozomi plz?
nanox876 chapter 1 . 7/4
Will Ichigo ever evolve into something more than what is now? Absorb spirit energy from Hell, Mod Souls (Nozomi), etc.? Will this result in new spirits manifesting into his inner world?
travelqueen124 chapter 19 . 5/30
Great spins on canon. I can't wait to see what happens in the zanpaktu arc and huece mondo.
RokuxNami3 chapter 1 . 4/21
This is an amazing story I hope it comes back someday
nanox876 chapter 19 . 2/21
Do you notice the similarities between Starrk's released state and Hollow Ichigo with his Vasto Lorde Bankai Form (Fur on the wrists, ankles, neck and a badass longcoat)?
nanox876 chapter 19 . 1/30
If Yhwach uses Zanka no Tachi's ability to raise the dead would that include all of the people who he absorbed (Ichigo and Ishida's moms) or would it make a reference to Alucard's Level 0 release in Hellsing Ultimate with how he looked when he was a King?
nanox876 chapter 19 . 1/30
So a few questions I have:
Would Shinji and Kensei be Elite Level Captains while Love and Rose are High Level Captains?
Please tell me that you can have Ichigo's current Bankai use the Burn technique that Engetsu has when released.
Also can Kyoka Suigetsu effect other Zanpakuto Spirits because if not then that could be used as a way for Ichigo to combat it in the final fight (or his instincts give him a type of sixth sense that he uses to lock on to Aizen's location)?
Will Ichigo's true zanpakuto have multiple abilities and not be a defined type (combat, kido, elemental, etc.)?
IronClawedDemon chapter 6 . 11/9/2015
Another Amazing chapter my friend! I hope there is a little romance in the war and hopefully tatsuki! Not enough love for her
IronClawedDemon chapter 5 . 11/9/2015
I absolutely love the way the story is going it's truly fantastic and I liked how you made senna so important and I liked the romance you shouldn't doubt yourself my friend! I liked how you made the romance!
ARSLOTHES chapter 19 . 11/8/2015
Looking forward to the next chapter
Hollowed7731 chapter 19 . 10/21/2015
A great story, but it looks like you haven't updated in a while. Is this story still going.
Cory chapter 6 . 9/10/2015
So stupid. You killed one person off already, then brought her back. And now you are admitting you are going to do the same thing with another person. It will be impossible to fear for a characters life if you are in the habit of resurrecting them whenever they die...
RaidenUzumaki14 chapter 19 . 9/4/2015
i am loving the story. anyway, so i am just going to lay everything out on my opinions of the espada canon rankings. this i gonna be long. im sorry. my actual question will be at the bottom.

Ulquiorra strongest espada

Common Threads:

Ulquiorra fans Q, Stark Fans R

Q: Why is Stark stronger than Ulquiorra in R2?
R: Because Stark is 1st and Ulquiorra is 4th. 3 ranks difference massive power difference
Spoiler: (seriously flawed argument, that stupid hollows disintegraded thing is so overblown. do you really think his presence would have killed baragan or hallibel or ulquiorra? hell no. proven by his full spiritual pressur in combined release not affecting anyone. also uryu and orihime have felt other captains in bankai and has even expierienced yamamoto in shikai during rukia rescue. they were freaked out over Ulq R2. that should not be dismissed.)

Q: Why do you consider Stark stronger than Yammi even in his enraged form then, when Yammi is already a rank above him?
R: Because Stark has better feats.
... So getting killed by a captain in shikai is better than getting killed by 2 Captains going all out? is it also better than handling full mask ichigo like its nothing in your first form?

Q: “You" say Stark has better feats than Yammi, then doesn't Ulquiorra have better feats than Stark and therefore should be above him?

R: No, Stark has better feats because escaping from Kenpachi and Bankai Ichigo is better than speedblitzing Vaizard Bankai Ichigo from a skycraper while warning him to be focus, So therefore Stark in base alone is already the fastest Espada, and yes much faster than R2 Ulquiorra, after all Stark "teleported" to the middle towers of Las Noches.
(cause blitzing a wounded kenpachi and a just healed ichigo without his mask is impressive... bs)

Q: Then how is Stark stronger than Barragan then?
R: Because he's one rank above and his wolves can counter his Respira
despite the fact that Respira can rot everything that dissapears with time. barragan's canon abilities are by far the most lethal of the espada.

Q: So ... Stark is stronger than Yammi who's one rank above him because he has better feats, but he's stronger than Barragan and Ulquiorra even in R2 because he's above them and has much worse feats? What kind of fucked up logic is that?
R: Again, Stark has the best feats out of the Espada. He only lost to a Shikai because it was against Shunsui, and Shunsui is captain commander level, so your arguments are invalid.
they usually don't say shunsui cc level but they say that Shunsui is far stronger than the other captains, even in shikai which makes it even more ridiculous.

