Reviews for The Legend of Total Drama Island
Guest chapter 33 . 7/23
This is one of the best fan fictions I have ever read! I love all the references put in it! When is the next chapter?
Guest chapter 33 . 5/1
This is one of the best total drama fics I have ever read! I love it! When are you making the next chapter?
Guest chapter 33 . 4/26
Heather absolutely deserves that punch and I love Leshawna
FOWLKON chapter 33 . 3/25
I knew Cody was going to survive the vote, and Trent eliminated in the process, but I didn't expect Cody's vote to "fall on his sword" be the omission that tilted the vote, or at least that's how I had interpreted it. But now, it's 6-3 in favor of the girls, but the caveat to that is that girls are fractured in two groups, Heather's Alliance and Gwen and Leshawna's partnership with Courtney more or less caught in the middle. Although, Courtney is leaning closer to Gwen and Leshawna in my opinion.

Because it's the cycling challenge, I do believe its going to be girl who is eliminated. I am willing to keep my claim staked that Cody won't be eliminated until the next challenge (the Horror movie challenge). Cody won some brownie points for his chivalry, and I still think he's going to do die trying to protect Heather from a serial killer (And I do think Heather will truly shed some genuine tears for him). And, I also think he's Brett's father, so "something" is probably going to happen, but I am assuming we won't know with who until the very end.

I know it won't be either Duncan or DJ because neither pose a legitimate threat outside of their base physicality, and those two plus Courtney are a decent voting block. I also don't think Gwen will lose because there isn't a reason to eliminate her yet, outside of Heather's adversarial tendencies. So by simple elimination (pun intended), it's either Heather's alliance and Leshawna.

Now between these four, I think Heather has the most plot armor on account that she's more than likely billed as the main villain, so she's safe... for now (cue Chris cackling). I think Leshawna still has some episodes left, so this leaves Katie and Lindsay. I want to say Lindsay because it's canon, but my instincts are screaming that Katie gets the knock. Katie's already had the seed of doubt planted within her about Heather (most likely since Heather failed the fugu sashimi test in the trust exercise challenges), she's be having a bunch of lines in this chapter, and in this story, she's most likely to cuss Heather out.
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 33 . 12/16/2020
Honestly, Heather’s deal isn’t that bad. Cody still doesn’t have to vote for Gwen, he just can’t go trying to save her or try to convince Heather otherwise. I was expecting much worse from Heather.

I love Heather kissing him on the forehead. It’s like we someone stands on a higher step when talking to someone.

And Cody is saved! Can’t say I’m too surprised. No offense to Trent, but the other returnees just got the boot and while I like him, he’s never been the biggest character in any version. He’s brought some fun drama and he and Gwen have been cute, but I’d rather lose him than Cody.

I enjoy the tiebreaker decider. Power to Cody for honoring his word and proving he’s a gentleman. It didn’t cost him the game either, which is always a plus.

Poor Gwen. Loses her love, gets the chance to reunite with him, only to lose him all again. She had about the same amount of time. It’s like the Orpheus tale, but she’s losing the musician.

I’m a little surprised Duncan voted for Trent. He makes a big deal about the girl’s alliance being a thing...and he votes off a dude for rather personal reasons. Maybe he realized he didn’t have the votes to send home Gwen and just wanted to sweeten his deal or has given up on that idea.

Honestly surprised Courtney agreed to go on a date with Duncan. I was pretty sure those two won’t hook up by now, but I’m less sure now. Oh gosh, Cody’s going to do something even more extreme? For who and why?

“...but her smile did not reach her eyes.” I feel like it usually doesn’t when Courtney talks to Duncan. She might need to work on that if she’s going to be a politician.

The poem for Courtney and Duncan’s date has the innuendo nature you’d expect from Duncan.

Clever of Courtney to keep Duncan to himself. If he really wanted to impress her, he shouldn’t need a boat for that though.

That’s Off the Chain has to be one of my least favorite eliminations and challenges. A bicycle race with everyone building their own custom bicycle sounds like a great premise, but the actual races were lame. So I’m excited to see how you handled the most unfair challenge yet.

Kudos to Katie for getting the carb-loading.

I love the metaphor of the campers being like hyenas around a zebra corpse.

I got to give you credit for coming up with real life tie-in reasons for these challenges, like Bastille Day and the Tour De France. The dopping twist is another clever twist that I could see Chris implementing.

Nice explanation for why Lindsay is so rich, but never got a Sunset Sally bike. I never really noticed the contradiction (I hate how the writers didn’t have clear backstories on these characters. A little unfair, but they deserved better).

Katie is getting more and more rebellious. How soon till she betrays Heather and will it pan out for her?

The boys sharing war stories is hilarious. I only know one person is a serious biker, and it’s more because he loves mountain biking in the woods. I wonder if guys actually do that. It reminds me of how guys stereotypically talk about car stuff.

I respect Leshawna for feeling uncomfortable about the motor, but Courtney and Gwen are right. The biggest threats to the girls has the advantage, so she might as well take it too.

Gwen’s bike looks like it’s made from a coffin and has giant bat wings. I love it. Heather’s suspecting a race, likely because of those carbs, and goes for speed. Expect nothing less from the gamebot. The glitter glue was a nice touch. I can verify that many girls do love the stuff, even those you wouldn’t suspect.

The Ghetto Blaster has just as much attitude and presence as it’s owner. Nice to know Leshawna will be racing this time, and doesn’t seem to have never ridden a bike before either. A little surprised Courtney would do a Stan Lee tribute, but happy about it. Also noticed that Genesis reference. Not TDG, but actual Genesis with, “...and saw that it was good”.

I feel like Courtney has the right idea, Chris is not going to make it easy on them.

DJ’s bike sounds kind of hard to imagine, but likely inspired by all the war stories he heard while building it. If it is a race, he might have some trouble.

Duncan’s bike sounds very Duncan. Mad Max is always in style in my box. I love Robby the Robot, but a little curious what Cody’s thought behind it was. It was a good idea though. Probably shouldn’t expect anything less from the techno geek.

Lindsay’s bike just sounds so cute. Maybe it’s childish, but I love her for going for what she wanted. I love there was a tribute similar to Geoff’s for Bridgette and especially that it was for Sadie! Sadie’s Revenge sounds amazing.

I’m with Chris, these are all really cool bikes and all reflective of their respective camper in one way or another (Also great nicknames for them all. I especially like the half transformed Transformer).

