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Kla Zark chapter 93 . 7/20
Zabzab chapter 89 . 7/19
You just killed it. Fuck. It was FUCKING LAME in the manga, incredibly BAD PLOT, just so PAINFUL to READ and you go and do the fucking exact same.

I hate to insult people on the internet but seriously, you are a shithead.
Arsenal chapter 2 . 7/17
Of all the stupid things, you have him go to the temple? How boring.
Kla Zark chapter 18 . 7/16
Monk-san... So Cool!
Darkfang333 chapter 85 . 7/12
wtf you need to add a translations page or something for all of the techniques and other japanese based words you use or even better just use the English versions to begin with
Naruto is the be chapter 84 . 7/4
Naruto I love you so much better if it wasn't a big fan of the day before my alarm for tomorrow morning and I don't have a good time waster but I can't believe that the two of my life and death in the morning is a good day at the end of the best of luck with your own business in China has been a while and then I don't have a good day at the end of the year
cannibal27 chapter 92 . 7/4
Ok unlike what a good few people in the comments said, I like this ending. I mean sure I wish I got details, and it feels kind of like a cop out, but your story is over, there is no threat left to Naruto, he can live his life in peace and continuing the plot would be pointless. I do want to point out that the Ten Tails having a conciousness like that directly contradicts the revalation from the anime and manga that the ten tails is just Kaguya after merging with the tree, but whatever. I do like the idea of the story being open ended btw. I just have a few questions that will never be answered, you know, because I can ask them. First, how did Naruto become the Ten Tails jinchuriki, I just kind of want to know the process that lead to it happening. Like did the Nine Tailed beasts inside of him combine into the Ten Tails conciousness and then afterwards he absorbed it’s body? Or did it absorb all the tailed beasts from him, completing itself, before allowing Naruto to absorb it? Some more details would be nice. You know I said a few questions but that was the only real question I have. My final thoughts on this story are that I love it, I want an epilogue even though I won’t get one, 10/10. I was skeptical about it at first by the way. I mean a naruto Rinnegan story just seems so easy “Give him rinnegan powers so he can reach godhood really easily.” I have to say though, this was a really well done story, I loved every bit of it. Now if only nine of my favorite characters weren’t lost at the end, that kinda sucks, but so be it. Well have a nice day Digi, and have fun with that book you’re writing.
cannibal27 chapter 89 . 7/4
you see my problem with this chapter (I know complaining doesn’t do much after the story is finished but whatever) is that this chapter seems slightly forced and kind of just bullshit. First of all Naruto summoned Obito to him, with ample time to plan, knowing Obito had rinnegan, with all of Nagato’s memories, and on good terms with the bijuu, yet Obito was able to awaken 10 tails and revive Madara in a fucking instant. Like it was nothing. And before you tell me he wasn’t expecting Obito to show up, please tell me why. He literally summoned te lynch pin to the plan in the plan’s final stages, and he know’s Obito has spacial manipulation. My point is he would have been ready, he has shown that he would have been ready. The only thing he couldn’t have planned for is black Zetsu. On those lines, why wouldn’t Naruto be in sage mode before he started this. I don’t know why he summoned the statue but I do he went to the middle of nowhere to do it, he expected some kind of fight, even if he didn’t he could have done it for contingency. Also it really feels like after what we saw Naruto do he shiukd have been able to destroy Obito, at least if he was in SAGE MODE. That is my first compaint. My second complaint is that Obito revives Madara. And that may be surprising but hear me out. While I may not have read the manga I did watch the anime, and I am rewatching it right now, so I can better understand these fanfictions. Anyway from what I remember from like 2 weeks ago when I watched it, Obito wanted the ten tails for himself. That is why he made himself the jinchuriki instead of reviving Madara. So why would he revive Madara here. It really seemed to me like Obito would rather have it so Madara never came back and he became Ten Tails Jinchuriki, initiating the infinite tsukuyome himself. My point is that here Obito seemed extremely happy to revive Madara and give him Ten Tails, even though he immediately suffered like he knew he would. Well besides that the chapter is good. I definitely believe Naruto needs more power to beat Madara so it makes sense so far. I really like this story by the way, which is why I’m writing this. Have a nice day.
Zombieman55 chapter 1 . 6/28
While I do enjoy reading this from time to time, I have to say that it is hard to enjoy reading it when I know there is no actual ending
62514131 chapter 2 . 6/24
i like this story so far. make more chapters, DATTEBAYO!
Cosmic Nihilist chapter 45 . 6/18
Just a slight question here, during the water saga, you had said Naruto played Shogi in the temple, was that reconned here or just a mistake?
Guest chapter 93 . 6/16
Nice lazy ass cop out at the end. And then u try to give reasons why wtf. I hope you don't pull that bs with your book because it will flop hard
TobiTheVeryBest chapter 16 . 6/17
Since when did Fuu have Chalkra sonar?
TobiTheVeryBest chapter 16 . 6/17
The word 'just' will be the death of you.
KakashiHatakeDFS chapter 93 . 6/16
I don't often leave reviews, but this has to be hands-down one of the greatest fanfics I have ever read. I have actually lost the will to read others because I feel as though they wouldn't ever get close to measuring up to this. Even after the end it left me wanting more. This story was amazing and I expect many great things from you in the future. Thank you for this experience; it has been an honour.
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