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Dump Trump chapter 93 . 2/21
Cool story bro
Crazyshitmachine chapter 93 . 2/19
This is the best written Naruto fan fiction i have ever read. Really why couldn't you have written Naruto instead of Kishimoto. :)
rosethekill3r chapter 60 . 2/21
the most amazing fanfic I have ever read10/10
franc14 chapter 92 . 2/21
This is not a review, sorry; but i love this fic.

Thanks for make an excellent job.
Rawrking chapter 92 . 2/11
Kinda disappointed with this "meh" ending, but then again, everything was pointing towards something like this. I always felt that canon Naruto should've ended with not just the death of Madara and ending of eternal Tsukiyomi, but also the reabsorption of Kaguya and all chakra in the world by the Shinju. It only seems right (because chakra was stolen from it in the first place) and such an action would mark the true end of the Shinobi Era.
SpencerDorman chapter 76 . 2/11
You've probably already thought of this, but with very precise control over attractive and repulsive force Naruto could make a telekinetic-like ability. It would probably be best to first max out these abilities, to the point where he is able to make attractive and repulsive forces originate from places other than his body (for example: making an attractive force appear a meter /above/ a boulder, pulling it upwards, while Naruto himself is actually in the front, or making a repulsive force appear underneath a boulder, pushing it upwards, while Naruto himself is actually in front of the boulder). If he is able to hone these powers to such extents, he would be able to have a very telekinetic-like ability, mainly using the attractive force for it as it would be more accurate (pulling is most often more accurate than pushing an object). All he would have to do to manipulate it as if he had telekinesis is create attractive forces where he wants the object to move, constantly moving the force to follow whatever path that is desired. Rotations and other stationary movements of the object would also be possible with very acute attractive and repulsive forces. Accurate control would be very difficult and would require a lot of training to be effective yet not too taxing, either mentally or physically, but I could reap serious rewards in the end.

This is just another similarity I noticed between Naruto and Aang from ATLA, but their clan symbols are quite similar. The Uzumaki crest is a single spiral, while the Airbender's symbol is three spirals in a triangle. I noticed it when the Uzumaki spiral was brought up in the beginning of this chapter, and then I realized how both symbols are based on spirals. It's not much, but it just adds to the similarities.
SpencerDorman chapter 75 . 2/11
I don't know exactly how to feel about you now making two females be Uzumakis in this story. On one hand it's cool that Naruto isn't the only Uzumaki left, but on the other hand it kind of takes away from the whole "sole survivor" thing. Also, why wasn't Naruto able to make it through? Sure, he may not have put his blood on the barrier, but I feel like the Uzumaki seals would have been advanced enough to be able to tell if someone is an Uzumaki in other ways aside from blood. Simply skin-to-barrier contact should have been enough for the barrier to recognize that Naruto is an Uzumaki.

I can see it now... Naruto being an Uzumaki is going to play a major role in this next victory. (Okay, in my defense, I typed this out before I read the last two paragraphs)
SpencerDorman chapter 74 . 2/11
Eh, I guess I misinterpreted the situation with the seals slightly, as evidenced by my last review being quite far off from how this plot line is actually rolling, but no matter.

I actually am happy that all members of Naruto's group, well besides Haku, seemed to have become at least adequate at Senjutsu, possibly mastery for Naruto himself, yet at the same time I don't like it because I like the main character, in this case Naruto, to be as special as possible, and this takes away from it.

I just thought of this, but considering the fact that the Rinnegan allows the bearer to easily master all jutsu and Nature Transformations, will Naruto ever actually master all of the NTs? I know that he's mastered all five basic NTs, and that he's mastered Ice as well (well, he was shown using it nearly 3 years ago; I'd imagine that he'd have mastered it by now), but will he eventually put the effort into mastering all of the other combination NTs? I'm sure that he's done more than training/mastering Nature Chakra, Sage Mode, and Ice Release, and I'm sure that it will probably be revealed sometime soon, but this is just in case. Mastering Dust Release would be especially cool, but I still would love for him to master all of the other combos too.
Also, I know that Naruto stated somewhere in the earlier chapters that he doesn't really ever want to learn any jutsu, and he's so far followed this path quite well, but will he ever choose to stray from this path? I have an idea of why he chose this way, but there are certain jutsu, such as the Flying Thunder God, that I think that Naruto should eventually learn and that can't be done through simple Nature Transformations, like how most fire jutsus can be done through simple fire manipulation.
Anyway, thinking of the FTG got me thinking of Minato, and that got me thinking... will Naruto ever master fuinjutsu? It's in his blood as an Uzumaki and the son of Minato; both his parents were masters at sealing. Combine that with his nigh-impossible learning ability from his Rinnegan, which allows for him to easily master all jutsu, and he should be able to master the art of sealing in almost no time at all. It should be one of the easiest things for him to have ever mastered.

