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Diyaa07 chapter 1 . 3/24
So first I have to get this out: OH MYYYY GODD! Just Holy F!
I absolutely adore this story, no shit here! I finished it in one night. Yesterday when I went to bed, I thought about relaxing a little, since I had an exam today and spent whole yesterday behind books. So I stumbled upon your story. I finished it at 4:15 AM - my exam was at 9:00 AM. So yeahhh, you get the picture xD
So I have this order to do things: anime - manga - fanfiction. When I finished the manga I started looking for fanfiction on this. And I have to say, I really like Junjou, I really do, but sometimes I get so irritated by Misaki. He's so shy and just ughh. Sometimes it's too much for me. I mean damnnn he obviously loves his Usagi-san, but he can't even express his feelings to him properly, but DOES continue to give others a wrong impression. I mean, come onnn, don't be so selfish. Akihiko (heheh I love his name) deserves and really needs a lottttt of love! Being japanese is NOT an excuse to not tell the person you love with all your soul and know loves you with everything he has, that you love him.
So to come to my point: I LOVEEEEEEEE the character you built for Misaki. He's sooo awesome here! It's just EXACTLYY how I like my characters; even though he is an uke, he doesn't have to be so shy and all that. He's pretty kick ass, even though he's a mental wreck, but he isn't overly shy and has this killer attitude I reaaalllyy like! And I just wanted to THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEARTTT, for the character of Misaki, reallyyy, you don't know how much I needed this! 3
And ur story is just amazing (again!). The love, the drama, the suspence, the tragedy... just the feeeeelsssss 3 It loved it! Just that little Mahiro drama and Sebastian showing up...that just made it. The fandom references were soo great! I kind of was surprised that Misaki forgave Isaka soo quick. I mean I reallyy hated him the second he showed his face in chapter 13. Oh and not to get started on Takahiro and Manami... Secretly I had been hoping for a tragic ending. Not with Mahiro dying or something, but maybe with a mental instable-aylum admitted Misaki and a lonely and left behind-single parent Akihiko (I know, I'm horrible!, but I really am a fan of that kind of endings) Ur ending did it too for me though, and that surprised me. It's still a bit open with Mahiros condition and stuff, but it's still finished.
I just had to get that out, sorry if it's too long ;P I Review very rarelyy...
Keep it up and THANK YOU!
InfinitePanicAttacks33 chapter 16 . 1/29
It is literally 2:00 AM where I live right now, and I have to get up for school in four hours. That is just how much I love your story. The whole thing is so twisted, and the entire murder scene with Misaki was so dark and sad! He actually planned it and everything! I guess it's because as a kid he felt he had no choice, and that must've seemed like it'd be easy before he actually did it. Did he think it'd end fast like "boom-It's done"? He ended one thing, but didn't realize just how big the consequences would be. That part of the story impacted me the most because it's kind of like everything could've been avoided, but sadly, the events that ended up happening were the cause of having not done so. That made me really sad. Poor Misaki. :( Though the blame would lie on all of them (Takahiro for not doing anything, Misaki for going...overboard, the mom for not having done something for herself), I feel like in the end it was mostly the dad's fault. Maybe the guy WAS insane and needed medical help, but rather than seek it, he started to hurt his son. The whole thing with Usagi and Misaki was pretty big too. Despite everything that happened, Usagi remains loving Misaki. The part when he burnt the journal made me wonder though. Why'd he do it? Because he wanted to let go of the past once and for all? Did he not want his thoughts with the current Misaki of now to be altered? Or did he simply want Misaki to LET IT GO and quit worrying about the stuff he's done? The whole story had so much put into it! It's seriously so hard to organize my thoughts and opinions about it! You're one of the rare authors who can put a lot of drama, but not make it overboard. You seem pretty interested in this type of plot-line, so I wanted to recommend this other story I read that's similar. I forgot the name (I know, I suck), but the author is shuusetsu and it's the same summary, except that in that story, Misakai is getting tried and Usami is his lawyer. I dunno if you'd like it, but I thought I'd still mention it. Also, the scene with Misaki and Takahiro admiting that they hate each other was really cool. I mean, I don't know if I should be thinking that considering they're brothers and all, but I liked it. They'd always had that "wall" between them where they're pretending to go on with life like good old loving brothers, yet deep inside they knew none of it was true. I feel like that might've broken the biggest barrier between them. Not in the, "We've made up" type of way. More like the, "We can stop Lying to each other" way. When Misaki was eight, he was still naive and tried saving the relationship a bit with that promise, but come on. We all knew that wasn't going to last no matter how much they pretended. The stuff was a pretty big deal. Anywho, I got to sleep before I pass out so sorry for any mistakes while typing. I am legit falling half asleep right now. Sorry for the rant! I just felt this story was so good, I had to let it out. I'll probably be thinking about it for days.

