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zabani-chan chapter 24 . 4h
I don't normally do this (leave reviews before finishing all available chapters or, really, leaving reviews at all), but the end of this chapter just kinda bugged me a little.
When Hiccup and Valka met in this chapter, I was kinda hoping that she wouldn't be able to speak Dragonese, or, if she could, very little. I was looking forward to a Valka who wasn't perfect at everything when it came to dragons (I know, 20 yrs with them can teach someone a lot, but still).
I was a little excited to maybe seeing a story where Hiccup could do something with dragons that Valka couldn't, and it would be a way for them to bond.
I still love this story, but that part was a little disappointing. I'm still going to read this story, and continue to read it until it's finished, though.

Have a great day!
fersuremaybefersurenot98 chapter 32 . 5/25
I'd just like to say that I completely LOVE this story, and I'm sorry for not reviewing the earlier chapters, but HEY xP I read all 32 chapters in one day, and I'd say that deserves a high-five! Lol
Some parts may have gone a little slow, and others a little too fast (like the fight with the Red Death especially) but it's still overall enjoyable to read! I noticed a few grammar flaws, but as someone who makes the same mistake often, I can't complain. You're doing a great job! And although this sorry does have 32 chapters already, I am BOYOND RELIEF that it's not over yet. It's not close to being over is it?
I relate to the latest chapters in particular, and omg you made Hiccup's childhood seem so sad! That must've been horrible, and it almost made me cry when Valka was watching the kids and thinking about how that would've been Hiccup as a child. Aw. Poor thing. I relate really well to these chapters too, seeing as I myself have experience with depression and self-harm. Again, so sorry I didn't review the other chapters, but I was on a roll lol. I read most of your AN's and did I see that you're writing a novel?

A couple more things:
1) A lot of detail never hurts!
2) A bit of a breakdown never hurt either.
3) I was SO relieved and justified when Hiccup knocked Astrid to the ground after she tried kissing him. What a slut-bag! How dirty is that?! Telling someone "Oops! Sorry, I know I let the other kids torment you as a kid and never lifted a finger to help you, but I always sort of liked you. I was just shy, with my big old battle axe and sexy walk and sneering face." ...PLEASE don't tell me they get together! Dx
4) Giving your hero a break every once in a while might be very appreciated on their part.
5) You read the books? It seems like it, since you seem to know about Dragonese and the Outcasts (although the Outcasts are in the series also, and so is Gronkle Iron, or sis you just use Wiki?). So what about Camicazi? I'd totally love for her to be Hiccup's kick-ass girlfriend, if he even gets one in this story. (But maybe you HAVEN'T read the books, because you seemed like you may have been pretty clueless about things up until the release of the second movie.)
6) Not all stories need romance.
7) You know' I've been wanting to write a story with the Run-Away Hiccup theme as well, which is the reason I found this story. Kudos to you. It's awesome. You should drop by when I get MY story up and running.
8) My grandma had TB and has to be hospitalized for like 3 or 4 years when the epidemic was going around in the old days. That's about all I know, but I have had double pneumonia before and that kind of sucked. Neither of them are a particularly pleasant condition.
9) Not sure how I felt about the adoption at first, but they're good kids/ characters, if a little inactive, and I guess Fishlegs is alright. I still feel like Fishlegs is going to turn around with his diary or whatever and sell the info to people everywhere or something equally as treacherous. Don't know why, but I do. I still hate Astrid and Snotlout, and long for an intense confrontation with them in which Hiccup and Toothless kick ass.

Okay...there went my ridiculously long review! This might be the best review I've left...ever. I'd love to hear back from you, but that's cool if you can't get to me (I suppose). 700 reviews, after all. I know this is long, but come on, 32 chapters! The next one won't be so long, and I will eagerly be awaiting the next installment of this story...please, whatever you do, don't abandon it!

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guest chapter 1 . 5/14
What taking so long on the next chapter? Please update !.
Moonchaser the Night Fury chapter 32 . 4/20
Awesome chapter! Can't wait for some family 'bonding'.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/19
Book girl fan chapter 32 . 4/16
Well, I don't know anything abour that so I can't help. However, I can tell you this chapter was great, despite it's shortness, and it's good that Hiccup is getting his feelings out.
Angelic915 chapter 32 . 4/16
Great chapter, I can't wait for the next :)
MugetsuPipefox chapter 32 . 4/9
Well, destroying a rock with a hammer sounds like a fairly effective stress-reliever. But I can't imagine it would do away with the negative emotions completely. But I'm sure he's manage.

Well done!
QueenofHearts7378 chapter 32 . 4/9
Woo woo! 700th review! I really love your story and it makes me sooo happy when you update. Can't wait for Snoggletog! (I hope I spelled that right)
Midoriko-sama chapter 23 . 4/8
I can't read any further. I wanted to try to read to the end of what you have published before passing judgement, but two of your characters are so painfully OOC that I can't go on. You have good storyline going and I wish you luck, but for future work, please remember that the character and personality from the source material are best analysed through their motivations, and you have Astrid and Stoick's motivations completely wrong. I know this review is probably going to be met with fire and brimstone, becaus people on this website are not used to actual critical reviews, but there it is. Good luck, and try to work on your characters more.
decfair99 chapter 32 . 4/8
I love it! Don't stop!
Midoriko-sama chapter 20 . 4/8
What happened to Astrid? Why did you introduce that story line if you were going to do nothing with jt
Farming 101 chapter 32 . 4/7
Aww that was cute. Anticipation of upcoming snoggletog chapter is on the rise quickly, lol. Keep up the great work!
PhoebeHuntress chapter 32 . 4/7
Good chapter! I like your writing!
Destiel101 chapter 32 . 4/7
Great chapter, can't wait for the next one.
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