Honestly don’t know if I’d given the best bike to Heather’s. It sounds like a really well made bike, a little shocking from Lindsay and Katie, but besides the glitter it lacks style. I feel like Chris might’ve picked it just to snub Heather. It’s also a nice callback to Lindsay doing so well at the start of the challenge.

Once again, I love the creative spin you put on these challenges. A bike jousting tourney is awesome and sounds like an actual challenge, especially with Chris twisting it.

I know Master Builder is actually a term, but my mind went to the Lego Movie.

Another personal spin I love is the coat of arms every contestant gets. My first thought would be something cutesy for Katie, but the yin/yang symbol both works better and help stick out from Lindsay’s. Gwen’s flag really works for her bike. She’s never been this goth.

I wonder who bore those holes into Cody’s suit. My first thought was Scarlett, but all the interns (and Chef even) are nice enough to. Too bad Cody couldn’t get the Klingon star. Leshawna’s flag has a lot of flourish, but screams proud which is Leshawna.

Poor Courtney never had a chance. At least she’s better off than Heather though, who was completely wiped out. All of Lindsay’s hard work, undone.

Leshawna was definitely the upset against Cody, but I’m surprised Duncan managed to beat DJ! DJ could’ve won it if it wasn’t for his soft nature.

I love Lindsay’s flag. I was rooting for her and Sunset Sally to win the joust, to make up for her original fate in this challenge, but it wasn’t surprising she lost. All the power to her for surviving three rounds! Don’t underestimate this blonde.

I enjoyed Chris’ knighting of Duncan. Chris gave me theater nerd vibes for sure. I don’t remember Dies Irae playing, so I wasn’t expecting this to be a fully lethal challenge but this last part might prove it is.

Chris pulled out all the stops for this challenge. Three parts, all with different ways to win. It’s natural for the last part to be the hardest, but it sounds rather lethal. Plus the added disadvantage of a penalty vote for not getting rings, which someone will and no one may even win, and a penalty for coming in last too? I feel like he’s trying to compensate for all the invincibility wins from the last challenge.

(I also love the Lord of the Rings reference in the challenge).

Even cruler, DJ and Heather get serious penalties.

Heather’s really sweating now. With nine people there is less room to hide, but if she’s relying on challenge wins to get her to the end, she’s in trouble. I do feel like Katie or Lindsay might get the boot if they give Heather invincibility, it’ll show the other campers how dangerous her alliance might be. And it’s too cruel of fate not too.

Maybe it’s just because I know how the cliffhanger ends, but this challenge just keeps screaming not going to end well. I like how you’ve turned what might’ve been the most unfair elimination (barring the Playa Des Losers one) into a more explainable one with the penalties. It doesn’t lose the quality of being a very risky, unfair elimination, but it makes a lot more sense.

And just like that Duncan wipes out. It was a nice idea, but Chris makes a good point about killing the soldier. A shame he didn’t even get to use his doping device. Still, he only has to collect seven so he might be able to survive this challenge easier.

And with Katie’s misjudged move, her, Heather and Leshawna are all on foot. It seems like no one is doping in this race.

Heather’s words are incredibly cruel, even for her. Can’t say Leshawna’s beat-down is undeserved. I’m not sure what will happen as a result.

I do predict this might be the end of Leshawna. It’s been said before that stories for another time include how Leshanwa would regret doing something and Chris would have to prove he’d save Heather like he saved Gwen. Heather may be out of this challenge or have a lot of penalty votes. Leshawna attacked a fellow soldier though, so she may get a serious penalty too. Chris isn’t going to let one of his biggest stars go like that.

I’m dying to know what happens next. What happens to Leshawna? Or Heather? Will Katie learn the truth? Will anyone actually win this challenge? I can’t wait to find out!

Overall, this was a really great chapter. Nice resolution to the love triangle and a really creative spin on the bicycling challenge. I love this concept ten times more than the original. Now I’m finally caught up on comments, hopefully I won’t fall behind again.
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 32 . 12/16/2020
As annoying as quarantine has been, it has given me a chance to do more wiki-related things.

So it was Heather after all! Glad even Owen knows what’s up. I’m still not sure how Heather expects to win the end of the game thinking it’s a vote, this is proof of that. The one you least suspect to hate you, probably the most jolly camper, would be happy to be rid of her. (It certainly makes her phobia more ironic too. She had good reason to fear Owen).

That moment when she’s stunned by fear, afraid of everything she’ll makes you really feel for Heather but also can’t wait for her downfall.

While I’m happy we’re not losing Heather, my heart breaks we’re losing Izzy! Izzy has been one of my favorites in canon, but she’s always felt a little underused. I enjoyed her LTDI, where she was just as fun and crazy, but also had some surprising depth.

I guess I should’ve expected she’d save Heather since she was a cop. Heather probably would be hurt. Some would say it was deserved. I like the allusion to the mention of Duncan’s family being police officers. I wonder how Izzy knows. It does explain a lot about Duncan in a way.

I’d want to know what was in that pirate stew. Makes sense that Trent has a weak stomach, which may also be an allusion to canon I think. You wonder if the longest lasting campers will ever have normal stomachs again.

I understand why Chris has no ceremony, but it’s about the principal of the thing Chris. The atmosphere.

Yeah, I feel like Izzy saying that means that Izzy will re-appear at some point. My guess would be the horror challenge because it’s a very Izzy challenge and if there is a real serial killer on the island than the actual cop would be nice to have. In fact, I wonder if she knew about it all along...maybe it was part of her mission or something. Or perhaps it was just chance a cop was on the same island a killer happens to show up on. But that’s a story for another time.

DJ can now speak to Pelora to some extent? I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear of it.

I really like the Storyteller’s explanation of Owen. I’m not a huge Owen fan, but I admit he’s a classic part of the franchise and even he deserves some depth that’s often overlooked. He also is the kind of person who would play up his role. Like Izzy said, an atomic fireball is pretty amazing.

Love triangles do seem like they’d appeal less to kids, but they’re everywhere in storytelling. Romance shows up in all kids' medium, for better or worse. I admit the more ‘grown-up’ aspect and teen characters appealed to me as a fourth grader. TD was also one of the first PG shows on Cartoon Network. It was heavily censored, but it may have helped pave the way for other shows that are more mature. For whatever reason, TD got me and other kids invested.

Always the gamebot, Heather can see the risk of the trailer reward. She can still say she put up a nice face about it to her alliance, but I think only Lindsay will believe that.