PPS. I'm really hoping Mahiro lives for a long time! I can't handle the blame Misaki feels, or the pain Mahiro does when he goes into he stupor.

Okay, bye for reals.i have school in a few hours.

BerryBerryBlitz chapter 16 . 12/16/2014
I loved this story so much... It was so very amazing and fun to read the perfect balance of humour, angst and all other awesomeness combined I'm really sad that this story is finished great work!
Yin Rivers chapter 16 . 12/2/2014
IlOvEmUsIcAnDyAoI chapter 16 . 10/29/2014
OMFUCKINGG! I usually dont like multi chapter fics because they lose character traits, the plot gets stupid, or the author just quits (I'm on hiatus right now cuz of my lack of computer) but I lived this! I read it in one day it was that fucking good. I was actually wondering, if you had to do a different epilogue, how long did you plan to let Mahiro live for? Cause it would be really cool if he lived long enough to have a few kids but probably not likely. With a girl like.. Masakis shoulda-woulda-coulda sister (I forgot her name). Anyway AMAZING story. The emotions, plot, and characters were all absolutely perfect.
SpencerTara chapter 15 . 10/11/2014
OMG, THIS WAS BOTH SO EMOTIONAL AND SO AMAZING! You've inspired me to write NOVELS on Junjou Romantica and I'm serious as can be! I love this soo much and i can't wait to see more from you! I never thought I'd love something so dark, deep and thrilling and yet angst-y .
Timeless Writing chapter 16 . 10/10/2014
Ahhhhhh, you just put everything I could have ever wanted into an epilogue!Seriously, this is amazing! I can't believe I follow you. Like, you're a freaking God/Goddess!
BabyDoll98 chapter 16 . 10/9/2014
OMG this story was truly beautiful. I always tell the truth about my thoughts and my opinions and I totally loved this story. There has only ever been two other fanfics thats has alot of chapters in them that I really enjoyed and your fanfic was another one on my list. I'd like to say thank you and I hope this encourages you to continue im waitin on your next story
TechSavvy123014 chapter 16 . 10/8/2014
Wow. Just...Wow. I can't believe that it's really, really over. Where should I begin for this review?
First of all, I really love the interactions between Misaki and Mahiro! The kid's just too cute for his own good I swear. I also enjoyed Misaki being so loving and motherly to Mahiro-Ah! So cute!- He would be such a good parent.
I couldn't believe that Takahiro and Manami thought it was okay to just give Mahiro up like that. Ugh, that pissed me off so much. Especially the fact that they even already had signed adoption papers made me even more pissed off.
Another thing that I enjoyed was when Takahiro called to make it official that he wasn't coming back and how Misaki let him have it. It saddens me a bit though knowing that the two won't have a good relationship and will possibly never talk to eachother again. But the fact that Misaki had said that he hated Takahiro, only for him to say it back, made realize that it's better this way.
I really, really liked the fact Misaki was willing to let Usagi read what he wrote in the journal. It was like opening the much darker and more closed off spaces in his mind. Which of course resulted in Usagi burning it but in a way, that was probably also for the best considering what was written is in the past.
Seeing Kaoruko and Sebastian made me smile so much, including the fact that they would be staying in Japan (which reminded me that Book Of Circus was amazing. Now I'm waiting on Book of Murder.)
Finally, the ending. Everything tied up extremely well and the last few sentences were probably the best sentences to use.
I personally don't think this story needs a sequel as it ended in a good way but I'm a little sad knowing that this is how it ends but hey, all good stories have to end.
Wow this probably one of the longest reviews I've ever written xD. I'm happy that you rewrote this epilogue even though your laptop crashed. That's gotta suck balls.
Anyways, I'm glad I read this! I really enjoyed the roller coaster ride this story put me through (I'm not even exaggerating when I say that either lol).
Keep writing such amazing stories!
MonyMoon98 chapter 1 . 10/6/2014
Hey :)
Lol I know this is random, but I saw you had 199 reviews and it really irritated me so I had to make it 200. SO yeah :P
Love your story
Lovely Bunny-chan chapter 16 . 10/5/2014
*sniffle* It's ended for reals. D: *sniffle*
I just... I ... *starts crying*

I'm gonna miss this story sooooo so so much! I'ma die. D: Takahiro was so stupid for leaving his child behind. Though, I'm not complaining, it's very cute Usagi and Misaki now have a child. I was secretly hoping Takahiro didn't come back from his honeymoon as soon as I found out that they had gone on it. At the same time, I was hoping Manami wasn't mean enough to leave her child behind. I guess she was. It does make sad to know that Misaki is gonna have to care for a child that could die any moment. u.u

