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Jay chapter 93 . 3/12
I LOVE IT! have you read a yellow dyad and escape artist. i forgot the author's names but they're great fanfics as well as a phoenix rising
Violete Death chapter 93 . 3/8
I would like to see sequel, at least so!e drabblez.
Guest chapter 93 . 3/4
Ahhh, the ending bothers me! I understand your reasoning, but I'm the type of person that wants closure in a story.

The ending conversation of Pain vs Naruto seemed to flow well all things considered. The whole idea seems rushed to me, especially in cannon. Nagato just leaving everything to Naruto after talking for a few minutes. Years of hate and ambition changed with a few moments of talking just doesn't seem right, almost like Kishimoto wrote himself into a corner. This version seems more plausible though, sharing memories and understanding each other's pain.
The fights against Bee and Madara were both really well done, and I can see Bee deciding to mess around and have some fun as an Edo Tensei before he moves on. As for Madara, his fights are always amazing. He was cut short in cannon though, Kaguya just came in suddenly and didn't seem to fit. (Glad you didn't bring her into this story).
Little confused about the seed though, the one Naruto got at the end. Is it for replanting the great tree later on to let it grow and live in peace, or did I miss something else?

Great story overall, I really love reading your fanfictions!
Wraith's Wrath chapter 93 . 3/4
(Don't think my first review saved for some reason. Sorry if I ended up posting twice.)
Ahhh, I don't like the ending! I understand the reasoning for it, but I'm the kind of person that wants closure in a story. This just doesn't sit right with me.

The ending with Pain x Naruto seemed to flow ok, all things considered. In cannon it seemed way too rushed, all those years of hate and ambition from Nagato then Naruto changes his mind after just a few minutes of talking. Kind of like Kishimoto wrote himself into a corner. It's better in your story though, having them exchange memories and experiencing each other's pain seems like it would push Nagato to accept Naruto's reasoning easier.
Great job with the Bee and Madara fights! I can definitely see Bee fooling around as an Edo Tensei before passing on for good. Madara fights are always great, and I don't think you can go wrong with them. He didn't get enough time in cannon though, and throwing Kaguya in at the end seemed really out of place. (Glad you didn't include her in this story.) Not very enthusiastic about the Bijuu being returned into one though. I can understand that they still exist, and that they "still are" even though they're one. It just seems like they lose a sense of self though, a sense of individuality. The Bijuu are probably my favorite thing about Naruto, so seeing them put back together doesn't exactly sit right with me. Even if it's technically the same, I feel like it's an entirely new person.
Little confused about the seed though, the one Naruto got at the end. Is it to replant the great tree so it can live in peace, or did I miss something else?

Overall, great story! I love reading your fanfictions, and plan on starting 'Plucking Strings' soon.
IFRITE chapter 87 . 2/24
I'm kinda disappointed in Hiruzen & Jiraiya for still not revealing Naruto's parentage to him. Maybe they were waiting for "the right time," or maybe they didn't want to risk further alienating Naruto by earning his ire. By now, it may be too late to give him a closure, but I think they still at least owe him that much. Anyway, thanks for the great story!
IFRITE chapter 37 . 2/20
Love this story! The real monk Naruto is a very refreshing idea, giving the story an interesting perspective. The occasional humor is great, too. Thanks for the great story!
CrowKrowCrow chapter 24 . 2/15
So he steals an artifact that in no way belongs to him and takes the caged but not in pain Bijuu from an un-abused Yugito who was good friends with it because, hey he has time for it? Before he meddled where he saw abuse and pain now he's just meddling.
CrowKrowCrow chapter 21 . 2/15
Hey great story. Kind of asshole of Naruto to go stealing Kumo's national treasure for no reason though, I mean just because apparently his ancestor made, but even then gave it as a gift to somebody else it's his despite the archeologist that found them and the shinobi that either payed or bled for them?
Sefera chapter 93 . 2/13
I thought it was very good! Although I don't remember if I've read it before or not. Having 700 stories favorited will do that to you. I'm favoriting this, just incase I never did. I thought you ended it at a good place, it leaves the conclusion open to interpretation.
Wraith's Wrath chapter 86 . 2/12
Sad to see them go their separate ways already, but it does make sense. Hopefully we'll see them meet up again by the end of the story.
Having Fu trying to kill Naruto though, that's just heartless on several levels.. but I love it. I always enjoy a good Kisame fight as well, excellent job there. Wish we could've had some Sasuke vs Itachi too, but I guess not enough would have changed in this timeline to make the fight any different. Not unless Naruto intervened somehow, but seems a little far fetched since they did want to avoid the area.

Freaking Konoha though, I've never had any reason to hate Sarutobi until now (good job I guess?). If I was in Naruto's position I'd probably have let the village get destroyed. He's got a good conscience though, better than mine that's for sure. Sasuke went back to Konoha though, hope to see a little more interaction. Didn't see him at all during the invasion, unless I somehow missed it. Didn't really focus on anyone once Naruto managed to get all 6 paths' attention. I would've liked to see some smaller fights here and there.
Overall, I love the fight against Pain! You kept it different than cannon, keeping Sage Mode out of it until later on. It was intense all the way through, and then a great climax fight with just the Deva path. Seeing two Rinnegan users fighting opens up a lot of potential for a battle. Very clever ending as well, having them experience each other's pain through the Human Path. Can't wait to see where this takes them, and hopefully Fu and Konan haven't killed each other yet.
xanof chapter 18 . 1/31
I HATE YOU. I CANNOT PLACE THE CHARACTER DOING THE DISCLAIMER AND NOW IT IS GOING TO BOTHER ME UNTIL I FIGURE IT OUT. besides that, i have been binge-reading and I really like this. I'm going to continue now, have a day that you deserve!
Argonautt chapter 1 . 1/25
i think it's senpai not sempai
MindForgedMan chapter 27 . 1/25
Could someone tell me if this is NarutoxFu, NaruxOC or a harem? At this point, I admit I'll be disappointed if it isn't NarutoxFu
Wraith's Wrath chapter 76 . 1/22
I have to say 'Clouds' is my favorite section so far. Cannon, and even the fillers hardly touched on fuinjutsu which is upsetting to say the lease. There's so much potential there and yet it's all ignored except for a few sealing scrolls that are just taken for granted. I'm always glad to see it included in stories, and I hope to see a bit more in the future chapters.
Now then, random comments/thoughts as usual.
Tayuya almost died... AGAIN! I'm sensing a trend. Being in sage mode, along with Haku's improvised medical ninjutsu makes some logical sense but still seems a bit dicey in my opinion, the mitotic regeneration is a good touch though. Well Tayuya isn't dead so I'm not complaining about minor details.
Nice job with Kisame & Itachi's encounter with Naruto. Light atmosphere despite the clear threats that were present (even if it was just a shadow clone in the end). I really enjoy these kinds of conversations, especially with Kisame. The Akatsuki fights in Uzushio & Kiri were great, each one showing their abilities to the fullest without making the fights drag on too long. I was hoping that Naruto would learn a sealing jutsu or two from the Uzumaki's hidden treasure, but it makes more sense that it was the family history. It's actually a nice surprise, as well as a good twist to what could've been a predictable ending.
Looking forward to reading more!
TheUnknowableOne chapter 93 . 1/20
This is hands down one of the best fanfictions that I have ever read. I absolutely love this story. Thank you so much for this Author-nim!
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