Reviews for Fruits Baskets Gone Wild
Princess Poptart243 chapter 6 . 10/5/2013
kyo no suck! I suck... his CENSORED
asami.clam chapter 2 . 8/31/2013
This made me laugh!
ScldHeart chapter 9 . 8/29/2013
keep writing just to awesome XD
mason chapter 9 . 8/8/2013
so confsed. really confused. I think I might go insane.
Mason chapter 6 . 8/7/2013
I am sad that kyo is dead. I am an angel, he has been granted a second chance.
The Sohma Family chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
This was strange...
The Bloody Red Queen Of Angst chapter 9 . 7/19/2013
*glomps you tightly, transfering some of Kyo's blood as I do so* And I LOVE you!

*giggles, then takes some of the blood from my cheek with my fingers and licks it*...mmmmmm... blood of the a$$ wonderful! xD
The Bloody Red Queen Of Angst chapter 8 . 7/18/2013
*falls to the floor gasping* And I thought I was the truly evil and demented one!

*grins evily at Kyo*...beheaded AND get that, a$$?!

My goodness...I just can't stop laughing. This is truly a work of evil genius! Thank you for continuing! xD
The Bloody Red Queen Of Angst chapter 7 . 7/18/2013
*rides off into the sunset on a hot pink moped with the bloody chain saw strapped to my back and Yuki sitting behind me holding onto my waist in his tutu...butterfly wings fluttering in the wind*

...and you just keep picturing THAT, Rainbowunicorn123! You continue to be my absolute hero! And...I day soon...I will repay you with a gift!
Princess Unicorn123 chapter 7 . 7/17/2013
what should i do next in this?
The Bloody Red Queen Of Angst chapter 6 . 7/17/2013 my hero...
*tackles you to the floor in a glomp*
...I love you... xD

I have truly enjoyed every moment of this epic story, and am very sad it is over. So...I think you are lying again about this being the last chapter *smiles at you*

P.S. Nicely done with Kyo...and Sir Mixalot! *raises bloody machette and flashes victory sign*
The Bloody Red Queen Of Angst chapter 5 . 7/17/2013 O.O Here I thought I was the only one that thought Akito was "Bootylious"

*just stares at Kyo's bloody dying body on the couch*...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ...a$$...
The Bloody Red Queen Of Angst chapter 4 . 7/17/2013
*falls to the floor gasping for air* Someone...*gasps*...calll... *gasps* 911! xD

P.S. Thanks for the ice cream truck. It made my entire week!
The Bloody Red Queen Of Angst chapter 3 . 7/17/2013
*snickers* I know that this is not the final chapter. I can see that there are two more! *grins* What type of fool do you take me for? xD
ScreamoFangirl chapter 5 . 7/17/2013
Omg awesome,just awesome
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