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JacksonTheGreat chapter 17 . 10/9/2013
So much love for this and it's direction. I seriously hope you don't throw a rebellion in there. It would be the end of all the Peeta vs Capitol drama and manipulation. Not to mention the love triangle. I want those aspects to keep going because I'm absolutely loving every bit of it. Harold is a douche and that is perfect xD More Harold/Peeta! Not that I want them to be together or anything but I just love the way they interact. Turn Harold into a Finnick from Rusted Gold? I would enjoy that immensely ;)
Update soon! :)
Kit Of Yaoi chapter 17 . 10/9/2013
what the f***ing *ell is going on, I saw all this happening before but what the...

Cato better hurry up before it get worst for peeta

cannot wait to see what happens
MangoMagic17 chapter 17 . 10/9/2013
Loved Cato in this chapter. His encounter with Katniss was great to read. And that last line when he says "his love is worth fighting for" was magical. I do hope he doesn't get mad at Peeta when he gets back. Peeta has enough on his plate. Finally we get to see Cinna, at least somebody is on Peeta's side back at the Capitol. Hope Peeta can hang in there. Gale not working with Katniss is a surprise for me. Keep up the great work as usual, hope to see more soon :D
RonaldGarcia91 chapter 17 . 10/9/2013
I loved that you put some Cinna in here, and GOD the things that Snow and Mya wants for Peeta to do, those things are gonna scarred him for life! Snow is not going to be satisfied with just kisses! oh Poor Peeta !

And Cato and the games OH GOd! Katniss looked so surprised! when Cato told ehr Peeta loves him! i think she still dont believe him!

Amazing chapter! as always
anbeedomo chapter 17 . 10/8/2013
never reviewed any of your stories before (they are AMAZING by the way) but my god the last part! made me go all gooey and wkswosndorjri you go cato! fight for your love!
keep up the amazing writing and I can't wait to see what else devious plots Snow has for poor little Peeta
langkuoch chapter 15 . 10/4/2013
First of all, I think that this chapter was beautifully written (like the rest have been) and I'm inexplicably glad that you included that Cato and Peeta spent their last night together engaging in activities other than sex. It was refreshing from a lot of the other pre-arena fornicating I've read before and I'm sure I'm not the only one who melts every time Cato shows his soft and caring side (which is pleasantly often in this fanfiction). I've always appreciated the relationship that you created with Peeta and Cato and their deep, fervent love that slowly grew between the two.

and the protectiveness from Cato is so fucking hot tho omg can I have a boyfriend like him pls i'm waiting?

Anyway, I really liked the idea of the new story you were thinking of writing! I'm all for it and I would love to see it being made (I'm also running low on new Cato-Peeta fictions to read as well and this would be perfect, haha) :D

Keep being wonderful,

JacksonTheGreat chapter 16 . 10/6/2013
I beg to differ, I find love triangles enticing and this one is going to be interesting. I loooove the direction in which you take this story, I can never predict whats going to happen next. Update soon ! :)
LPD chapter 15 . 10/4/2013
I love this chapter! And I really like the new idea for another story!
MangoMagic17 chapter 16 . 10/6/2013
Oh thalassa you're such a bitch. I absolutely hate her. Hope she dies soon because I was hoping Cato would kill her. This chapter was simply like a roller coaster, the memories of Peeta were small yet detailed makes Cato seem the more human. I think this is one of my favourite things about your writing is that you pay great attention to little details that makes a huge difference in the quality if writing. My favourite part of this chapter was when Cato remembers Peeta's blush and laugh closely followed by Cato threatening Thalassa. The whole Katniss thing will be interesting too...Cato's reaction against the deaths was very humanize and I am sad that Cato will lose his best friend. Marvel actually seemed nice and Glimmer is clueless as always. Peeta has had a huge impact on Cato which shows considering how humanize Cato is now. I actually feel very broken hearted when I read Peeta's part, he's now all alone and vulnerable. I honestly don't know how he is going to keep it together. I'm not surprised if he ends up like Annie for a bit. I really do hope Peeta doesn't struggle too much. Keep up the amazing work as always and hope there's more soon :D
RonaldGarcia91 chapter 16 . 10/5/2013
OHHHH MYYY GOD! Mr. fucking Woods... I WAS LIKE WTFFF MANNNN HELL NOOO! he is fucking disgusting oh god i was so mad he kissed Peeta and Peeta reacted exactly how he wanted... Peeta will definetly go crazy if he has to play along with that sadistic bastard and Cato is in there not knowing anything that is happening to Peeta D: and Cato Himself dont have it easy either e.e he has to kill everyone including Clove and Katniss if he wants to survive!, this is getting really interesting!

Thalassa need to die in the most horrible tbh how dare she calls Petta like that¿? THAT BITCH lol !

Amazing chapter as always
Kit Of Yaoi chapter 16 . 10/5/2013
*dang head on wall* stupid snow
RonaldGarcia91 chapter 15 . 10/4/2013
WOAO great chapter, i laugh at some parts cause of peetas cluelessness, It was so cute you just wanted to hug him lol! if that makes any sence!, and Cato always worried about him made it even better, that litle flashback you put about Catos Dicovering his sexualityit was a great add to the story it made me feel like he really cared about what he is doing now and how he change from fucking anyone and didnt care to learn how to love from scratch! as i said before im sure you have a twist before the game starts and i cant wait to read it i dont know but my mind is set that Snow will pulll a Bitch on them and will send Peeta to teh Games along with Cato! Just to make them Suffer and getting the 12 boy to go crazy !

For the new story.. it looks interesting! i will read it if you do it and im Clove Friends with Benefits never ends in a good way!
NEWBIE1213 chapter 15 . 10/4/2013
I personally think that would be an amazing story and I would definitely love to read it: )
JacksonTheGreat chapter 15 . 10/4/2013
Perfect chapter, Peeta's innocence is adorable. Also, the promo for the new story looks good, I definitely think you should go ahead with it :)
MangoMagic17 chapter 15 . 10/3/2013
This chapter was amazing...simply said to feel free vomit and I'm telling that speech made me fly to heaven and're like one of those tv writers for romantic seriously it was really rally good...never mind the quality of writing which flows effortlessly...but the little details of this chapter is what makes it so perfect. Peeta's innocence was so endearing and Cato's transition from this brute to someone that is pretty much Prince Charming is great to read (although I would love to read Cato being all dominant in bed ;) this chapter wasn't some smutty sex scene (I won't complain in the future if you would make some) this chapter was simply breathtaking. I am worried about what will happen in future chapters now considering Cato will be going into the arena soon but I hope they can find their way to each other...even if it meant Cloves death :( as for that new fanfic, it sounds intriguing that's for sure but just like with any Peeta / Cato fanfic, I won't know if I'll love it or like it or it's "meh" before I read it. My first impression is, Peeta as friends with benefits doesn't really portray the innocence that you portrayed here. Maybe it's a different perspective on his character? All in all I would rather you finished this fanfic first before venturing on new fanfics using your great ideas that you always have. But hey that's only my opinion :) keep up the amazing work you're doing and hope there's more soon :D
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