Reviews for Novella
896789645364w65678908 chapter 1 . 12/17/2013
"he can barely summon the energy to look for his pants" gOODBYE HITOMI

that aside, since you've gone and hitomi-ed the zexal fandom way too many times to count I'm lurking around here and reading your less painful work and did I mention I love this? I don't think I did, so just in case, I love this and I cried legitimate tears reading this the first time because god, dURBE okay. what did durbe ever do to you to make you write bittersweet dorumiza like this.

...all things aside, you have a true talent with words and I really wouldn't be surprised if I walked into barnes&noble and saw your name on one of the bestseller stands. ( ; v ; )
ievanbarian chapter 1 . 7/8/2013
Kara: What a load of angsty drama. I LOVE IT!
Leah: I read this on your tumbler last night and I must say this was amazeballs! I don't normally read stuff like this but reading your other oneshots made me wanna read this. GREAT JOB HITOMI!
deftchinchilla chapter 1 . 7/8/2013
Before I say anything else, please allow me to applaud you...This is EXACTLY the kind of angst that people like me scour this site for and rarely have the fortune of finding. I couldn't be happier. In angst and H/C stories, less tends to be more in terms of dialogue and you nailed it. I can't believe I've read this damn story four times today, what even. Thank you for this.

On a more analytical scale, it was nice to see present tense used for a change. It gives the story a warm, inviting flow, and is overall different from most writing I've seen. There were one or two typos, but nothing of overwhelming significance, and although I feel a few sentences may have been a tad wordy, they meshed with the surrounding paragraphs and didn't draw attention away from the story itself. Kudos as usual, Hitomi. So glad you posted this here.

As always, have a lovely day, my friend.