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Hoang chapter 2 . 3/29
Need more of this awesomeness
spartaleox chapter 2 . 1/25
really good dude shame it's on hold!

loved the OMAKE by the way, shout out for F-14 tomcat lover
Demiser of D chapter 2 . 10/26/2016
Excellent story! Short, but very well focused, no major grammatical errors, and a swift and entertaining plot.

It'd be great if you could finish it. Honestly, it wouldn't take too much, if you didn't want it to.

Here's how I'd envision it; the President tries to scrap the Jaeger project, and kidnaps Pentecost and Yui while Shinji's gone. He comes back and goes hunting for them, and then they bring in Gypsy Danger(fully repaired) to try to take him down, and they start fighting. He wins, but not without damage, and just as he wins new Kaiju show up.

In the meantime, Yui and Pentecost escape together and rally the troops to finish and activate the backup project; evangelions cloned from Unit 1's specs, unfinished but enough to help Shinji beat back the Kaiju. Unfortunately, the new evas draw the attention of Leliel, who appears and begins to expand, endangering the universe due to the proximity to the other dirac gate where the Kaiju are coming through. Shinji has the choice of going home or saving the Pacific Rim reality, and chooses to destroy leliel and stay, potentially dooming the Evangelion universe. He manages to say goodbye to Asuka just before the portal closes.

Timeskip, and Shinji is fighting with cold emotionless strength, cutting down kaiju after kaiju as they fight into the rift at the bottom of the ocean. Pentecost and Yui are talking; Yui wants to tell him something, but Pentecost refuses, saying that they can't tell him anything until they're certain it will work.

Shinji reaches the core of the alien invasion, rips it out, collapses the rift, and barely makes it back out before it closes. Yui yells at him for being reckless, but he yells back that it doesn't matter if he dies, as it's not his own universe anyway. Yui tears up but snaps that there are people here who care about him too.

He woodenly turns away, but she makes up her mind and grabs his hand, dragging him downwards into the Shatterdome, against Pentecost's protests (we're not ready-" "He needs to *see*, admiral," she said. "Even if it fails- he needs to *know* we haven't just given up!") She drags him into a giant room, where a portal is being constructed. A portal built around the remnants of Leliel. He stares at it for what seems like forever before turning to her, a spark of hope in his eyes. "Is that-" "A portal home, shinji." She offers to let him help build it, if he wants; he'll need to learn a lot, but he wasn't the son of two of the most brilliant people in the world for nothing. He agrees, with burning resolution. But then he pauses, an idea suddenly coming to mind. "There is another person," he suggests, "someone who might be able to help..."


Asuka has just finished fighting the Mass Production Evas, and just run out of power. They start to stand up, and move to re-enact that horrible scene, when suddenly-

She's ripped away! Her eva; cradled in another eva's arms, similar to Unit 2, but different, familiar somehow, but she can't quite place how- "Rest, H├Ątschelkind(beloved child in german); Mama will take care of this now." Asuka's eyes widen in shock, as Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, pilot of Evangelion unit P-2 turns towards the MP evas. "You thought I'd let my daughter die again, die hurensohn!? Ich rasiere dich ohne schaum!" she activates beast mode and procedes to tear the MP evas a new asshole. Asuka stares in disbelief, not noticing as Shinji appears and lifts Unit 2's head to rest on Unit 1's lap. "Shinji?" She says in disbelief, "But they said that you were dead - the universe destabilized -" He says something funny, she calls him a baka, and he blushes. Then she starts to break down, talking about how everything went wrong after he left. With new strength and confidence, he replies, "Yes. I knew that would happen when I destroyed Leliel." he smiles sadly, "But I also knew that you were strong enough to do it anyway. And look; here you are. And now we're back together, and we can end this once and for all." He's distracted as Yui calls him from the Shatterdome; "Shinji, that's long enough. We've hacked into Unit 2 and disabled their controls, they shouldn't be able to pull her kill switch any more."

Shinji turns back to Asuka, plugs in a new power feed, and offers her a hand. She stares at it for a long moment, to his face, and then, without hesitation, takes it. They stand up and look around; most of the MP Evas are in pieces, the last few trying to fight off Kyoko, who is injured but still active. Shinji uses a plasma cannon shot to take one of them down, and Asuka double-pile drives the other two into the ground, before brutally destroying them. "Yeah," she says roughly, "Let's finish this."

Kyoko reverts from beast mode, wheezing heavily, and offers to come along, but Shinji sends her back, as this is something the two of them need to do together and alone.

