Reviews for Alpha, Not Beta
Guest chapter 8 . 9/5
Just have the hda leader start selling cabbages already. Jeez.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/5
I just died when you dropped the yugioh reference.
chishio dragon chapter 13 . 7/26
are you gonna update because this is a great story
zachary2 chapter 13 . 7/24
DOOOOOOM! Pretty angsty, but good.
zachary2 chapter 7 . 7/24
Good job on using Verisimilitude, truth. Your writing style has also improved!
BloodDragon3012 chapter 7 . 7/23
Loving the story, this is what i want a goodevel by level story of sao you are doing an amazing job so far just needs more to it
Lord Asmodeus chapter 9 . 4/30
And now...I cannot bare anymore. This repetition of guilt and regret is become suffocating. Humans are adaptable, guilt is only an obstacle one has to contend with in the short term. Afterwards with will power it is easily defeated and crushed. For you to repeat - guilt - guilt - guilt - guilt - guilt - over and over again is becoming sickening.

And god, most of the interaction Kirito had simply made him weaker. The PVP guild had the right idea, it's in human nature, and in such world there is no repercussion. And bloody hell, damn 'guilt'!
Unknown2615 chapter 13 . 4/17
A quality SAO story? Color me supprised!

Seriously, after attempting to read several of the most favorites stories for SAO I had all but given up hope on finding one worth reading, thank you for proving me wrong.

The only thing I can think of to improve the story is to focus a little less on the boss fights and more on the interaction between the people. Also let more people get the final hits cause out of the 50 bosses I think K and Violet have about 75% of them. Kinda unrealistic if you think about it.

Otherwise, best SAO fic I've ever read
Delightfully sinful chapter 4 . 4/15
And this is where I leave the story. I'm sure you got some good material in there somewhere, but a first person story that's constantly breaking the fourth wall every other sentence with double en tenders, just doesn't appeal to me.
Delightfully sinful chapter 1 . 4/15
First chapter and though good, I'm hating the first person self monologs. Seriously, no one should monolog about their own tone of voice unless it's them telling the story, which Kirito isn't, cause he's currently living it. Makes people think you're not right in the head. Personal thoughts are fine, so long as they aren't thinking about how to improve on their own descriptions of their own voices. Don't know if you've improved on it, but that's my comment for your first chapter. It's a clean read, good story, but even so, I'll mostly comment on what could be improved.
Kakeru PB chapter 13 . 4/11
Great work and im surprise you would actually write a chapter so long theirs only a few other stories ive that had chapters these long and longer. Anyways great work and I hope you update soon.

P.S. Dont worry even though people dont admit it we are all actually pretty lazy. We just need motivation to do something to not be lazy.
CrazyHades chapter 8 . 4/7
I was enjoying the story, but your going extremely overboard with references and jokes. Having them occasionally is fine but you used them so often it really made it hard not to just skip this chapter and hope the rest weren't similar. Also, there's no need to draw attention to double entendre's.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/6
Love it don't quit
CrazyHades chapter 4 . 4/6
With Asuna 'almost activating an Unarmed skill' isn't that what Martial Arts is? As far as I know you don't get it otherwise and Asuna didn't do the challenge. Not sure the flashback counts as a 4th Wall break, from what I recall that usually has something to do with the Reader or Author, like a Character talking directly to the Reader or Author, like the movies Ferris Bueler's Day Off and (I believe) Annie Hall.
Guest chapter 13 . 3/30
Continue I want to know what happens to Kirito and asuna's relationship
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