One of the only things that I want for Naruto to be able to do that is outside of even his Rinnegan's learning capabilities, is for him to develop an ability similar to that of Jūgo clan, where they can passively absorb Nature Chakra without possible harm even without proper training. I don't know if they must be still for this like normal people do, but I'd like to think that they can collect Nature Chakra even when moving without repercussions. As such, that is the reason why I want Naruto to develop a similar ability; being able to use Sage Mode on command without having to stand still and build up Nature Chakra would be extremely beneficial. In general, just eliminating the need to stand still to gather Nature Chakra, so that it can be done at anytime, allowing one's Nature Chakra reserves to almost always be full, would be amazing.
Speaking of that, does Naruto's Preta Path ability allow for Naruto to absorb Nature Chakra when moving? Or does it only allow for him to greatly speed up his absorption rate of when he is still? Also, while I do love Sage Mode, I don't want it to become something that Naruto and the group come to rely upon too much.

I'm just now making this connection, but Naruto is actually quite similar to Aang from ATLA. They both are a master of the all of the basic elements and some some sub-elements, both are orphans, both are the sole survivors of their clan or whatever (the last Airbender in Aang's case, the last Uzumaki in Naruto's case), both are monks, both use a staff, both are travelers/nomads, both are some of the most powerful people to have ever existed despite their young age, both can take away people's abilities (bending for Aang, chakra for Naruto), both are the savior of their world and regularly fight the bad guys, both become absolutely mother fucking legendary... I could probably scrounge up some more similarities, but I'm already kind of grasping at straws as it is. Either way, you get the point. The only reason I actually even connected the two in the first place, which then lead to noticing their other similarities, is because Naruto spared Kakuzu and took away his power quite similar to how Aang spared Fire Lord Ozai and took away his powers. I probably could have made the connection way earlier, but I just didn't. Oh, and I don't know if this is intentional or not, but I don't really care. Honestly, it just makes me love this story more, since ATLA is actually one of my most favorite shows.

Heh... "the arrogance of an immortal"... love that bit.

I hope that Haku doesn't just leave Hidan there. As long lasting as his chakra infused ice is, it isn't permanent, and he needs to inform Naruto about him so that he can actually deal with him. Maybe completely taking away his chakra will sever his connections with Jashin, but he should at least be able to do something to him.

P.S I meant to post some of this on the last chapter, but I forgot. It doesn't actually make a difference either way, but the first paragraph is about the only thing that actually would have been better suited in a review of the previous chapter, since it's discussing a review two chapters back.
SpencerDorman chapter 71 . 2/11
You know how I said that Nature Chakra and Bijū Chakra being opposites wouldn't work because of certain things relying on the two chakra types working in tandem? Well, if you want an opposite to Nature Chakra it would be the Cursed Chakra, not the Bijū Chakra.
Besides, there really isn't all that much of a difference between the chakra humans have and the chakra Bijū have. Honestly,if you actually think about it, the chakra the bijū have and the chakra humans have came from the same place: the "God Tree".
Humanity received their chakra from Hagoromo, Hamura, and their respective descendants, who received it from them. Hagoromo and Hamura received their chakra from Kaguya, who received her chakra from the "God Tree".
The Bijū received their chakra from their progenitor, the Jūbi. The Jūbi received its chakra from both the "God Tree" and Kaguya, who received her chakra from the "God Tree" as well.
You can actually go even further back than the "God Tree", as it received its chakra from nature and from the planet itself, which basically means the "God Tree" received it's chakra from Nature Chakra.
In the end, pretty much all chakra (except for Cursed Chakra or Dark Chakra or whatever you want to call it; I don't know it's history or where it came from, so... yeah) originates from Nature Chakra. Then, I could hypothesize that chakra can undergo evolutions much the same way as living organisms do.
The main differences between Nature Chakra and human or bijū chakra can be attributed to these evolutions, of which the latter two underwent, whereas the former did not.
Some of the differences between human and Bijū chakra can be attributed to the different evolutionary paths that the two underwent, but the main differences should be attributed to how extraordinary vast the gap is between humans and bijū in potency and power of their chakra.

