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FOWLKON chapter 30 . 12/12
I did not foresee Ezekiel getting eliminated like that, but maybe that's why I was expecting LeShawna to get the boot, because it would be a blindside as well. But, because of Zeke's parting, I believe DJ is now officially on the clock. Duncan's incredulous reaction of it being over the death of a pet was indeed noteworthy, men have killed for less.

But now it begs the question, who's next?
Eagles - 6 - Heather, Gwen, Trent, Cody, LeShawna, Owen, Katie, Lindsay
Muskies - 4 - Duncan, Courtney, DJ, Izzy

If DJ isn't next, I think it has to be either LeShawna or Lindsay. I think the gender gap is about to close, and aside from Trent; Owen; or Izzy, those two are the most expendable in my opinion as they are not directly conductive to the main conflicts of the story. I believe Katie is going to be central to the horror movie challenge.

Heather is always going a focal point character, as well as her ongoing beef with Gwen, and Cody will be caught in the middle between those two as always. Speaking of Cody, I have a sneaking suspicion that he's going be either eliminated or dead (killed) by the end of the aforementioned Horror Movie Challenge and I think it'll be tragic (I believe it was foreshadowed in the Invocation of the First Night, but I'm grasping straws here).

And, despite how tempestuous their possibly romantic relationship maybe, Duncan and Courtney have chemistry that is dynamic as it is volatile. So, I think the next one to go will be a Muskie girl.
SilentSinger948 chapter 30 . 12/10
I didn't see Ezekiel's elimination coming. I was rooting for him. I feel like your story is going to have a huge tone shift with him gone.
DJ is on borrowed time. The other guys aren't gonna be happy when learn he sold out one of their own for a rabbit.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
John Spangler chapter 30 . 12/10
DJ is becoming quite different from canon. He's still a gentle giant at heart, but now he's...I don't know, just darker. I also think this is going to let him stay longer in the competition. Unlike Duncan, who in my opinion is living on borrowed time like the Grand Dudes Alliance. And to answer your other question about Zeke's elimination, I didn't see it coming. I had hoped that he would last a little longer, maybe enough to have a chance to win. Still, it's been good to see him getting proper development.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 30 . 12/8
As always, pretty cool chapter, and yeah, Ezekiel's elimination was very unexpected, considering he had a good plot-line going on with Courtney. Good surprise.

Keep the good writing.
The Fat Albert chapter 30 . 12/8
To be honest I did not foresee Ezekiel getting eliminated, I liked this chapter even though some contestant didn't get screen time, can't wait for more
Novanto chapter 30 . 12/8
DJ is absolutely living on borrowed time as far as I’m concerned. But as we all know, eventually Father Chronus will come to collect.
sdgeek chapter 29 . 7/29
I'm down to the latest chapter, so yay, I read 300,000 words in four days! I imagine that the new Guys Alliance will probably gun for Heather, because she's Heather, nuff said. If they're stupid enough to not do this, it definitely won't be Gwen or Courtney, as Trent and Cody of course fancy Gwen, Ezekiel is friends with Court, and Duncan was proven to fancy the C.I.T. That leaves Leshawna, Lindsay, Izzy, and Katie, with either Leshawna or Izzy being my runner ups of choice, since they are the most threatening. On the other hand they can take out Lindsay or the Thin Twin, knocking out a number in Heather's alliance. This is dependent on rather the guys know about the alliance, and if not rather Ezekiel or Cody spilled the beans of said alliance, though, so its your choice ultimately. Overall, Heather would be the wise choice for the guys while Leshawna seems the most likely to eliminated in this scenario. Can't wait for next chapter though, as I sadly binged this story!
sdgeek chapter 25 . 7/29
Owen was a riot this episode, with his overreaction to the donuts being the prime highlight. As for Trent, I'm sensing potential Cody hate.
madger the badger chapter 29 . 7/26
my guess is leshawna or Katie since lossing her would be less less emotional weight on the guys but also eliminating a strong player. my cards are on leshawna.
Knifez chapter 29 . 7/25
This really was a super fun challenge to read! I'm glad Trent pulled through, though I admit I was a little confused on how Izzy eliminated herself, I must've missed that detail.

Having the producers deny Noah's return (which arguably would've boosted ratings more than Owen's return) for the sake of saving on some craft service budgets seems a little far-fetched and an unnecessary detail (Unless you were just trying to give an in-universe reason to us the readers)

So Dawn is gone, and I'm rather relieved. As you well know I've never really been a fan of the "fantastical" elements of this story but I did enjoy her parting scene.