Lindsay called Heather out. You think Heather would realize she has to treat her minions better and yet…

It’s true, Chris can take credit for a great challenge if Chef leads and do basically nothing. Chef hosted challenges are always fun though.

Gwen also burning Heather with that wicked witch insult.

I always like challenges that either encourage creative thinking or multiple solutions. This is one of those challenges. We finally found out what Courtney had planned for the wetsuit.

Hatchet is certainly smarter than in canon with that trick of spraying the dock. I always thought Leshawna was clever for hiding under the dock, because why would anyone think to look there and it’s hard to hit you with a blast of water if you’re underwater. Chef’s solution here seems fair to that latter point.

Courtney, and later Duncan, staying on the move is risky but rewarding in Hide and Seek. I know some people only play that you have to hide somewhere physically. Of course that’s not Courtney’s final goal.

Unlike canon, Lindsay actually comes up with her own hiding place. In the end it was advantageous that she and Heather ended up in the same place. Smart thinking for DJ, saving himself, winning favor with the girls and getting himself out a deal with Heather. Whatever Heather actually had planned was probably far worse and scheming than that. It may make him a target in the future, but he’d probably already be a target for his physicality.

Cody’s plan is that keep moving strategy (which even Chef acknowledges were allowed) taken to a new extreme. I wonder how out of limits it is for Chef to use transportation. If Ezekiel was here and could fly the plane, what would have been the protocol?

I love the idea that Chef has read the classics in the original Latin. Is there anything he hasn’t done?

I’m glad the campers are actually open to helping Chef this time. It probably helps they know Chef is secretly a nice guy. Aww, the reference to Petey was adorable. I always liked Duncan have a softer side, but hated that after Island much wasn’t done with, especially in terms of character development. And Duncan isn’t the only one with a heart.

Cody’s plan was a good one, but having to land it was the fatal flaw. The Boney Island idea was smart, but I do wonder if Chris would hold it against him. I usually feel like Chris rewards smart thinking nor would it be hard to pick Cody up with a boat. Nor would it make for good TV to eliminate Cody. He might not be the most popular contestant, although making it to the merge surely helps by virtue of being on screen enough (and if it’s anything like real life, he might have an army of fangirls). But he’s still delivered moments and makes up that love triangle. But I wouldn’t want to risk it either.

Was not expecting Duncan to throw a knife at being shot at, but then it makes sense for Duncan.

And Courtney wins invincibility! It was close, both in them catching her and getting hypothermia, but she did. She deserves to be safe for having probably the smartest plan and being the only one not to need the lifeguard chair.

I almost think she should get the trailer, but I can’t say that DJ is just as deserving. Seven out of ten campers is an impressive amount safe, and maybe that made it too easy a challenge, but I enjoyed it anyone. It’s nice surprise to have only a few choices eligible. Cody, Gwen and Trent are the only ones eligible. Very clever Gideon. Great drama. Honestly, not minding the love triangle is ending because Cody hasn’t really been able to make progress.

“No, not that.” I laughed out-loud. I love the storyteller has to specify.

Trent does have a lot of behind the scene and special info, although I’m not sure how he can use it without talking about it. He’s already won invincibility though so he’s a stronger player. There’s also the fact that making him a returnee means he’s gotten to buddy up with the losers without having to betray too many of them. A recent Survivor season had a similar player in a similar circumstance. He was friends with everybody voted out and sort of represented a win for them.

I completely forgot Cody’s promise not to vote for Gwen or Trent. Not surprised he won’t vote for Gwen, but it is crazy he’d keep that promise even in this situation.

I’m slightly surprised Heather thinks Courtney will work with her alliance. Courtney is close friends with Gwen and while Courtney is not someone to turn down an advantage or plan, she and Heather have butted heads in the past. I’m not sure it’s Courtney’s best interest to team up with Heather.

...Then again, Gwen, Leshawna, and Trent are kind of a three person alliance. It might be best for her to form a trio with DJ and Duncan and try to play in the middle, but I don’t know if she could trust Duncan. Feel like I’ve talked about this before, but yeah. I do see Courtney saying Trent is the most dangerous of the three players up for elimination; Gwen is her friend and Cody might be someone to work with. Trent’s knowledge as a returnee and his physical ability compared to the other two do make him a bigger threat.

I suspect Heather will have to recruit DJ somehow. Assuming Duncan will still vote for Gwen to get out the girls. What exactly will Heather’s price be? A free vote?

No idea, but I really like it as a cliffhanger! Overall, this was a really fun challenge. It feels a little weird that it was just one chapter since the merge hasn’t been, but not bad because of that. It was nice to have a spotlight on Chef again. I'm also one chapter away from being caught up!
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 31 . 12/16/2020
In what maybe record timing, I'm catching up in my comments!

Owen acted fast. I hadn’t realized that black bears weren’t the top of the food chain. What would try to eat them, but wolves and mountain lions would probably tackle it for a meal. Honestly, it’s amazing Max got the key around the bear’s neck.

And as I expected, Owen made it through alive. He is pretty lucky all things considered (won’t be able to say that for much longer this chapter…).

Wrestling a gator is a pretty dangerous idea, even it sounds like Leshawna could take one. I believe she could, but I still wouldn’t like to test my luck.

Scarlett is much nicer than canon here. Perhaps these near death experiences have had her grown to be, or just the wisdom of age. I’d love to find out how many of these interns got roped into such a terrible job. For someone of Scarlett’s smarts or Alejandro’s background, hopefully they could’ve gotten a better job. Then again, college is money sucker all the same.

Perhaps Scarlett is just taking pity on Katie, given her experiences. It is interesting that Katie got the battle of wits, which might have more to do with matching canon challenges and who needed to be available, but still demonstrates Katie’s much smarter than given credit for. Her and Noah would be a much better match than appearances would suggest.

Funny how Jasmine and Duncan are paralleling each other, trying to use the same tactics. Once again, a challenge that requires thinking. I didn’t consider it, but Duncan makes a good point; it’s more exciting for the audience if the campers can conquer their challenges. He wants them to succeed, not in the same way as say Chef or Scarlett, but still.

I love the Ahab’s coin reference. Chris better hope Jasmine stays alive, because she’s been a great opponent at challenges.

Courtney gets her key without much difficulty. Good for her, I don’t envy her.

Rereading, it’s quite clever how you say Chef spotted “a skinny black intern”, not Leonard specifically just a intern...given who that intern turns out to be. Heather’s plot was rather creative and I applaud her for it. I certainly didn’t see it coming.