Q: But how? Ulquiorra in R2 can casually create city-busting attacks and town buster ceros.
R: AOE / Power, and Stark can speedblitz Ulquiorra since his speed is almost "teleport" level
... so Stark's wolves that are at max city-block busters and fail to even badly wound 2 Captains despite their huge numbers are better attacks than CO and Lanza, CO being able to one-shot Vaizard Bankai Ichigo?

Q: Final Question: Could base Stark put up a fight against R2 Ulquiorra?
R: Yes it would be a though fight, probably 50/50 in this scenario...(this is bs)

These are just some of the so called “arguments” and ridiculous typical answers that Stark fanboys have/give to rate him above R2 Ulquiorra. I'll give you a bit of insight as to why I USED TO believe Ulquiorra was only 4th and that the Seniors with Bankais were stronger than Dangai Ichigo and that H2 Ichigo was nowhere close to base Aizen.

the reason why I thought Ulq was only the 4th strongest was because he had a second release. it is that i didn't want to think that the espada were wasted and that was all they had to offer, i tried to argue that it was unique to Ulq, that no other espada could attain it, yes i put up a lot of strong arguments for it being semi-unique to ulq and it not even being a real release, but what never added up was just how much more power R2 had.

The reason I believed that H2 Ichigo wasn't close to Aizen or the other conscious powerhouses was merely 'cause he was a berserker, I favor intelligence, tactics, and experience over mindless power, which is why I hated the concept of Ichigo being Captain level and hated the fact that Dangai Ichigo appeared to grossly exceed the capabilities of Yamamoto, I couldn't accept that, so I came up with half-baked arguments for those that I eventually dropped because y'know, i'm not some idiot in denial. I choose the most logical course of argument.

i’m sorry but, yes, i used to argue that Area of Effect has NO relation to power, Lanza Del Relampago was featless so it was weak, and even if it wasn’t Ulq had crappy aim, i disproved all of that myself. H2 Ichigo dodged. size does matter because in the absence of hitting a target, landscape destruction is the only way the author can show us power (and it does matter, sorry for those of you who believe it doesn't; if you bring up things like Edorad's lava, Stark's wolves and Aizen's fragor i will remind you that they all landed direct hits on their targets, which meant that most of the damage goes into damaging its target.) and it's even used as an indication of such with Yamamoto. and of course, that means that Ulq R2 was stupidly more powerful than Ulq R1.

So? Does it jump ranks? We can't say because we don't have information, but for those to use the ranking as their only measuring tool, i'll tell you, you guys are dumbasses. Kubo ranked them yes, but then he purposefully shed doubt on Ulquiorra's place in the ranks by giving him a second release...and then having him say "Aizen wasn't aware". Aizen being aware or not doesn't matter, because Ulq said it.

Let me explain. Ulq said it, that means whether or not Aizen knew (he probably did), Ulq wasn't aware that Aizen knew, and furthermore Ulq believed that no one else knew. to keep this facade up means that Aizen would have had to either not know or keep this "secret" a means Ulq's R2 remains unranked. do you understand?

So his power level remains ambiguous, feel free to debate, but if I see one side definitively arguing and claiming it as fact, I will spam you with fallacy accusations.

Yammi is a joke and does not deserve his rank, Starrk did not defeat anyone and was pathetic (ukitake got hit by wonderweiss, the 2 vizards got right back up and were mad at shunsui for getting their way, shunsui was faking injury and got up and handled him easy). Hallibel is a cool character but she showed nothing impressive. (lost to weak captain), Baragan was way stronger than what was shown. his ability is amazing. and needs to be expanded.

Anyway, my question is what are you going to do with Ulquiorra's power along with the other espada? I believe that he is one of the most interesting and well written characters in Bleachkitake got hit by wonderweiss, the 2 vizards got right back up and were mad at shunsui for getting their way, shunsui was faking injury and got up and handled him easy). Hallibel is a cool character but she showed nothing impressive. (lost to weak captain), Baragan was way stronger than what was shown. his ability is amazing. and needs to be expanded.d got up and handled him easy). Hallibel is a cool character but she showed nothing impressive. (lost to weak captain), Baragan was way stronger than what was shown. his ability is amazing. and needs to be expanded.

please do Ulquiorra Justice.
MattKennedy chapter 6 . 8/31/2015
Sad, but I like that you killed of Tatsuki. It often bothers me when there are big battles or superpowerful enemies, and yet only minor consequences. This is supposed to be a war, and in war there are actual casualties. And since she died as a human... :) Also, here's my vote for not having any romance. He's a shinigami and going to live for centuries. There's plenty of time for that when he's a couple hundred years old.
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