They proceed to blow up Kihl, who has a few moments contemplating unknown unknowns and shaking his head in amused disappointment; they take out the rest of the council, Yui hacks into their records and releases them to the world, showing exactly what caused second impact and who was pushing for Third impact the entire time. Then Shinji breaks into the command center of the geodome and grabs his father, who stares impassively at his son, asking him if he's going to kill him now. "No, dad," he says quietly, "I want to. Well, wanted to, anyway. But that's not my right. Instead, I have someone who wants to talk to you." He sets Gendo into a white box with padded walls and floors, and on one of the walls, a screen appears, with Yui standing projected there. He stares. "Hello, Gendo," she says carefully, her words laden with menace. "I think it's time we had a little talk about how you treated our son."

Shinji turns to leave, when Misato yells up at him, and he turns to look at her. "Is that it?" she asks, "Are you just going to leave?"

He shrugs. "It's not my fight anymore. The Angels are done coming; the Dead Sea Scrolls will prove it. Asuka's coming with me. What else do I have left for me here? This universe might be where I came from, but it's never been my home."

Misato mumbles something under her breath, and Shinji asks her what she said. "I said, What about me!?" she yells tearfully. "I know I might not have been the best big sister in the world, but are you really going to just leave me here? It's not like I've got any more reason to stay than you do." Shinji stares at her in consternation. "You really want to come along? This would be an entirely new universe; nothing would be the same over there." Misato smiles crookedly, "Do I really have a choice? Half the militaries of the world want me dead here. Chances are I'd be dead already if you hadn't gotten here when you did(It's a reference, see? Because she WOULD have been dead already-Oh never mind). Kaji..."(reference to Kaji already being dead)

She's startled as Shinji scoops her up, jumps up to the surface, punches a hole in her apartment complex and grabs pen-pen and his stuff, ignoring her pleas to also bring along all her beer. He meets with Asuka, who's been talking to her mother, and has tear streaks on her face but is smiling. He turns back, makes a cutting remark to the world that's broadcast across every tv network in existence, tells them all that once he's home they're closing the dirac sea and locking it tight, so they shouldn't even think about looking for him.

He flips them the bird, punches the return button, and they all vanish in a flash of light.

Epilogue comes 2 months later. Shinji shows up at Kyoko's new house(background details! The Kaiju devastation is being cleaned up and life is going forward!) with flowers; Asuka blushes really brightly when Kyoko picks on them, but kisses him on the cheek anyway. Yui and Misato poke their heads out the door and tell them to have a fun time, and the walk off into the sunset, holding hands.

Super-Epilogue; 25 years later in the Evangelion universe, Tokyo 3 has been cordoned off, kept untouched as an example of hubris. The revelations that happened during the Pacific Rim incident instigated a world war that caused the deaths of another 500 million people, but eventually good triumphed, and the world, while having taking a heavy beating, was on the way to recovery. Maya and Ritsuko, now a couple, and responsible now for repairing the world rather than finding ways to destroy it, stare at the abandoned carcass of the city as they do every year, in silence, before hugging and returning to their helicopter. "Back to Tokyo 4," Ritsuko orders. "We still have a long way to go."

But as they fly away, unnoticed by all, their rotors disturb flowers; flowers that, even in the abandoned husk of Toyko 3, have begun to bloom.

...See!? Easy! ...Maybe not.

Still, great story. Well done.
truefortune chapter 2 . 9/23/2016
This is AWESOME! But is this on hiatus or discontinued? This fic has a lot of potential to not end early.
BartGirl chapter 2 . 4/9/2016
This is awesome.

I can't wait for the next chapter.
godzillafan1 chapter 2 . 8/27/2015
hmm not bad wonder what the meeting between mother and son's gonna be like please write the next chapter very soon.
Rebelblade71 chapter 2 . 7/24/2015
Damn politicians.
Rebelblade71 chapter 1 . 7/24/2015
Great crossover. Lol with the omake.
Kaiju Alpha chapter 1 . 7/23/2015
Interesting concept but sadly it's just you turning Shinji into a Gary Stu again. I don't think Shinji would have little to no difficulty against a Kaiju, I think he would be caught off guard on how different its fighting style is compared to the Angels. He's used to fighting creatures that are calculating, rarely use physical attacks and have rather Lovecraftian abilities. The Kaiju on the other hand range from brute force to brute force with some other ability. Not only that but really? Gipsy Danger as a first model Jaeger? Gipsy is a Mark III, compared to the Jaegers that came before her, she's more advanced than them. Brawler Yukon was the first Jaeger ever made while Romeo Blue was the first Jaeger that was fully functional. Good idea, lazy execution.
SSTR87 chapter 1 . 6/22/2015
What an interesting concept. The story could really work out well. Any plans to return to it?
TheJoker96Italia chapter 2 . 5/31/2015
please continue this story **
Telron chapter 2 . 4/14/2015
interesting and good so far and good omakes as well. I look forward to the next chapter now
KMF-G chapter 2 . 1/7/2015
Heyyyy, where is more chapters of this good story? chapter 2 . 8/3/2014
you got to continue this... this is awesome :)
Optimusa chapter 2 . 7/6/2014
Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii kawaii more more more more more more more more more!
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