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Nerea869 chapter 32 . 7/14
I like this story. Don't have so much to say. Some characters don't catch my attention neither in the show or here.
I just want to Courtney and Duncan to be together

Sorry for my english
Knifez chapter 32 . 7/13
Interesting chapter! I loved DJ’s and Duncan’s strategies.

I can’t see either Trent or Cody going...if only for the gender imbalance. Seeing Trent without Gwen would be interesting too. My money is on Gwen.

I’m also glad Izzy is gone. You know I didn’t care for her role in the story. I’m definitely interested to see how this next challenge pans out, especially with all the changes you said you made.
FOWLKON chapter 32 . 7/10
I hope Heather bails him out, then seriously chews him out for his principles, mostly because I want my theory of his elimination in the Horror-movie challenge to be true (Mostly because I want to see him return the favor to Heather by sacrificing himself for her). My theory is that he'll white knight himself to save a girl from danger, and now I think that girl will be Heather instead of Gwen.
StayOuttaMyShed chapter 32 . 7/9
Hey, new chapter. Seems I picked a good time to recently get into the story. It also looks like the prediction that Owen would try, and fail, to oust Heather was an accurate one. Izzy's reasoning for the blockage was fair enough, and since I wasn't really feeling it too much with her I can't say I'm upset about the decision for her to go. Though between them being eliminated together and Trent potentially getting eliminated next chapter, that was an earlier end for the returnees as a whole than I was expecting.

Another short and sweet challenge this time around it seems, largely due to DJ getting half of the crew immunity in one fell swoop. An interesting choice for sure, I can see how it was necessary for nearly everyone to be immune to cause the love triangle bottom three, but as a result it kind of gave those girls the short end of the stick for screen time, Leshawna especially. But I did enjoy what we saw from Courtney and Duncan a lot, it's cool to see a glimpse at the "nice guy Duncan" attribute. Gwen and Trent's assisted hunting was also a nice choice.

So since it seems no groups are interested in booting Gwen, either Trent or Cody gets the axe next. Damn, these dudes just keep dropping and dropping. That being said, I would predict that Trent gets the boot even if he only just recently returned. The cliffhanger of Heather needing to up her price to help Cody almost seems too major for her to not even be able to cash in on it if he gets eliminated instead of Trent. And come on, Cody's just the more interesting character of the two. Despite winning a challenge and being part of the current main couple, Trent doesn't really feel like he's doing much. As I was writing this I was about to say I don't think he even had a line this chapter until remembering the chase with Shawn. It seems Heather now has to convince DJ to vote for Trent despite DJ already feeling they're even, so that should make for an interesting scene. Things could potentially backfire and Cody gets eliminated instead, but because he's the more interesting of the two in this story, I'll predict that Trent is done.

Now the bike challenge will be an interesting one. The episode is infamous for its convoluted rules and elimination, so it should be fun seeing how that's altered. And since that's the canon episode where Lindsay goes off on Heather, and Heather's alliance is starting to feel a bit too powerful with the three of them and Cody as an on and off again ally, I feel like Katie or Lindsay will be facing the music next. We haven't seen too much of people being eliminated in their canon eliminations, but Katie does still feel like the bigger character of the two, so I'm kind of expecting Lindsay to get the boot again. But that elimination won't happen next chapter, so that can be speculated on further next time. For now, I'm just looking forward to seeing how you tweak the challenge itself.
freshcreationgarden chapter 32 . 7/9
Well done on the twist elimination.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 32 . 7/9
Excellent updating, and cool touch about making Robocop and Duncan related.

And yeah, Owen definitely needs to see a doctor, concerning his digestive issues.

Also, cool idea with DJ's strategy. That was pretty clever.

Keep the good writing.
John Spangler chapter 32 . 7/9
A lot of things surprised me about this chapter. Izzy jumping in to protect Heather, DJ's performance in the challenge, and Duncan showing his soft side with the wolf (what a cute scene!). The ending worries me, though. What does Heather mean with "the price has gone up"? Well, I guess we'll have to wait the next chapter to find out.
sdgeek chapter 32 . 7/8
Was the elimination a tad bit disappointing? Yes, but if Owen and Izzy bore no relevance to the plot why keep them in.

The challenge was enjoyable to read: I didn't like how easily the majority of the campers won but I'm not the author and you control the plot and it's arc, so no complaints here. I did like Chef communicating with Gwen and Trent, and later Cody on catching the remaining campers: made it more believable. I enjoyed the strategy some of the campers took too, primarily Cody and Courtney, showed they (and you for that matter) took time thinking up of their hiding spots. (Or the little time they did have.)

