Reviews for Running Away
neobendium chapter 37 . 7/30
Can you have someone riding a Deathsong? I'm assuming u have seen episode 3 of race to the edge... Personally, besides the Stormcutter and Night Fury, the Deathsong is the best EVER
dicarten-ice chapter 37 . 7/28
once again, another awesome chapter from an amazing author. Seriously, this rocks! Can't wait for more!
Farming 101 chapter 37 . 7/27
That was awesome. Nice job! Keep it up!
Kallen21 chapter 37 . 7/27
I can't wait for the next chapter
Guest chapter 37 . 7/26
Great story please don't stop. After first starting I unsure but the characters really have shown through and I think your more current stuff has only gotta better and better. Please update once you can (:
multyfangirl17 chapter 37 . 7/26
i kinda want to come into this fanfic with a chariture that i made up awhile ago. though she and her dragon would almost turn this into a cross over. though maybe they might be able to help Toothless help Hiccup.
BowStringPrincess chapter 37 . 7/25
THAT WAS REALLY GOOD! I think that that might be my favorite chapter so far! I really like typhoon :)
Suezanne chapter 37 . 7/25
PhoebeHuntress chapter 37 . 7/25
This is really good! I love how you just emphasized the friends and equals versus horse and rider scenario. Your setups and interactions are very well done!
hiccup haddock Dragon chapter 37 . 7/25
Good chapter
MugetsuPipefox chapter 37 . 7/25
I really hope Hiccup can eventually (maybe after he returns again) show Camicazi what she seems to not understand. I know the dragons would appreciate it.
Great job!
Ultimateblack chapter 37 . 7/25
I feel that the story is progressing at a very slow pace. So far, many chapters have been fillers. I haven't found much foreshadowing or plot related points, but maybe that's just me being incompetent. Anyway, I hope that the plot will pick up soon...
thearizona chapter 37 . 7/24
So our pair will keep flying onwards and upwards. It's funny to see the difference in how hiccup treats the dragons and the bogs treat their dragons. Personally, I don't see how you could treat a dragon like a horse, a beast of burden, when they are so much smarter then that. It's all about loyalty. Well that's my rant on fictional characters and their fictional creatures. I can't wait for the next chapter! It looks to be a good one. Well, all your chapters are good, so it's not really fair to so that cause I know t will be a great chapter.
As always,
Keep up the amazing work!
spacefire06 chapter 37 . 7/24
I liked this chapter a lot and can't what for the next one
Guest chapter 37 . 7/24
By the end of book 11 Snotlout dies (having betrayed Hiccup to Excellinor (again) then having betrayed her to help Hiccup). He pretends to be Hiccup and charges the witches dragon forces on Windwalker. Everyone thinks Hiccup is dead not Snotlout. By the end of the book Alvin gets Toothless and retakes the other lost things, crossing onto the island of Tomorrow on the eve of the doomsday of Yule. Enjoy.
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