Reviews for Love Over Time
La Perle chapter 3 . 1/27/2003
wow, what a story. i loved this story, and was a great read. Vegeta/Rei pairings are so rare, and im happy to say that this one stands out on its own. It really pulled my heartstrings, the way Rei and Vegeta were seperated, right when he was about to ask for her hand in marriage. But i loved the ending, because it didnt have a happy ending that would make everything end neatly, but because it had a touch of angst, which made it all the more touching.

La Perle
Priscilla chapter 3 . 9/19/2002
That was so sad! I am absolutely heartbroken that both Vegeta and Rei had to suffer from separation after finally both of them finding love with each other, especially when he was going to propose. But at least you answered my question about Rei knowing it wasn't going to last. I felt that Setsuna should make some sort of apology for subjecting Rei to such heartbreak though!

At least Vegeta learned enough with Rei and the others how to not take his sadness and anger at being torn from Rei out on Bulma and Rei had the consolation of having a small part of Vegeta forever. I think I'm going to curl under my covers and cry now though...
Priscilla chapter 2 . 9/19/2002
I knew it! I just knew Usagi was going to be the one to free Vegeta! Little odango just can't help herself from meddling even though she probably knew Rei was going to be upset!

And Rei's father is an absolute pig! Beating on her and her mother and being a drunken fool! Vegeta should have done more than break his knife! Nice bit about why Rei doesn't like being called onna too! Vegeta as a knight inshining armour? Does Saiyan armor count? _

And why does Rei think they can't be together in the end? Because of Crystal Tokyo? At least she's going to live in the moment and accept Vegeta's feelings, even if they might just be passion.
Priscilla chapter 1 . 9/19/2002
Wow! Another awesome story you've got going here! I felt bad for Bulma (I support B/V in the DBZ fandom!) because it's very obvious that Vegeta has no tender side to him or at least he's denying it really well! I'm kinda wondering if Vegeta was attempting suicide though by walking off the cliff,since as a saiyan, he's nearly invulnerable and a fall isn't going to do much to him. Sorry, I have a really realistic mind!

So Vegeta's going to be staying with Rei and without his saiyan powers, huh? This should be a humbling experience for the mighty Prince! At least Setsuna gave him fair warning about calling Rei an onna with such disrespect. Is Veggie going to be a statue for the birds to rest on? Bwahahahahaha! I do fear for Rei though once he does get loose, even without his powers. I hope Usagi isn't the one to set him free!
Anime girl Carrie chapter 1 . 9/6/2002
hi, this is anime girl. thanks for reviewing

my story! Please contiue this cute little story!

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"Will you still love me" by next week

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vegetasangel-1804 chapter 1 . 9/4/2002
I love this story pleas keep writing at least 4 me! Go Rei it was about time some one told Vegeta 2 respect women! Although isn't that something we all love about Vegeta his stubborness and rudness. Please keep writing one review is beter then none!

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