Back on track of the love triangle, I see Cody (sadly) being eliminated out of the three. He already has four votes stacked against him (Leshawna, Gwen, Trent, and him himself), and I want to say Katie was allying with Gwen (I remember Gwen and Katie having multiple conversations, though they could've all been about the wendigo and necklace) and Katie hoping Heather won't find out of her betrayal. So this leaves 5 votes for Cody, and Trent with a maybe 5? (Heather and Lindsay are guaranteed to be 2 votes against him, and Courtney and Duncan may follow suit. Duncan could vote for Cody after his chase though, seeing him as a more formidable opponent than he previously thought. DJ is a wild card)

I'm hoping Trent is the one voted out though, and he's could easily be. Cody still has a guaranteed four votes, there's no chance of that squad changing their votes. Now Trent has a guaranteed two votes, and could easily have more stacked against him with the he has knowledge that we don't argument. Throw that in with him and Gwen having an obvious but not official alliance and that's good enough reasoning for Courtney, Duncan, and maybe DJ to vote for him. Katie could vote with Heather if my memory proves to be wrong, so that's 6-4 in Cody's favor.

I would continue speculating on potential votes but this is too long as it is, so I'll be finishing here, with hopes that Cody slides into Off the Chain
StayOuttaMyShed chapter 31 . 6/27
Welp, I'm all caught up. And needless to say I didn't see a lot of this coming.

Guess I'll start on the returnees. Trent was obviously an easy prediction, so I wasn't at all surprised to see him back. Owen, meanwhile, was a much more surprising choice. Now that I've caught up I've been able to look through other reviews, and like others seemed to think, I was definitely expecting Noah to continue his storylines with Katie and Cody. Owen can definitely be a funny guy when used properly, and as I now know he was basically here to be the Eva "out almost immediately after returning" so I guess it doesn't do much harm. I suppose as long as Katie is eliminated prior to the Playa Des Losers episode we can get some followup to her and Noah.

The new version of the brunch with Monty Python-heavy references was a fun choice, though the tie breaker seems like it would have been one legal might have vetoed regardless. I enjoyed the scene with the cheese and Owen's donut freakout in particular, but the frog scene was also fun. The twist with Zeke using the reward opportunity to see please from everyone was really cool and I liked how it showed his gameplay side. Unfortunately, I was surprised at his choice to go with Heather and that was obviously there to bite him in the butt. But before we get there, we had him getting to third base while Courtney had to almost see.

I'ma keep it real with you, chief. I'm not sure if I'm digging this Izzy return. For one, she seemed almost a little too powerful in the following challenge with the medication helping her focus and be less off the wall. I don't really mind there being an age difference, but it makes her scenes with Ezekiel and later DJ kind of odd. Like sure, they're legal, but with them being teens and Izzy apparently about 30 it definitely paints her in a strange light. I do like that she was let back in on the stipulation that she can't win, but that kind of makes the point when she does get eliminated kind of a waste since she's ineligible regardless.

The Hercules challenge was really cool and I liked it replacing the canon version. I enjoyed the use of eliminated contestants and interns, Scarlett is quickly becoming one of the most interesting interns of the corps, especially now with Ella leaving her mortal coil and Dawn peacing out. Jasmine and Ennui are also welcome additions for sure. On that note, I'm sad to see Scott and Dave beef it. Scott is a favorite of mine, so even if he didn't really show much personality here outside of being a medic I was hoping for some more from him. Dave obviously never showed up, but with his personality he could have had some interesting interactions. Sky did go to makeout with the Playa dudes to show off Ella's powers after all, that could have led to some mental hits for him had he retained his crush on her here. One thing I did find odd was how spread out the challenges were. Not a big deal for the readers, but I'd imagine it was a chore for the contestants. Normally Chris could say making them walk around was part of the fun, but since Chris himself had to follow them around he was only giving himself more work. That aside, it was cool to see Owen shine in the challenge and I was cool with Trent winning. He's still kind of lowkey thus far so it was a good moment for him.

And then we have the elimination. Needless to say, I did NOT see Ezekiel's elimination coming at all. With the dudes dropping like flies both pre and now post merge, I definitely expected him to be around longer since, in my opinion, he seemed to be the male with the most plot of the cast. You could argue Cody surpasses him and MAYBE Duncan, but I feel like I've seen more out of Zeke than those two, especially since a lot of the scenes for those two are "Gwen/Courtney lemme smash." I'll admit, it was painful having to see Courtney watch Zeke pull off the hat trick, I was really starting to root for the two and wanted to see the payoff for the storyline. Especially since Duncan is his other closest friend and has admitted to liking Courtney. It would have been interesting to see how he'd react to Zeke and Courtney becoming an item. The elimination made sense, but I'm still bummed and surprised to see Ezekiel go. But if anything, it's made me fully turn on DJ and root for his downfall.