Cody’s challenge meanwhile wasn’t hard either without the proper hardware. Cody may have a rather perverted mind, but you can’t deny that he has a chivalrous side to him. One that sometimes makes him put a girl before the grand prize, but that’s what makes it charming.

I feel like Beardo may have been selected as the guard of the pot simply so he could make porno noises later. (Honestly it’s so shocking that Beardo is a first out when there’s so much mileage you can get out of the character. Wasted opportunity).

A nice reminder of Harold’s marker. It also sadly confirms that Harold isn’t at the loser resort, or that the losers are aware he’s actually alive. That’s more evidence he actually died...but without a body or footage I won’t accept it. I’ve been on the Harold’s alive sail till now, I’m going down with it.

Curious if the bunny key was still going to be used. I’m not sure how to make that a fearsome guardian besides playing it straight, or maybe having several bunnies. Or if you a RR route and they’re destroying a garden.

Clever how Izzy managed to get her key. My first inclination would be to expect DJ to be more upset, another dead bunny on his hands, but it’s no fault of his and he’d be more respectable for nature taking its course than humans killing it. Izzy continues to shock me physically with just how well she can do. I mean lifting DJ? It’s even better how you write in such an Izzy, popping like a spring. Izzy does nothing without flair. We should all do the same.

I completely agree with Katie, the actual answer to the riddle isn’t as clever. You could give a lot of things that never was and never will, like a kangaroo fathered by a lion. The present is the answer that actually feels like a real thing, like most riddles.

It seems the riddle suggests the proverb is wrong and there are no brave mice. Regardless, Kudos to Katie for killing the riddle challenge. She struggled at times, but she proved she’s brains, beauty and brawns (with her dodgeball skills) on the show. Now if she can just win…

I was so wrapped up in the challenge, I completely forgot the real focus of the canon episode; Heather trying breaking up Gwen and Trent. I wasn’t sure if it would happen, since it’s a risky plan and I thought maybe Heather would realize such a trick would place a huge target on your back.

Heather makes a good point, one you’ve commented on before, how despite Gwen’s anti-social behavior she ends up making friends pretty easy that’s it more talk than anything. LTDI made Gwen seem like someone who wanted to be anti-social, but circumstances gave her friends though.

Heather says mark her words, but there have already been alliances on the Island (the Brain Trust, Gwen and Leshawna, Beth and Izzy, and the Dude’s Alliance even if it fizzled out. Not counting unofficial alliances like Courtney, Zeke, and Duncan).

Her allies wait on her hand and foot, what more does she need Katie and Lindsay to prove?

I love the detail that both Lindsay and Katie are incapable of writing without doting their i’s with hearts and the like. I wonder if they every grew out of it.

In hindsight, Trent should obviously suss out Heather’s being fake the moment she starts crying dramatically. She’s a good actor, but the use of theatrically makes me feel like this is not an Emmy worthy performance.

I love Katie pulling double agent here. I really feel like Katie could be either the winner or the storyteller, my one concern being the canon chain gang challenge that takes the losers back to Boney Island. Either she refuses and it causes her downfall, she survives regardless, she goes and falls a horrible fate, or she’s gone by then.

Back to the point, I just love how fleshed out a character Katie has become. She seems to, rightfully so, suspect Heather eliminated Sadie. She really is forming a lot of good relationships and bonds. The Tropes page doesn’t list Took A Level in Badass for her, though maybe it should considering how she’s playing, what she’s survived and winning the bootcamp challenge. Then again, that trope might apply to anyone who makes it a certain point and it does list her as a hidden Badass, so maybe she was always just this awesome.

The more Heather tries to tell this story, the more plot holes that pop up.

That said, I love what gets Trent most is that Gwen doesn’t like his music. It’s funny, but also kind of accurate to teenage artists. It’s so personal.

Okay, I think I get why Trent calls Heather that name and...maybe that’s kind of earned. She is definitely just kissing him as a plot. Still, irks me a little bit, as realistic as it is.

The trivia points out how the original episode implies how unstable Trent and Gwen’s relationship is and how insecure they are in it. Action and beyond influenced this opinion, but the implications of Gwen’s character kind of carry an undercurrent that I don’t think the writer’s meant, but created.

There’s how she brings up Trent leaving her buried in the merge episode, after it’s implied she and Trent hook-up during the canoe challenge, look after the phobia thing. Then there’s her grudge against Trent during the finale that doesn’t match how she acted during his elimination, her uncharacteristic finale confessional, etc. I attribute those all to bad writing and inconsistency, but if you put it all together, especially with her actions in later seasons, Gwen is not the best person.

This is a long winded way for me to say that I really like how you handled this, it makes Gwen and Trent come off much better. Although I do feel like I don’t remember if we ever get a resolution on Gwen and Trent meeting and explaining or anyone else’s reactions to it.

Basically Izzy’s just in the mood for making out and DJ is as good as anyone. No judgement.

I like the implication Leshawna ended up having to fight and defeated the crocodiles. Of course she did. I also like Leshawna is smart enough to realize that is definitely what Leshawna would do.

I love Katie immediately came to Gwen and Leshawna to reveal the truth. I’m not sure she’s right that she needs Heather. True, if she tried to join forces with Gwen and Leshawna after ousting Heather she’d be at the bottom of some kind of pecking order, I don’t know if Lindsay and her could survive. Then again, I feel like being Heather’s ally makes her a target and she really is untrustworthy.

“I just hope this works out better for me than it did for Ezekiel.” Re-opening that wound and tempting fate. Thanks Katie, now I’m sad for him and worried for you.

Kind of surprised Owen was the fastest, and not just because Owen being fast is unusual. I mean he did have to act fast to deal with that bear though.

While it might simply be more work, I like the added wrinkle of storming the Bastille. It’s another one of your fine additions or tweaks to canon challenges that give them a little more flavor.

Katie getting to lead is so cute and just further proof of how much character development she’s gotten. Then again, Katie is captain of the dodgeball team. She has more Hidden Depths than people notice, I wouldn’t surprised if she was her own nice, child version of Courtney or Heather at home (the same with Sadie).

I see how it is Chris. You can give Duncan rum, but Beth can’t steal alcohol. I get the difference, but I still feel bad for poor Beth.

Chris’ reaction to the token is hilarious. Maybe the only funny bit about it because talk about a raw deal for Owen. Seriously, almost die against a bear and your only reward is to be automatically eliminated. I hadn’t even realized it, but the idea of Owen getting angry is unusual and actually terrifying.

