Reviews for Blood
BlueWater5 chapter 19 . 8/19
I'm glad Ron realizes his debt to Harry.
SmoulderS chapter 5 . 8/16
Hey, I was enjoying your story, and so I remembered at the beginning you said that you liked fics where Snape is Harry's dad. I was wondering if you could recommend any that I could read after I finish yours? Thanks for writing a great story, and thanks again if you get a chance to reply to this!
Guest chapter 19 . 8/15
Awesome work! The plot twists just keep coming, I love how you've made Severus so unsure as a new parent. Also loving how no one is just magically getting over everything!
SoulMore chapter 19 . 8/12
Amarenima Redwood chapter 19 . 8/12
Great chapter!
rowenasheir chapter 19 . 8/12
Albus needs a severe reality check...A note from the future that he is fucking up?
KisunaFuji chapter 19 . 8/12
this is really great. I like how ron and Harry help another
rowenasheir chapter 17 . 8/12
They could go back and change it especially someone not in the original timeline. AD plays fastand loose with fate as it suites him! See my challenge !
NatNicole chapter 19 . 8/12
This fic is totally AWESOME!
A Mad Phoenix chapter 19 . 8/11
Reading this work continues to be a delight. The character development from these different events is spot on and a wonderful journey to go on. I am always excited to see an update. Thank you!
DarkRavie chapter 19 . 8/11
I really like this story. It is an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
rigger42 chapter 18 . 7/23
I'm pretty sad, actually, that Snape is being so closed off. I'm rather expecting Harry to practically vanish and/or be a house elf over the summer and wonder how long it would take Severus to notice. He might be trying to overcome his own fears, and guilt, but not telling Harry why he has those fears is going to be a huge wedge between them.

The kid who made him lose his wand was the one who should have been expelled, right? So was he Imperiused or just being an asshole again? Did Albus realize that he is the one who broke the script by creating circumstances for Harry to lose his wand or was he never even a factor the first time?

If you're not doing relationships for Harry, then, if he has feelings for Ron, I hope that you skip his crush on Hermione. I don't think I want to read about any more pain and rejection and guilt for feeling pain and rejection (insert eyeroll) from Harry next year...
rigger42 chapter 15 . 7/23
Darn. I was rather hoping Peter would learn about Harry being Severus' son and spill it to Greyback, negating his ability to spy.
rigger42 chapter 13 . 7/23
You know, I kind of want the Pillars to be revealed as total deception, that they don't show anything but the best and worst paths of your own imagination.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/19
Just found this story - it has kept me busy reading it over the last few days. I love how Ron handheld everything. In to many story's he is a hot headed mess with no substance which I think does not do him Credit! Also love how the relationship developed with snape ( tho not a big fan of the whole albus knowing possible futures , but sure this is needed) Thank you for sharing this with us . I look forward to the next chapter
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