Speaking of which, DJ does at least seem to be becoming more plot heavy to justify him staying over his rival. It seems Dawn has given him lingering powers to soothe animals, which is interesting but kind of gives him an unfair advantage, but I'm hoping he gets eliminated again in the horror challenge so if that happens he won't reach the challenge where that would really come into affect. I also like how we got more light flirting from Heather to Cody and trying to get him on her side since that plotline kind of went silent for a bit. It's also cool to see her attempted seduction with Trent backfiring. I'd imagine that will make her public enemy number one for a while, but there's a string of challenges coming up that makes it possible for her to survive for a while. In general I liked the treasure hunt. It was a much calmer, shorter challenge compared to the Hercules trials but that's to be expected with how massive the later was. I especially enjoyed Duncan dueling with Jasmine and how Owen handled the bear.

On that note, while I won't miss him much, he's already filled his returnee role, man did Owen get unfairly screwed with that elimination. Even if it was random draw, that almost worse than how Chris screwed over Beth. As for his plague throw, I can't help but think his throw will be unsuccessful or he won't hit his target. Since Leshawna spread the word it would make the most sense that he'd aim for Heather since he has no beef with anyone, so taking her down with him would be the most he could do for the others. But there's no way Heather is getting taken down in such an anti climatic way, especially since Lindsay hasn't had her moment to tell her off yet. I don't know if his throw will simply miss, if it will hit and Chris will make good on his promise to protect Heather like he did Gwen as foreshadowed earlier, or if it'll just hit someone else all together for one reason or another. I could see it maybe hitting Leshawna or Katie somehow, and Izzy I'd say is the most expendable, though it would seem weird to axe two returnees at once. Guess we'll see when the next chapter arrives.

It was fun catching up and this has been a good read. With Ezekiel gone, I think I'm now most rooting for Courtney. I like her most of the remaining cast and feel she's been more layered than the likes of Gwen or Cody. Trent hasn't impressed me much since returning, but I liked how he handled Heather's attempted fuckery so that showed promise. Duncan and Katie are pretty cool but I can't see either going the full distance. Leshawna and Izzy are supporting characters that can't have too much in the tank, and I fell like Lindsay's elimination is imminent. Heather, as our main antagonist, is likely sticking around, and I'll be actively rooting AGAINST DJ. So yeah, Team Courtney for now.
StayOuttaMyShed chapter 24 . 6/26
I'd say this is as good a spot as any to continue reviewing since there's been another two boots and some fairly notable scenes. Can't say I expected my prediction of Ella beefing it coming true this early, nor did I anticipate what was going to become of it. I do kind of wonder how the Storyteller has detailed knowledge of some of these scene that she wasn't a part of and would't have seen from the show itself since something like DJ and Dawn talking to Spirit Ella definitely wouldn't have been in an episode. I guess everyone would be able to talk about the events of the season together after the fact, they definitely make for interesting stories as proven by her recounting it all to her son.

The boot camp chapters were definitely a trip, largely due to the party scene. Using the radiation sickness as a reasoning to go to using Ella's powers was a good setup, and things are moving along with the Courtney and Ezekiel plotline in interesting ways. I guess DJ's plan is to make Courtney turn on him due to not wanting to get distracted? An odd strategy, kind of hoping it comes back to bite him. Back to Ella, it was a bit of a bizarre scene and seeing Tyler trying to get the "High Score" as it were could only make me think about how Eva would probably kick his shit in over it. But sure enough that was addressed with the elimination. Deciding to cause a second makeout orgy was an interesting solution to not having Justin, Trent, or Eva hold any grudges. Potentially makes things double the awkward, but I guess it makes everything fair and square.

Beth's elimination by Chris sabotage was fun touch, it adds some extra drama to have Chris actively messing with the elimination order to fit his agenda, though I do wonder if it was even necessary. Like yeah, Beth brought them beer and was tight with Alejandro, but he seems to be on mostly good terms with pretty much everyone and she was still one of the worst in the challenge. The only alternative I could have seen them voting off was Tyler, but since he gets booted in the next episode and Beth likely wouldn't have changed the outcome of that challenge, she seemed doomed to be booted regardless. But still, it made for a nice twist to make Chris even slimier. As a Beth/Zeke shipper I was enjoying how Beth seemed to start giving Courtney competition over the ship she wasn't even aware of being in, but I guess it wasn't meant to go beyond what we got.