Part of me loves the idea for how very Chris is it and a much more dramatic take on Owen’s original key. If this was an actual reality show I might hate this twist, a lot of reality show twists get flack for twists a lot less cruel for being unfair, but often times the reception to a twist has as much to do with who it screws over. If it screws over a disliked character or helps a liked one, it’s better received. A double standard.

I say that because maybe I’m not upset that it eliminates Owen. He did bring a lot of fun and a little drama during his second chance, but he was mainly here for the Brunch. I can’t be too upset that he’s leaving over other characters who have a lot more drama and story.

I guess I should my full thoughts for him when he officially leaves. More importantly, what a cliffhanger! I feel like everyone’s first instinct is Heather because she’s Heather. When you remember that Leshawna told everyone what she did, it makes sense he’d target everything he knows at the loser’s resort.

Still, you can’t believe she’d actually be eliminated. She’s just too important a character. I thought maybe she’d throw Lindsay in front of her, given Lindsay’s known for her unfair elimination.

I thought maybe Owen was aiming for DJ for breaking up the guy’s alliance, with Heather as a red herring. I also thought maybe he’d target Chris, out of anger or hoping to make a loophole that would force the sadistic host to leave, although it may have specified camper and Owen might be smart enough to not pelt the host.

This was a really chapter. Looking over my own comments, Katie really stands out as having some solid moments and I love it. The cliffhanger is one of the most suspenseful ones, since it definitely felt like it’d be the end of someone. It makes me really wonder how you'll handle the other unfair and automatic eliminations in future episodes or if they'll happen at all...
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 30 . 12/16/2020
This was a random catch up comment now that I’ve finished Genesis, but coincidentally worked perfect as a birthday surprise. Happy Birthday wiki dad!

Cody makes a good point about Izzy. I’m inclined to believe it’s the meds giving her more focus, though I don’t remember her being a terrible challenge competitor before. She did bull ride a shark. I’d say she just hasn’t had the chance to show off her chops till now or has been under-performing so as not to arouse suspicion.

Regardless, I agree with Duncan. Don’t take out the girl who’s not eligible to win, especially first.

Heather makes a lot of sense, but as I said previously she feels too important to get rid of. She has plot armor. Granted, I may have to eat those words eventually but the first merge challenge? I just don’t think she would.

Kind of surprised the boys don’t consider Leshawna, but I can kind of understand. For any of the single guys, she’s a possible match. More than that, she doesn’t appear as challenging because of her size. Lindsay is an athlete, so perhaps Leshawna’s physique is helping her be overlooked.

Lindsay does feel like the best option when everyone puts the reasoning together. Weaken Heather, keep the girls divided, get rid of a potential competitor, even though I’m not sure I see Lindsay winning most challenges. She is very athletic, but her mind is her greatest weakness.

It is interesting that people believe Lindsay wouldn’t have made it this far without Heather. Is that true? Early on she was pegged as a boot, but she was the MVP of the ski challenge. Before that, maybe she’d go home if her team had lost and Heather wasn’t around, but there seemed like a better target at most ceremonies. The cooking challenge is the iffy one. Really, it’s getting into a lot of ‘if’s, depending on who was and wasn’t there, including Heather or Sadie, and if Katie’s curse makes Lindsay put salt than sugar…

The point is, I’m going to give Lindsay a little more credit. She certainly pulled her weight in a few team challenges and while she’d never lead anyone, Admiral Lindsay her Hotness not reporting for duty, I’m sure she’d find someone to tell her who to vote for.

I’m not sure how familiar you are with Survivor, I’m mostly a fan because of Total Drama and it gives its inspiration, but slaying the dragon is something that comes up there too. One contestant, a coach who calls himself Coach, called someone a dragon because he was a ringleader and worried he’d be too powerful. When Coach got him voted off, he started calling himself the Dragon Slayer.

I don’t think ‘slaying the dragon’ is a reference to that, especially since Heather’s moniker is the dragon girl, but it is an interesting parallel. Who will get the honor of slaying the dragon?

Really, I shouldn’t be surprised at DJ’s plan. You’ve hinted at it since the camping challenge. I thought maybe his moment with Perola made him at peace with it, but I’m not sure why I did.

I really like this little scene of Heather watching the sunset and DJ joining her. It’s a beautiful image and it also humanizes Heather in a bit of surprising way. It makes me wonder about the Storyteller. We don’t get a lot of moments from that with Heather. Is it because she is Heather and looks so negatively on her past self, or because not anyone had a lot of moments like that with Heather so not much can be said to flesh her out. I think a lot of people assume the Storyteller is Heather because she gets so much focus, but I don’t know.

DJ’s pitch to Courtney is very well thought out. There’s been a lot of strategic thinking since the merge happened, from Zeke’s pitches to the Dude’s Alliance and now DJ’s plan. Looks like everyone is ready to start playing.

I will say the idea of Zeke as damaged goods is debatable to me. If the girls are smart, they’ll overlook that and take an alliance. Most seem too good natured to hold that grudge, Katie and Izzy have a closer bond.

Really, it seems like they’re already factions made with the girls if Courtney wants allie; Heather’s alliance and Leshawna and Gwen. Neither is really working to eliminate the other, but I’m curious when they’ll fire shots. If they wanted to, they’d use Courtney and Zeke’s votes as ammo. Still, I don’t think they’re considering that and maybe it’s too early.

Still, I get the logic of DJ’s statement. He’s trying to be persuasive more than anything.

We finally get the confirmation; Courtney has caught the feels for Zeke! I don’t think he returns them though. I don’t know what the right decision is, although that I know is it feels bad if she does vote him off. I think her compromise is smart, but tempting fate to make her go through with it.

You know it makes sense Izzy targeted Duncan earlier at the camping challenge knowing she’s a cop now. Alas, it’s down to Lindsay and Zeke, neither who I want to go. I was leaning towards Zeke going because of all the build up with DJ’s plans but even though all the logic was heart just didn’t want to believe it.

That moment where Ezekiel looks at Courtney and she won’t meet her eyes. It hurts. It’s also the perfect moment right before the votes are read. A final shot in the heart.

Heather is the best kind of villain. Like I should be hating her for eliminating Zeke, but her callous reveal that she never meant an alliance with Ezekiel was such big villain energy. I have no idea how she thinks she’ll win against a jury, like they believe it will be, because she is making a lot of enemies. That line about going to real school is cruel, but also like killer burn.

