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The Fox Sage chapter 22 . 6h
vanishing chakra signature makes no sense considering hes creating a shell of chakra
The Fox Sage chapter 22 . 6h
lol the invisibility technique is completely useless as naruto created it at preventing detection from sensor ninja,dudes literally a chakra silhouette
The Fox Sage chapter 19 . 7h
seemd abit of a copout to so quickly drop the nadeshiko story with some quick resolution like that
The Fox Sage chapter 10 . 15h
ah yeah i havent read this story before i guess i was on a naruhina binge in early years of reading or id have caught nmore popular stories like this when they came out but hey better late then never
The Fox Sage chapter 8 . 16h
ah cool is this gonna end with naruto rounding up jinchuriki, wait i think i mgitheve read thsi story back in the day lol
The Fox Sage chapter 2 . 18h
interesting start unfortunate that the ichiraku family had to die
yoboypokey15 chapter 69 . 1/14
Ha ha 69 so funny
3632 chapter 66 . 12/28/2023
At least put all the skills you have in the scroll and give them to Sasori! You will save time anyway! What the hell is he playing for? . Killed Yagura in a few moves and is now much stronger. And for all of Sasori's tricks, he has a counter ability. Why waste time? And he also said that we will finish it soon. And it's a show of skills Against wooden puppets controlled by chakra. And which can be easily violated. Besides, he has already seen and knows Sasori's weak point, and yet he is reluctant to strike there and end the fight. This is really stupid. Considering how she met Itachi and Kisame. The current Naruto is acting like a complete moron.
3632 chapter 65 . 12/28/2023
Why is he doing so much with Sasori!? The way of Asura and the way of man. This fight would be over before it started. Why is he allowing himself to be assessed on his own skills and wasting time when he himself said he needs to finish quickly!?
3632 chapter 52 . 12/27/2023
Shseko was printed!
Other than pushing the plot, is there a reason why Bob didn't print and walk through the huge mass of thick sand he was controlling?
3632 chapter 50 . 12/27/2023
3632 chapter 45 . 12/26/2023
And why wasn't this ability unlocked when Shizuku died?
3632 chapter 32 . 12/25/2023
Is this a hint of Rinnesharingan? Or genjutsu which is on Yagura or Sanbi?
Pvtcheeks chapter 33 . 11/7/2023
Really? Youre putting your beliefs over your friend? One you where absolutely in love with…really? Instead of thinking about how maybe she would have be alittle upset you broke your beliefs you think “oh wah, I’m a monster now because I reacted like a normal human wah…” stfu. Someone you loved just died and your first thought about how you reacted was…I’m a monster? You made it about you instead of her? Really? Some monk you are…crumbling at the very thing you preach about doing falling into the darkness, yet as soon as it happens to you you make it abot YOU, not the one WHO DIED…gtf out of my face with that shit. Have a pittu party somewhere else, because you were cocky, thats what happened. You got fucking cocky like you said you wouldnt, and got your lover killed. Dont have a pity party, you dont deserve one. You should be ashamed to put your beliefs before your human and emotional attatchment to your lover. You literally didnt even mourn her longer than 24 hours before trying to cry yourself a river. Big fucking deal you reacted like any human would if they saw their lover die infront of them…you are barely excused because youre still a child. This could have been prevented if you hadnt simply sat by PUTTING YOUR BELIEFS ABOVE YOUR LOVER OF BEING A FUCKING PACIFIST! YOU GOT HER KILLED BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE AND THEN HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SAY “oh I a monster” STFU YOU BITCH ASS CHILD, YOU DONT GET AN OUNCE OF MY PITTY. You caused this due to your ego and rediculous beliefs your were above everyone else with some special eyes…you disgust me. You dare pitty yourself after you got her killed due to your beliefs. Fuck you you hypocritical, sniveling, little boy. You have no right…and you bastard author, making me so invested in your damn work that it got me to react this emotionally…and your stupidly good writing, and characters and dialouge and personalities that seem so alive…bastard damn good author….
Pvtcheeks chapter 14 . 11/7/2023
…didnt you day he could always tell where north was? How id the tree his only reference for direction…
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