As for the Extreme Sports Challenge, I enjoyed the changes made to it to compensate for the lack of B plot. Cody was definitely a star in the challenge, both for the chicken fight performance and his scene with Lindsay. DJ also got some much needed new intrigue with how Dawn has seemed to take a liking to him for their shared love of animals. At least that's what it seemed to be potentially leading to if Perola's teasing was to be taken seriously. I like how Dawn tried to make DJ chill about the Zeke thing, but it didn't seem to change his mind, so I'm sure that'll come to a climax soon. On that note, it's pretty interesting seeing Dawn's more sassy side, and even her mentioning her pissed off side here. I usually see people depict Dawn as fairly straightforward and happy, never really making her venture much into more negative emotions, so it's cool to see her more layered here. Lot of personality for just a mere intern.

Tyler's elimination was both a surprise and not. A surprise at first because I was expecting a female elimination to balance the gender ratio for the next challenge, expecting either Leshawna or Lindsay to get the axe, but it made sense with the reveal at the end that the returnees are coming now. With that in mind, yeah, it was pretty obvious. I love Tyler, he's a funny and criminally underrated character, and he had a good run here. But he was just low on plot compared to the rest of the group, a true under the radar character, so his elimination always seemed to be coming sooner rather than later. I think the group we have was the best choices for mergers.

So two male returnees, eh? While it would continue to greatly outnumber the poor Muskies, I can't see them bringing back Tyler or Geoff, and as much as I wish she could I don't think Dawn can bring Harold back to life. So my predictions before reading the next chapter would be Trent and Noah. Trent is an obvious pick with Gwen starting to gradually open up more to Cody, that has drama written all over it. As for Noah I recall the Storyteller telling Brett to be patient when he was bummed about Noah not getting to reveal his feelings to Katie, and since Noah had a bit of a bogus elimination due to the out of his hands bee stings, it would make sense for him to now be good to go and ready to return. But I suppose I'll find out if I'm right or wrong in the next chapter.
StayOuttaMyShed chapter 20 . 6/21
I've kept meaning to write a review as I continue to read along, figured this was as good a spot as any.

Reading this has been on my To Do list for a while, but I haven't really been able to sit down and read some stories for a while now. But I was really in need of reading something at work the other day during down time and here we are. To get it out of the way, I gotta say the use of ending on cliffhangers rather than the end of an episode like most similar stories would do is extremely effective as someone just now diving into the story. Makes it hard to stop reading when you end a chapter and think "Well damn now I need to see where this goes."

I do like the structure of this being presented as a story told to the son of one of the contestants. I like the input we get from Brett and his mom, honestly wouldn't mind seeing more of it, but I'd imagine using it too much would make it grow old. The mystery of who the storyteller is is a fun thing to ponder. At first I was thinking it could be Bridgette, but after her early boot I'm thinking Heather or Katie.

It's nice seeing the shifted tone of the story, and I was surprised that it wasn't made too far into darker territories to fit the more dramatic tone. It was a pleasant surprise to see more of the more cartoony/light hearted elements of the original version retained than I expected. It strikes a good balance, feeling faithful to the original while being different enough without being too serious or gloomy.

Seeing the differences in characters for this version has been fun. As someone who's favorite character in canon is Harold, it was a bit of a bummer seeing him be the one made an example of to show off how dangerous the show really is. I was pretty curious to see how his type of character would have meshed with the new tone. But I suppose the role had to go to someone. Meanwhile, while I'm admittedly biased towards the guy, I'd say Ezekiel is easily my favorite character of this cast thus far. Love what's being done with him and how he interacts with the others, especially Courtney. It's definitely one of my favorite depictions of the character I've seen. Katie and Sadie have also been stars for a large portion of the story, and it was pretty tough seeing Sadie go after her near death scene in the camping challenge. As far as the other lesser developed in season one characters go, Cody has also been pretty fun. Noah I was kinda hoping to see more of and Beth kind of went silent for a bit following the early chapters, but it seems she's coming back. Tyler has been pretty under the radar prior to this reveal with him and Eva, but I did at least enjoy that reveal.

As for the others, Heather has definitely been a fun character, sticking pretty close to her canon self. She still kind of gets away with more than you'd think her team would allow, but it's given better reasoning for her to survive how she does here. Trading out Beth for Katie and Sadie in her alliance was a logical choice and I've liked how her alliance has played out with these changes. Gwen has been cool, kind of meh for me sometimes but she's had some definite standout moments. Courtney has been one of my favorites throughout the story, and I've liked what's been done with Duncan, making him more vulgar and insensitive to fit the shift in tone. DJ's kinda been lackluster for me, with only his dislike of Ezekiel seeming to be of note, and Lindsay has been mostly outshined by the twins, especially after Justin's elimination, but she's still funny when she gets her time. And that just leaves Leshawna of the survivors, who's been fine. Pretty close to her canon self with some French added in here and there. As for eliminated contestants, I don't have too much to say about those not already mentioned, they all seemed to be pretty much fodder for their roles. The exceptions for me were Eva and Izzy, who were both really entertaining while still in, but I think they were eliminated at the right respective times.