Does Naruto's Preta Path ability require chakra in order to absorb chakra? I can't imagine it would, as that would be kind of stupid and redundant. So, if the seals are preventing Naruto from using his chakra, he could simply absorb the chakra from the seals, and then he would be able to use chakra. Problem solved. And even if he does require chakra in order to absorb chakra, he can find one of these "fighting zones" and then absorb the chakra while at the edge of these zones.

I also can't imagine that these seals can block Nature Chakra or stop Naruto from entering Sage Mode. If his Preta Path ability does require chakra in order to absorb chakra, all he'd have to do is sit still, gather some Nature Chakra, use the first little bit to power his ability and speed up his absorption speed, and then eventually use his Sage Mode in order to absorb the chakra from the seals. If his Preta Path ability doesn't require chakra in order to absorb chakra, then the Sage Mode wouldn't even be necessary as he could just simply absorb the chakra from the seals and then the problem is solved.

Also, exactly how powerful are these seals? I can imagine, at max, they would be able to stop a bijū from using its chakra, maybe even two, but there is no way that even the legendary Uzumaki seals can withstand the sheer might of the power of the /six/ Tailed-Beasts sealed within Naruto. If he needs chakra in order for his Preta Path ability to absorb chakra, then use some of his tenant's chakra (from the more willing bijū, obviously) to power it and then the problem is solved.

If those seals are able to completely nullify all of Naruto's chakra, the legendary Rinnegan he possesses, the chakra of all of the bijū sealed within him, and Nature Chakra... well, I give up at that point.
SpencerDorman chapter 70 . 2/10
Even if Naruto is never able to /directly/ disable the link between the eyesight of his clones and himself, it should still be possible /indirectly/. By the way, ignore the part of my last review where I included disconnecting the eyesight between himself and his fake-summons if it is not even possible in the first place. I had remembered that the fake-summons all had aesthetic Rinnegan eyes, but I don't actually remember if their eyesight is connected or not.

If Naruto ever learns to deactivate his Rinnegan, which is possible considering the fact that Sasuke was able to do so in canon, then it is possible to create Shadow Clones without connected eyesight. By Naruto disabling his Rinnegan before he creates his Shadow Clones, he can create as many as he wants. Then, after all of the Shadow Clones are created, the original Naruto can reactivate his dōjutsu. Depending on how you want the specific mechanics to work, it may also be possible for the Shadow Clones to activate their Rinnegan after they were created.
If the activation of their dōjutsu after their creation connects their eyesight, then simply have the Shadow Clones keep their Rinnegan deactivated. This way makes it slightly easier for the original to spotted, as their different eyes will be a noticeable difference, even if a small one, however the use of Shadow Clones without the restriction of connected eyesight far out ways this downside.
If the activation of their dōjutsu after their creation doesn't connect their eyesight (you can think of it as because they weren't created with the Rinnegan activated, their eyesight isn't connected, nor will it be if they then turn their dōjutsu on), then Naruto can simply have his Shadow Clones activate their Rinnegan after their creation.
Either way, Naruto should be able to make Shadow Clones without their connected eyesight. He should definitely be able to make his clones without the shared eyesight ever existing between them (as in disabling it before he even creates them), but even if that isn't possible he should still be able to snip the eyesight connection between them after they were made.
I'm guessing that you made their eyesight connected so that Naruto wouldn't be able to abuse Shadow Clones in his training, but this obstacle shouldn't be insurmountable, it should be surpassable.
SpencerDorman chapter 68 . 2/10
I'm more of a person who wouldn't bow or give the "proper" respect to those who are "above" me in social status unless I actually felt that they were worthy of it. They could be the ruler of the goddamn universe, but if I didn't feel they were worthy of respect I wouldn't give it to them. I believe that respect isn't given to those with higher titles or statuses, but actually earned through one's actions.

