Reviews for Land Before Time Retold
AllegroGiocoso chapter 22 . 12/4
Nice to see everyone happy in their homes, and very sweet dream. I love how Littlefoot has faith that Aylene will return, and how Aylene is always thinking about them. Good thing she’s packing up more for the return trip! Really nice, touching reunion scene! Love the ending in how it’s promising of the adventures yet to come. I can’t wait to start reading Great Valley Adventure tomorrow!
AllegroGiocoso chapter 21 . 12/3
Touching how Aylene is so happy to see her family, yet a bit amusing with their underreactions… Whoa, it’s hard to believe that time paused like that considering such an epic journey took place! Interesting how her grandmother seems to want to have a talk with her alone … It all makes sense now that Elaine used the stone, she must have been who Sharptooth saw when he say Aylene before. Oh, so Elaine’s friend looks like it may be Doc… I hope Elaine still has the ability to activate the stone somehow… it would make make Saurus Rock in this series really interesting! So happy for Aylene that she can go back to their world. Really like the way the stone works on how Aylene must really mean it to go back and forth. And the ending line is perfect time.
AllegroGiocoso chapter 20 . 12/2
This was a tough explanation, but Aylene handled it really well. I really like the concept of the different universe and Aylene’s explanation of it. The arrival scene is nicely captured! Really sad about Aylene reflecting on her world. REALLY nerve-racking concept about this being a one-way path, and terribly, terribly sad goodbye scenes, especially with Littlefoot…. So sad…. And honestly surprising that it came now, during the original movie’s happiest scene. Really bittersweet!
AllegroGiocoso chapter 19 . 12/1
I really like this more detailed dialogue on the plan to get Sharptooth. The danger Sharptooth posed to the Valley was something implied, but not really directly addressed by the first movie. Also like how they’re reminding Ducky of her strength in the water. Really tense opening scene with Sharptooth. Personally, I find this fight is even more epic than the original: it has all the things that made the original so great (save Cera’s dramatic entrance), but has tons of stuff to spice it up even further. Eek, and really tense where Littlefoot almost gets eaten and showing Sharptooth’s determined vengeance for Aylene and Littlefoot. Interesting to have Aylene take Petrie’s role as the almost-casualty here. Really like the cave scene: I always wish the original Land Before Time’s ending wasn’t so rushed, and this is a great moment of peace before the final leg of the journey! Fantastic chapter overall, and it makes me curious how you have and you're gonna write the sequels.
AllegroGiocoso chapter 18 . 11/30
Wow, really deep and insightful talk with Cera and Aylene. Her animosity suddenly makes a lot more sense now, and is very in-character with Cera from the movies. Really nice, well-developed talk at a portion that I wish was really better fleshed out in the first movie. Wow, and really interesting to consider that Cera may not have known of Littlefoot’s mother’s death – that sure puts a different light on things! Wow…. REALLY good apology. Perhaps more than anything else, I wish that that was in the first movie. This is a really warm, fuzzy chapter that probably has been the most enjoyable to read of all of those in your series so far. In fact, I’m gonna read it again. Fantastic!
AllegroGiocoso chapter 17 . 11/29
Ooh, nice twist in how even Littlefoot is straying off track! Good thing Aylene is there to remind him of what’s right. Like how Littlefoot and Aylene are working together to do the saving. Nice twist with the ocarina being part of the disguise too. Really emotionally heavy ending – feel really bad for Cera now, and hope Aylene will make things all right.
AllegroGiocoso chapter 16 . 11/28
Wow, the arrows must have really made their target in order to injure such a behemoth like Sharptooth! Really nice showing Sharptooth’s bloodthirsty personality in trying to get revenge and massacre the entire Great Valley. I wonder why the stone flickered? The fight scene was really tense, and the split was sad. Good thing Aylene is there to encourage Littlefoot to turn back!
GODZILLA1996 chapter 22 . 11/28
The scene where Aylene says good to Littlefoot and the others actually make me cry. But I'm sooooooo glad that Aylene can come and go to THE LAND BEFORE TIME when ever she wants to see Littlefoot and the others any time she wants.
AllegroGiocoso chapter 15 . 11/27
Such a serene, eerily calm beginning to what would happen next. REALLY tense with Sharptooth actually capturing Littlefoot for a second. Interesting that Aylene looks like the previous girl… was it her grandmother? And who could that other longneck be? Really impressed that Aylene got her courage and actually shot at sharptooth. So glad she was able to heal Littlefoot’s injuries so well! And nice to see Cera actually complemented Aylene here. And Littlefoot and Aylene’s relationship is always a treat to watch.
AllegroGiocoso chapter 14 . 11/26
Love these introspective Aylene moments, especially when thinking about Littlefoot. The stories of her and her brother’s relationships are also powerful. And the reunion scene is so, so touching and adorable! And wow, really surprised with Cera’s reaction considering how much the two of them thought. Really, really nice place for If We Hold On Together too. Love the emotional impact it has on Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike, and love Aylene’s plaintive wish at the end.
AllegroGiocoso chapter 13 . 11/25
Really nice to see Cera’s thoughts on Aylene… This is gonna be interesting. Nice job of incorporating Aylene into the food-getting scene. And wow, this is a tense confession! The drama here is really incredible, and love to see how loyal Littlefoot is to Aylene. Really sad conclusion, and sad yet a bit glad that the stone is not reacting yet.
AllegroGiocoso chapter 12 . 11/24
Nice retelling of Spike’s hatching, and good job of capturing his laid-back and hungry personality. Poor Littlefoot and Petrie for dealing with the arguing… Nice to see Cera’s objection to Spike is back in the fanfic after being cut. Cool idea to have Spike follow the sweet bubbles too. And very suspenseful bit of Sharptooth POV at the end!
AllegroGiocoso chapter 11 . 11/23
Wonder what Aylene can find to eat if she runs out of granola bars … Interesting concept of the LBT universe being another dimension, it actually makes more sense than being before time in many ways. The threat of Sharptooth even from a distance you sure captured powerfully. Really like the concept of Aylene shooting arrows while riding Littlefoot, a fun scene to read. Like how Aylene is taking a carefully balanced approach of the Sharptooth situation, seeing through Cera’s braggadocio while not discounting her word completely. Wow, Aylene was getting really bold with questioning Cera! Glad Littlefoot is there to help her out before there was any real trouble. And adorable cliffhanger with Spike!
AllegroGiocoso chapter 10 . 11/22
Nice perspective work with both Cera and Sharptooth. Especially with the sick mind of Sharptooth, taking pleasure in the fact that he killed Littlefoot’s mother without minding he wasn’t able to eat her, and relishing that Littlefoot is now motherless. Good thing that the gorge is such a tight fit! And yuck, Sharptooth sure has disgusting, bloodthirsty perspectives on things!
AllegroGiocoso chapter 9 . 11/21
I wonder how Aylene is going to eat soon? And always so nice to catch all the little details that are so commonplace to us but are so foreign to Littlefoot. Nice way of segueing Ducky in, and I love how in the film and this her arrival triggers such a change in the movie’s tone with her positive attitude! It’s been a while since I’ve seen the first film, so it’s such a treat to see these intro scenes again, complete with your nice, fresh flavor. Love how Aylene and Petrie are going to work on their fears together, and how she’s wondering what’s up with Cera.
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