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Book girl fan chapter 129 . 4h
Probably right with that one. No such thing as a pure ship. Ever.
Book girl fan chapter 128 . 4h
I can't copy the link. What does it lead to?
LunaNightFury chapter 1 . 10/3
I ship jelsa...
But anyway how about you have Jack get ticked off about JackxTadashi?The super hot older brother from BH6?Yeah I'm crazy,deal with my friend showed me this pic and it was Loki holding a baby Elsa and was cute,but I can see Jack getting mad about it.

Have a nice life!
NellisEllis chapter 129 . 9/25
This chapter is now my screensaver.
Fairyfinder chapter 18 . 9/24
"SHIPPING IS MY JOB. NOT YOURS." I'm fairly certain that is the best line of fanfiction I've ever read. Thank you for that. I will now proceed to quote this to as many unsuspecting people as possible.
Random chapter 14 . 9/24
According to akinator her name is Emma, but akinator is made by people submitting names so someone might have said, oh her name is Emma, and put it in there. You can decide.
bubblecloudz chapter 129 . 9/23
same yo. i mostly want everyone to be friends.
Mystery chapter 127 . 9/22
So true
Mystery chapter 124 . 9/22
Ha, she told you
Mystery chapter 120 . 9/22
whats ROTG?
Mystery chapter 119 . 9/22
I love Greek Mythology, so I love this chapter, keep up the great work!:)
FlygonWriter64 chapter 129 . 9/22
I don't like shipping in the RotG territory anymore either.
Because doing a ship with Pitch is wrong, and he hates it.
I don't like shipping with Bunny and North
Tooth is, um, not shippable with me, considering she's a female and all, I don't ship with her
Jack is just Jack, and I'd rather him be funny then be shipped
and I didn't even consider shipping Jamie
And I'm not cruel to my OCs
~Aqua, who doesn't like to ship
Mary Phantom chapter 129 . 9/22
What about the Hiccup x Toothless pairing? And Astrid x Storm Fly?
And The Wind x Jack
Guest chapter 129 . 9/22
The harbor is closed. Oh my god.
AliceCullen3 chapter 129 . 9/22
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