DJ finally gets his revenge, but at what cost? I won’t be surprised if it hurts him in the long run. I doubt the girls will still work with each other, but they did end up unifying as Duncan feared.

If I was DJ, I’d owe Heather nothing. She let it slip and caused a big target to form on his back.

Poor Courtney. I don’t know what to say either, I think Ezekiel gave the best response he could.

It’s funny Izzy gave him such an ‘education’. I feel like I remember him making a comment around the Dodgeball challenge about how someone could commit sin like that. Izzy is your answer pal.

I’m glad they’re keeping the tradition of Pies Jesu alive.

The Storyteller is right. A formal alliance is so much more appealing than an informal one and you have to trust someone. Brett needs to think carefully for his own TD experience. I also like how she refers to it as going through the war. I’ve always liked to think as reality shows as an experience that changes you, especially in my fanfictions and others because it is a kind of journey. A lot of reality stars do talk about it having changed them, for better or for worse.

And with that, the first merge challenge officially ends.

Trent really is enjoying that luxury trailer. I like that you kept the detail about Trent saving her a muffin.

I always liked the concept of having to find the keys to treasure. It felt unique for some reason. I like how you managed to make it a tie-in for a holiday that part of Canada celebrates. The random invincibility was always a little unfair, but was mostly a convenient excuse to make Heather safe for the episode (which brings up the question of it was rigged).

I like that the trailer is a bonus for finishing first, a little incentive to add some tension. It seems like most of the challenges are like their canon challenge. After the original Wheel of Work, it’s funny to go back to an original challenge.

One that isn’t, is the battle of wits. It seems like slowly but surely, Scarlett is becoming an ascended intern. Someone has to take Dawn’s spot as the prominent female intern.

A battle of riddles is actually a really cool challenge, though I admit most people today probably couldn’t win it. I’m not sure I can.

I was kind of curious about Lindsay too. Chutes and Ladders would have been hilarious, if cruel, but I’m glad they would’ve given her an actual challenge. It might be the perfect challenge for Lindsay.

I like some of the new additions, with the battle of wits and a sword duel with Jasmine! Duncan is probably the best to get that one. Maybe Jasmine can take him down a peg.

The boathouse has become such an important or at least useful location in the story, when it was barely focused on in canon.

Katie should’ve gone with Heather. I also forgot a potential Wendigo stalking the camp...I’m sure that’s not going to be for nothing. For you to bring it up again is clearly foreshadowing something (looking at you horror challenge).

The Nothing riddle I had actually heard before. I’ll say those first three riddles I actually guessed the answer before it was revealed (I mean, besides doing the math of the Saint Ives. Go Scarlett though).

Interesting take on the fire challenge, which I assume is based off the ring of fire in the original. Some might say that Chris is getting lazy or budget effective with these challenges, but he’s forcing everyone how to think outside the box to solve the problem. You shouldn’t have to face your guardian head on, at least that’s the idea…

...Then there’s Owen. No offense to him, but he’s not much of a thinker (though he had a clever idea with moving the cage in the hydra challenge). I do like tying in that detail he went camping with his grandpa to give him some outdoor skill. There should be a less lethal way to deal with that bear. As the Storyteller teases, he could’ve found tranq guns if he looked.

R.I.P. Max. Never my favorite in PI, and I could’ve done with less at times but he did end up being much funnier than I was expecting from leaks. What a gruesome way to go. Not that anyway is good to go, especially as an intern, but still.

Despite the cliffhanger, I didn’t think Owen would bite it. I shouldn’t tempt you, but I’m not sure if another contestant is going to straight up die since Harold already has that...honor. Maybe now that he’d done his purpose at the eating challenge you’d kill him off, but I just don’t see it.

A really good chapter. Feels crazy that the wheel of work is over and Ezekiel is gone. It opens up exciting story possibilities, but it’ll take some getting use to. The pirate challenge is proving to fun though, so I’m glad to see what LTDI has in store for the future.
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 29 . 12/16/2020
Looks like my prediction was half-correct. Beardo wasn’t in danger, but Carrie didn’t die! Good for her, she’s still one of the newer recruits I believe, and it hasn’t been that long since Ella ascended; you need some more trauma before we can really kill you off Carrie. Honestly, while I’m sad that there won’t likely be anymore traditional TD seasons for a lot of reasons, more cameo interns is a big bummer. There are still plenty of characters left to see of course, but still.

Kudos to Trent taking a snake bite to the arm. Not kudos to Leshawna for agitating the bull. Thankfully it wasn’t timed; Chris probably wasn’t worried about editing it out, perhaps in a montage. Or though there was enough time in the day for it and the rest of the challenge (ironically being the longest challenge in LTDI to date).

Izzy for sure has Jedi mind powers. The Force has to be strong with at least one of her personalities or alter egos. (or perhaps Sunshine is stopping the wheel…).

Part me is disappointed Izzy didn’t fight Eva in hand to hand combat, but then I remember Izzy gets to do a cool fight later…

I really like Chris deciding to tease the finale with a vote on whether Leshawna should be disqualified. I think Chris actually does do a good job of thinking of stuff on the spot. I also just really enjoy the tiebreakers or penalties or extra rules like that in LTDI; fun way to spice it up and see whose smart enough to work the system.

Ezekiel should have been way sneakier about doing Heather’s bidding there. He could have gone with the same argument as Courtney. I’m not sure how aware the other campers are of what Heather offered, but if they suspect an alliance they might target him (I need to remember this for later).

“...’I can’t guarantee I’ll be so charitable next time.’ The host emphasized his warning with an “I’m watching you” gesture.” -Chris to Leshawna. Hmm...I’m sure that’s not foreshadowing…

It’d be interesting to see canon Eva and DJ actually go against each other. Of course with cartoon physics, and DJ’s much more cowardly personality versus Eva’s more mellowed one in LTDI, it probably wouldn't have been such a fight.

All the points to Eva for trying so hard. Even when playing defense she kicked butt and took down one of the biggest opponents. The great thing about previous campers showing up again is that they continue to get awesome moments like that.

Katie brings up a good point about kissing Millie, and I can’t remember if I wondered the same thing. Random side notes: Katie doing twin finger guns is adorable, and Courtney seething with jealousy is hilarious. Justin is the perfect choice for the ladies on this. Not surprised that Katie is way into boys. The potential shipteasing I could see of Katie and the other girls talking about the male campers and interns…

Katie is a true BFFFL; she let Lindsay have that kiss with her hottest boyfriend, when I think she definitely could’ve justified taking it as part of the challenge. She deserved that make-out with Justin. I feel like Noah is going to be super jealous watching this.