That one scene though, where Takahiro and Misaki were giving each other's "I hate you", made me so happy for some reason. Not sure if it was supposed to... o.o It was mostly because if you replaced "I hate you" with "I love you", it would flip the situation upside down. And so I reread it, and I thought it was funny. I'm just easily amused by simple things. I was also glad that Takahiro and Manami were't coming back because, by that point, I was so done with them. You don't just leave a child behind! DX

SEBASTIAN IS BACK! And so is Kaoruko, but mostly Sebastian. Just felt like I had to point that out. :D

Once again, I thank you for taking your time to write this story and even add an epilogue. Not sure if my review made any sense, but...
A Stalker chapter 16 . 10/3/2014
yay! i love the whole warm happy family thing, some things just need a happy ending, and by some i mean all. honestly i didnt like takahiro for the entire story but this gave me a good reason to hate him. i could forgive him for not helping misaki as a kid because its an overwhelming situation, but leaving your kid is just wrong, its against human nature. i didnt really understand why usagi burned the journal though. was it so that they could leave the past behind? did he even read it? i realy enjoyed you story even though you were mostly done by the time i started reading it, but that just means i didnt have to wait for updates!
Visitor chapter 16 . 10/2/2014
Ok I expected to come to it maybe see Usagi-san and Misaki go on a honeymoon and stuff and stuff. But wow that was something truly something. I loved it! Still brings my perspective on Takahiro super low though. Oh I wanted to flip a table when you hinted that something was wrong. But the moments when takashi and Usagi and Mihro (adorable little one) have their moments together are just precious. They make a good family. wow truly this was a good epilogue to end it all.

SEBASTIAN GUEST APPEARANCE WAS A WONDERFUL TOUCH! I FANGIRL SO HARD WHEN I READ THAT! YESSSS! *wink* still imagining perhaps drunk party night with a usagi x misaki x Sebastian play happening. Lol oh man, this was a wonderful read I can't get enough saying that. You truly did well with weaving this story together.
Thanks for the dedication and the work. *standing ovation* Bravo!
Till next time.
Visitor chapter 15 . 10/2/2014
Oh my gosh I am late with reviewing this how shame for me. Darn! So its over now. Marvelous job *applause* this was definitely a interesting story to read and one I intend to revisit so long as it stays on the internet. I was grinning like Cheshire cat when Misaki got the news that Raiden was still alive. I would practically skipped down the hospital hall to that room to end him. Wonderful way to end it so that Misaki could finally get the closure that he needed. And finally was able to tell the tragedies that had been happening to him all this time. Once again you did wonderful with this.

Oh and just something a little extra, if you are into the kuroshitsuji stage plays, they are doing Jack the ripper arc Stage play for kuroshitsuji so look for it on youtube probably by the end of this year.

Thank you for writing this story, these fanficitions truly do make my day, and keep my imagination turning at times. They are wonderful reads to wonder individuals who have awesome minds to come up with this stuff.

Whelp I hope to stumble upon another story done by you in the future.
On to the epilogue.
Till next time.
EVIL GummyBear LOVE chapter 16 . 10/2/2014
Although I am kinda sad to see that it's finally over, I really liked how it ended.
Throughout the whole thing I pretty much expected Mahiro to die, even when it seemed like it was okay. I know you're somewhat of a sadist so I can really out anything passed you lol but alas he didn't die so I guess that okay too
I like how you incorporated the last scene of the season into the ending, I always enjoy making readers have little "I remember that" moments even if it didn't happen exactly how it was written. But that's what makes it different amirite.
It's always nice to see Sebastian back in action so of course i was like ohhhhhh yiiiis when you introduced him back in :)
So Takahiro ended up being a huge asshole and part of me wanted Misaki to kill him off too but I know that wasn't going to happen, so I guess cutting him out if his life is good justice too. BUT UGH HE MADE ME SO ANGRY WITH WHAT HE (AND MINAMI) DID AND WHAT HE SAID AND UGH I WANTED TO PUNCH HIM IN HIS LITTLE CHILD ABANDONING FACE but Misaki handled it well even though it was his own brother telling him he ruined his life and is pretty much worthless. The whole "I hate you I promise" thing was pretty cool and unorthodox c:
Oh and of course, as I said before, the part with the traffic light and Akihiko was cool cos that was the moment Fuyu was just like "ohhhh so THATS why huehuehuehue" lol even though he's a complete dumbass.
Anyway, this is the second time I had to write this review cos I accidentally erased the first one like 2 days ago and was too annoyed to try again til now soooooo I dunno if everything I wanted to say but I thiiink that's all
Besides this being a great story of course. :))) I would say sequel but I won't pressure you lel
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