Reviews for Carry On
minstorai chapter 56 . 8/3
I love your story, and I'm gonna admit to some stalking right now cause I looked up your tumblr and what I could find of Carry On on it. And there are two people I'm completely in fucking love with on there who I haven't seen in the story yet-I'm nuts about them no joke, I basically fist-pumped when I saw your story on your tumblr-and a few more who I like a shit ton who haven't appeared either. Anyway, what I'm trying to say's I love your style, and the little character bios ave me super-pumped for wherever you're taking the story next!
minstorai chapter 52 . 8/3
Wow, "Hi honey" I practically squealed, their whole first meeting was crazy good
minstorai chapter 51 . 8/3
Melody's reaction when Sam caught them was just amazing
minstorai chapter 48 . 8/3
Wow, Gabriel def knows about Dean seeing Lucifer and Melody in that universe and is fucking with him! Lmfao "Good answer, Melody grumbled to herself, because she was practically wearing nothing"
minstorai chapter 47 . 8/3
Lol "Dean may I have her phone number?" made me smile like a dumbass, and Mel going with Sam when they split up and standing by him was completely perfect!
minstorai chapter 43 . 8/3
Oh that last bit between Mel and Sam was heart-wrenching, outstanding job!
minstorai chapter 41 . 8/2
Omfg, and that last scene dude, just flawless work
minstorai chapter 27 . 8/2
Oh shit, don't tell me Lucifer's her father?! I mean, John's a Winchester he could most def possess John, and does that mean he can visit her dreams
You did such an amazing job with the finale
minstorai chapter 20 . 8/2
Melody clocking Dean was spectacular!
minstorai chapter 19 . 8/2
I'm kinda addicted to this story, and I love how there was a response to "Castiel? Are you with me?" and that "I'm never there when he needs me" was motherfucking heart-breaking
MissWisy chapter 56 . 7/6
Omg need more! I love this story and gah the feels! You do have a few spelling and grammar errors thought some of the chapters, just letting you know. Please update soon!
guest chapter 56 . 6/12
if melody suppressed the mark once, she can do it again
guest chapter 53 . 6/11
yeah idk if i'll keep reading if you make things get too much worse for melody especially if you go a rape route...
Joeyackles2 chapter 56 . 6/2
Love this story! Please update soon! I totally want to ser some melody and cain moments, thats gonna be good arc when you get to it!
Lacey Solane chapter 56 . 5/21
Holy shit. You got me hooked from the very beginning, but this is just... holy shit.
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