I've been wondering, will Naruto ever receive or acquire any other dōjutsu? The Rinne Sharingan would be the most likely, because it is obviously the logical next-step. If you do go down this path, I think it would be cool if Naruto is eventually able to activate a Mangekyō Rinne Sharingan, and then possibly evolve that into an Eternal Mangekyō Rinne Sharingan. Honestly, however, the reason I want Naruto to have other dōjutsu is simply because I want him to have even more powerful chakra sight, and the only dōjutsu with such a thing are the Byakugan and Tenseigan (the latter evolves from the former, so it makes sense that the Tenseigan's chakra sight is either the same or possibly even better than the Byakugan). In Naruto's case, the Tenseigan path is just an extension of the Byakugan path, since his chakra would be all the Byakugan needs in order to gradually evolve into the Tenseigan. Anyway, if you do go down the Byakugan path, I would prefer something like a Rinne Byakugan (which would gradually evolve into a Rinne Tenseigan), as it keeps the powers of the Rinnegan yet would add the increased chakra seeing powers from the Byakugan, and eventually the awesome powers from the Tenseigan (once the Byakugan evolves into it).

The most awesome and overpowered scenario would be Naruto has one Rinne Tenseigan eye and one Eternal Mangekyō Rinne Sharingan eye, but, if I'm being realistic here, the most I expect for Naruto to ever actually achieve would be the Rinne Sharingan, mainly since the other dōjutsu don't actually exist.

I believe I've asked this before, but will Naruto ever be able to separate the eyesight of himself and his shadow clones/shadow summons? While the connected eyesight can be extremely advantageous, it can also be extremely disadvantageous, as it has mostly been so far.

Also, will Naruto ever be able to deactivate his Rinnegan eyes? At this point in the story, so far into it, it honestly would be weird if he did, but it would have its advantages of allowing Naruto to more easily hide and be inconspicuous. There is also the fact that Sasuke was able to do so in canon, even if it possibly took him up to two-years to do so (he accomplished the feat sometime during his two-years of travel), so it's not like the deactivation is impossible or anything.
SpencerDorman chapter 66 . 2/10
So it's not like the golden Rinnegan that Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki had, but the golden Rinnegan through Sage mode is still pretty cool.
SpencerDorman chapter 65 . 2/10
I don't know if that little scene is a hint to an actual future relationship between Haku and Tayuya, but if it is, then I totally guessed it, way back during their first few interactions.

What exactly does the gold Rinnegan mean (at least in your story)? I tried looking it up, but I couldn't find really anything; it just seems to be an aesthetic change only present in Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, but that could just be a lack of information, and either way it's up to you for your story.
Back when Naruto's Rinnegan became red and had 4 tomoe, I was thinking that it might have been a sign of an eventual transformation into a Rinne Sharingan, with it just being a partial transformation (he had 4 out of the 9 tomoe that the Rinne Sharingan had, just like how he had 4 out of the 9 Bijūs. Considering that the Jūbi is required to awaken the Rinne Sharingan, I had thought that the circumstances were close enough to at least start a partial transformation). This was obviously disproved when we found out that it was from the "Yami Naruto" and/or the Sharingan that was controlling the the Three-Tails that caused this change, but it was still an interesting thought. Still, I'm interested in this golden change.
SpencerDorman chapter 62 . 2/10
With your system of power (and it seems to be the one that I use, so I don't think I'll be needing to explain it, unless it turns out that we aren't actually using the same one), I would actually expect Gabi to be as powerful as Kurama currently is, since he is only at half power, with his Yin half being sealed within Minato, and himself only being the Yang half that is sealed within Naruto. Only being half of his full self would mean only half of his full power, which, if we are indeed using the same power system, would mean that Gabi and Kurama are at equal power levels currently. At full power, yeah there would be a major power difference, but Kurama isn't complete at the moment.

Is the Nature chakra counteracting the bijū chakra from canon? I don't see how it could possibly be, considering that the Tailed-Beast Sage Mode uses both Nature and bijū chakra in union, and the Six-Paths Sage Mode allows the same to be done if the user so chooses. Also, if the Sage is a jinchūriki, when harmony is achieved with his/her bijū tenant the gathering rate of Nature chakra drastically speeds up, to the point where a full recharge of it might only require a few seconds of standing still. None of these things would be possible if Nature chakra and bijū chakra truly responded to each other in the way that you have described.
SpencerDorman chapter 60 . 2/10
Personally, I don't really want people other than Naruto even learning senjutsu. It's just one of those things that I associate with Naruto, and I also like the special-ness that it gives Naruto, so I just prefer Naruto to be in a select group of this. I know it's weird, but I just like the main character to be as special as possible.
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