Izzy and Jasmine fight scene! I love both of these characters and enjoy Izzy’s kung fu fights in canon so this was a treat. Not surprised Izzy won though; you can’t keep crazy down! It sounds like a rough match though, with a black eye and everything. Izzy’s certainly trying to make the most out of her experience with Total Drama.

The image of Leshawna just staring down that snake is hilarious to me. What are you going to do snake?

You thing I’d get tired of Chris and Millie duking it out every time, but I don’t. Man, these are some really loyal teenagers to not take all these free smooches. Respect to Trent for being a good boyfriend though.

And also glad that Ezekiel did get that kiss! Nice to know Blaineley can be a forgiving sort. Thinking about it, I wonder how Ezekiel’s mom is reacting to all these girls hitting on her boy? Specifically older women. Maybe she won’t mind the kissing, but if the show reveals what he and Izzy did… I wonder how much they would reveal?

Eva and Leshawna square-off. I had completely forgotten they had a bit of a rivalry in the canon version of this episode. I just remember them being good friends because of LTDI. Leshawna’s punch was a smart move; not surprised she took the wrestling match either.

Not gonna lie, I was expecting something lethal behind the door of the tiger. So I was pleasantly surprised at there being a cute little kitten. Sad for Heather to get out on that note, but somebody had to get the tiger! And really isn’t sad because this kitten sounds so cute! Someone please protect it on this island.

Also I know that Heather and Jasmine have cats in canon, so is there interactions any kind of nod at that? Or did Jasmine seem like the best intern to get the cat of the ones nearby?

Speaking of Lady and the Tiger, Izzy picks right! All her tracking skills, but she still has to leave up to fate. Luckily fate has been on this side the entire challenge (if you call it fate). It sounds like Justin may have been the lucky one with this kiss…

And the mechamutt is conquered for the last time by Trent. Smart idea to use the matts; I wonder if he would’ve thought about it before the line about props. I also wonder if this is the end of Cerebus? I could see Chris trying to find a way to re-use him in a challenge.

Aww yeah, another classic Izzy moment in her Rattlesnake Dance. I won’t lie, Chris’ choice of music was hilarious. I should have realized she’d do this as soon as we soon the cage of snakes.

And we’re down to the last round! Izzy, Leshawna, and Trent have all been giving really strong performances this entire challenge. So could argue they had some questionable methods or easy advantages, but life ain’t fair and neither is this show.

I really want one of these Total Drama coins, even if I could do without Chris’ face. I want the whole collection of tchotchkes. The lack of real world Total Drama merchandise is depressing.

I’m honestly heartbroken Izzy got out, especially by her own fault. I’m not sure if she thought she was going to be out before making that statement or just wanted to make the pun first, but I guess she can take solace in knowing she went out on a pun.

I have to admit I love the subversion in Trent vs Eva. See kids, sometimes asking nicely really is the best option. (Random, but takes me back to an episode of the PPG I remember as a kid; Blossom and Buttercup won’t stop arguing on how to defeat a monster, but Bubbles gets it to stop and leave by asking please).

I love Eva’s nonchalant about it, and that it’s actually based off the myth! Proof that learning can be fun. I also agree with Lindsay; Eva’s super mellowed. I’m not sure how she got Nigel out of Tyler, but that’s Lindsay.

I also really like scene after with Chris. It’s nice to see a direct POV from our esteemed host, something we don’t often get to see. And backstory for how Chris and Chef met? I wonder what Chef was doing between the Strawberry Bitch and now.

Of course that’s the real reason that Owen had returned to the show. Kinda shocked to know that Noah didn’t return; he probably would’ve been my pick. Of course I’d want Sadie and might’ve chose her as viewer, but that would backfire on Heather too much and step on Katie’s current arc so Noah would be the best pick. Honestly though, this challenge and last proved the returnees were all good choices (counting Izzy in that of course).

I know it had to happen at some point, but I still can’t help but be sad at Dawn’s departure. But what a way to go! Those horseflies sound terrifying, and I hope that punishment leaves Chris worse off down the road somehow. Maybe he’ll just be cursed? After dealing with Chris getting worse for six seasons, it’s just so satisfying (also all the death of course).

I was worried Dawn would try to sneak off without saying her goodbyes, not wanting to make the campers sad. I should’ve trusted you’d give the star intern a much better send-off. I’m going to miss her, but she brought a lot of great moments that I was honestly spoiled.

(Side note: It’s going to suck with no Dawn because I’m sure that Katie’s necklace will come off. Maybe Heather snaps it, I don’t know. It’s a Chekhov’s Gun and it’s loaded, that’s for sure)

There really wasn’t any logic in Duncan waiting to start the Guy’s Alliance, besides time constraints as you mentioned. I love all the guys rising to the defense of the female campers. Still, I had a feeling this Guy’s Alliance wouldn’t succeed when I first read the chapter (and not just because you admit you prefer the female characters). It would just be too easy.

When I originally read the chapter, my guess is that the Dude’s Alliance would’ve targeted Leshawna during the challenge. For one doesn’t have an immediate love interest who would go against it, like Gwen and Courtney. More than that, she dominated the challenge today. She’s proven to be a strong competitor and potential challenge threat. I don’t know if she’s a social threat like canon, but I’m sure someone could make the case for it too.

Did I think it would work? Not sure honestly. If it is Leshawna...well, I’m not sure if she has some unresolved story (like say Courtney) or is such a big presence (like Heather) that I couldn’t see it. But I wasn’t positive, especially since I didn’t know who.

This chapter was a great one! I’ve already said how I love this challenge and this chapter had a lot of amazing moments. Dawn’s last moments are a stand-out and the Dude’s Alliance is a good cliffhanger. Still, I loved other moments that could be overlooked like Trent asking Eva for the belt or...basically anything Izzy did.

As much as I love this challenge, I admit even I’m happy it’s ended. I think you were bummed it was taking so long, as good as it is. Plus, I’ve read these chapter so much. Every time I write a review I end up rereading the entire challenge to the elimination because I get invested. Which means you know it’s good, but I know exciting things are on the horizon!
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 28 . 12/16/2020
So I had wanted to post this with my rankings, before Christmas. But I didn't have time to work on then, and have been working almost every day after Christmas. But there is another smaller reason it's taken me till Janurary.

See when I started writing this comment, I started rereading the chapter…and then I accidentally started reading the next chapter…and got all the way to the end of the pirate challenge again without writing any comments. That shows just how good and engrossing LTDI, but how easily distracted I get haha. Still, this is a great chapter!