The choice to make interns incorporate characters from ROTI and PI was a bit of an odd choice at first since those casts are obviously younger than Gen 1 in canon, but it makes for some fun cameos of sort when the named interns appear. Alejandro's presence as a sort of inside informant is really cool and Dawn's chapter was great, so it's a welcome choice even if I'm bummed to see Jo and Lightning die so early. The interns being expendable red shirts that can die at any time in general definitely feels a lot more brutal here than it was on the show, but I suppose a lot of that comes from the interns consisting of people we know here. It did feel like they were apparently dying a bit too fast early on, but it feels like they've been more toned down lately after the Boney Island chapter, which is nice to see those cameos. Felt like there was some definite foreshadowing that Ella is gonna beef it, though.

In general, the dangers of the show do come across a bit odd sometimes. The way we went from Harold being eaten alive to a tickle shakedown immediately after was a bit odd, and you'd think those on the cliff would have been a bit more hesitant after being shown definite proof that they could easily die. Then we had Beth feeling guilty over the needless deaths of interns when talking to Alejandro, only to be more or less unphased after the stage fire she helped cause killed two of them. I was honestly really surprised that she wasn't more broken up about that. The mentions of legal by Chris in the most recent challenge were also a bit more odd in this new series of events, though perhaps more amusing as a result. I'm sure Harold's loved ones are wondering where the hell legal was when they gave the OK to put sharks in the water for the first challenge.

That of course brings up Chris, who'd had his sadistic side seemingly turned up full blast now with how uncaring he treats Harold's death and Ezekiel's supposed death. It's interesting, and it's definitely entertaining most of the times, but it does almost feel a bit much sometimes. But that's not even inaccurate to canon Chris, so no harm there. On the flip side, Chef is probably one of the most likable characters in the story and he makes a great opposite to Chris since Chef's better sides are more apparent in this version as a balance. I'm especially excited to see how the psycho killer challenge unfolds in this AU with this version of Chef.

I guess the last thing for me to want to comment on is how the story is written. I'm not at all surprised to see how well written and detailed everything in the story is given your experience compared to the average user on the website, but it doesn't take away from how enjoyable of a read it makes for. Some of the best humor and entertainment comes from seeing how unique things and events are described. Even some of the most seemingly unimportant or minor events can be made interesting just from how they're described in detail. And at the same time I enjoy how the fluff of repetition is cut out using the reoccurring "Nothing would be gained by repeating it here." On that note, I also enjoy seeing all of the insertions of different literature and excerpts to go along with certain scenes. I'll admit, most of them go over my head during the first read through, but I'm sure that's something you anticipated knowing what the majority of the Total Drama Fandom demographic is like. But despite missing a lot of the references, it makes reading the explanations for them at the end of the chapter interesting. If I had to nitpick anything out of the writing, sometimes certain reoccurring descriptors for characters kind of irked me. Stuff like Heather as dragon girl and Katie/Sadie as bobsey twins. No particular reason why, I guess they just didn't really click for me, so seeing them so often made them click less. But that's about all I can think of when I try to reach for nitpicks.

Overall, this is a really entertaining read and I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest. I'll be rooting for Zeke for the time being, even if I can't see him being a finalist, and I'm excited to see what's next.
K chapter 31 . 4/2
This is pretty awesome to read, keep up the good work
The Fat Albert chapter 31 . 1/20
Wow what a twist I wasn't expecting
I honestly believe he's gonna throw it at Heather but miss and hit someone else
Cant wait to see who
SilentSinger948 chapter 31 . 1/17
Very interesting twist with the elimination. Sad to see Owen go. I wonder who he'll take with him.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
Knifez chapter 31 . 1/16
Interesting. I'm bummed to see Owen eliminated so soon but it's cool he's taking someone with him. I WOULD say he's throwing at Heather and that Cody intercepts, but with so few men and so many women I can't see that happening.

Perhaps Lindsay gets put in the way by Heather?

Anyways, should be an exciting conclusion. It's a shame we have to wait so long for the next installment. I suspect the long update times is a major factor in this story not being one of the most popular all-time in the fandom.
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