Now let's see if I get lucky and Izzy goes home. Here's hoping. I don't see why the guys wouldn't target the crazy-talented Ginger Widow...

Looking forward to the aftermath of the challenge and the elimination ceremony! Keep it up!
FOWLKON chapter 29 . 7/24
Aw man, it's a shame to see Dawn go, as well as losing both Scott and Dave. I was actually hoping that Dawn would hook up with DJ in this story. But, the horseflies that Chris experienced is going to be the least their worries. Dawn leaving should prove to be ominous, since she'll not be there to help shield the campers from the evils that lurk around the camp. And since Scott is dead, they are without a field medic.

As for who the Guys' Alliance will target, It won't either be Gwen nor Courtney, mostly for the same reason: They have aligned themselves with two boys each willing to protect them. Duncan has an obvious crush on Courtney, who has some unresolved tensions with Ezekiel. Trent and Gwen are dating while Cody actively and openly protects the Goth.

But that doesn't mean that the boys don't have their pick of the litter in the next elimination. There's Leshawna, the strongest female physical player still in the game; Lindsay, Heather's unwitting pawn; and Katie and Izzy; the two biggest wild cards at the moment. I would also count Heather, since she is the strongest political player next to Courtney, but she still has Cody as her "Ear to the Boys' Cabin", and now even seems to have Ezekiel in her ranks too.
zafnak chapter 29 . 7/24
So the challenges based on the Labors of Heracles are, at last, over. I'm sure if you could ask them, all the contestants would say the challenges were quite a labor unto themselves (as I'm sure Our Author would admit as well LOL)

Heh. Way to go Trent! I was wondering if anyone would try just asking nicely for the belt Eva defended.

Chris, Chris, Chris. You are in rare form this chapter! But ultimately, you anger the one person who could really make your life miserable... and she DOES! How angry, how outraged, how FURIOUS do have to make sweet Dawn that she would sic a huge swarm of huge horseflies on you? Chris may have bolted for his trailer, but he is going to be one mess by the time he gets in there, and it STILL might do him no good, as flies can get into just about any abode of they want to- presumably giant sized horseflies as well.

And now Dawn has exited the Island via turtleback. A mighty big turtle at that. When you first described it, and given Dawn's theme and all, I half expected a huge snail, but sure, a huge turtle is just as good. Brings images of Gamera to mind.

In closing, somehow I doubt the "Grand Dudes Alliance" will work any better here than in canon LOL.
Kianlon chapter 29 . 7/24
I think the guys will target either Heather or Leshawna first. Heather, because her alliance would be perceived as too powerful (although if Cody and/or Zeke don't go with it that plan could easily fail); Leshawna, because she's a strong competitor without a large alliance to protect her. Or they could just blindside Courtney right away but she could still be useful especially if Duncan decides to turn on the dudes' alliance. Gwen's probably safe, although it would be a great reference to Bridgette's canon elimination, because while people might be upset that she gets so many concessions, those concessions can just as easily help others that are left in the game.
DJ Rodriguez chapter 29 . 7/24
Now things are getting interesting! It seems that Leshawna and Izzy were on a roll, and that Dawn gave Chris a taste on what happens when someone messes with her in a negative way! I am sad to see that she is going to leave the island... I wish the blonde aura the best of luck!

So Duncan is trying to make the Grand Dude Alliance? Heh, I hope that Cody doesn't completely buy into that and actually tries to get more favors with the ladies. I mean, with so many lovely and unique women around, who wouldn't want to go to their side? Hehehe... I can tell that things are going to heat up soon!

Keep it up!
John Spangler chapter 29 . 7/24
Poor Carrie. I've never been in a situation like this, but I can imagine it must be terrible. Thank God the others were able to save her. By the way, since all these interns are getting injured or killed, shouldn't there be some legal repercussions for Chris and the producers?

The fights were awesome, especially the one between Eva and DJ. But my favorite part was probably when Dawn unleashed all those creatures on Chris. About time he got a little lesson!

As for the questions at the end of the chapter: I think Dawn has instructed the animals to somehow help the campers. I also think that the Grand Dudes Alliance (what a nice name) will target first Courtney or Heather, since they are, at least in my opinion, the strongest players.
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