Courtney finding a loophole to carry the flashlight and have her hands free; that’s why she’s the future lawyer. Really I love how the challenges are often just as much about finding loopholes as the physical tasks themselves.

I hate to agree with Chris, but Courtney didn’t do the challenge. I mean snake was in an uncomfortable and awkward position, but it didn’t sound necessarily life threatening. More impeding her and she had unlimited time to work it out. Still, do what you can to save yourself girl. I’m sure Chris doesn’t appreciate her arguing either. It’s shame because Courtney is probably great for television like Gwen or Heather, but her attitude might not make Chris stick his neck out for her.

I like the idea that Sky is too athletic to be used. I’d say it could help her stay alive, but that would be a jinx and she might actually be put on more lethal tasks instead (like the snakes). Also nice lampshading of her similar appearance to Heather.

Ezekiel is a lucky boy; Scarlett just happens to be the one for the kyz kuu race for the boys. I LOVE when Scarlett unleashes her wild side in LTDI, always a fun nod. Makes me kind of want a non super-villian Scarlett.

The fourth labor definitely seems like one of the less lethal or hard challenges, even if it did almost kill Max (although knowing Max that’s more on him). Of course there are various reasons for that, budget, lowering the campers’ guard, making the more dangerous ones have more bite, etc. It’s still a clever idea for a challenge; was it inspired any by the grease pig relay race? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned before that in Pakithew.

The Wacko Jacko reference was interesting. I remember in the late 2000s when Micheal Jackson was the butt of so many jokes for his appearance and other strange doings. I remember when I was told he died because I actually made a joke about him only an hour earlier. I didn’t even know how famous his music was. Weird to think he was defined by his controversies when I was young, but younger kids will only know him as this remembered legend.

I love that Izzy can spin the wheel and get it right. Of course she can.

Points to Owen for being clever about the size of the tanks. He loses those points for where he puts the flashlight though. Honestly Owen is a challenge beast in LTDI, and it is forgotten in fandom he was kind of a challenge beast in canon, albeit also a hindrance in several challenges (especially the eating one).

I’m proud of Bridgette for putting up a good fight, even if she did only lose by chance. It seems like this Labor isn’t one anyone’s going to fail, given Bridgette’s clumsiness though.

I feel like Chris has a stand-up routine that never took off, so he’s just working on his comedy career while hosting. The losers’ being able to take dives is a smart idea, a nice way to bring that social aspect more stated. Will that apply to all challenges going forward?

I was very curious how you were going to do Cerberus; trying to tame or dog-walk three animals at once was my guess. However, I love Mecha-Cerberus much more! Most depictions of him are just as dogs that never even knew about the snakes. I love his design, especially that snake tail.

(Side note: The Crowned Princess of Bimbonia is up there as one of the best titles or other names for characters in LTDI).

I’m very curious to find out how Chris gets these interns. Like Scarlett and B are talented enough to make a robot in a short amount of time. Why haven’t you quit and gotten a better job somewhere where you’ll get more credit and are less likely to die (although I could see Scarlett having burned some bridges accidentally at some past jobs).

I love that Lindsay finds it cute and wins just by treating it exactly like a dog. She does own a Chihuahua in canon I suppose. Ignorance isn’t just bliss, it’s turning into an advantage on this show for Lindsay. And I was dying at the Khaki Barn reference. Brillant reference!

The major drawback of having Owen back is now we get detailed description on how nasty he can be. ‘Flaccid flesh’ will be haunt me.

DJ and Jasmine? Hmm, I think that’s another potential ship I could get behind. DJasmine is an easy ship name. Talk about power couple. (Jasmine and Ryan could be the only rival in that regard).

I doubted Gwen would win, even given how Chris made the playing field more even. Grabbing the pebble is a nice idea, and it was clever how Gwen to strike before she was finished but it wasn’t meant to be.

YESSS. I was worried we wouldn’t get some reference to Izzy’s electric shock treatment but I’m glad we got it from Cerberus. It’s just a classic Izzy moment if there ever was one. I’m not super familiar with kajiu movies, but I’m aware the character you’re making a reference to; very clever. I'm surprised I haven't seen Cerberus portrayed as a kaiju before given the similarties. I could also totally see B being into those kind of movies.

Scarlett and B better be careful; Chris may decide to put them on a dangerous job for a future challenge as punishment. He might lose his smartest interns that way, but Chris is petty enough to not care. Still, it might have been worth it.

I can’t recall if I’ve already said this, but Leshawna is a challenge beast! She is killing these challenges. That’s true in canon of course, since she did win the original Wheel of Misfortune, with it’s poorly defined rules. Leshawna could be making herself a threat with how well she’s doing.

Never say Eva doesn’t have a heart. She is right that Katie seems to just suffer constantly but she’s also right that Katie shouldn’t be underestimated either.

I’m with Chef; duh Zeke’s a good hogcaller. At the very least he’d be skilled with farm animals like a pig.

I tried to find a video of a large flock of quail flushing, but no such luck. I imagine it would be terrifying to experience, especially to Lindsay who may have actually trusted the challenge was that easy (though even she knows Chris is a liar so maybe not).

Owen’s hunting skills is another nice nod to canon.

I admit I didn’t even think of DJ’s fear on snakes with the Hydra challenge until he did it, but kudos to him to not being affected! I do think it is a little weird the pig had no issues trusting him, especially given how big he would seem. Perhaps he’s developing his own mystical aura of sorts that affects animals. A reverse of his season three curse perhaps?

Hmm…Owen runs over another girl for higher stakes? I’m curious to see what that’s a reference to.

And we finally get the last labor reveal! I’m naturally bias since I suggested the idea, but I really like the set-up of this labor. It has historical literature allusions in a historical, somewhat literature allusion based challenge. But given it’s the most luck based, I am glad it ended up being revealed last, so as not to knock everyone out. Even Atlas’ shell game had some strategy or chance with watching the cups and picking up Ryan’s tell. I’m a bit surprised Chris didn’t have some sort of loophole for this challenge. But I understand wanting to keep a schedule. And like I said, I’m bias so I’m not really too upset.

Ezekiel may have been roleplaying, but he doesn’t seem to understand just how deep that goes or the implications there. After all, the princess in the story loves the victim and has to chose between seeming him be happy with another woman constantly or violently mauled by a tiger. I wonder if there’s any foreshadowing in this…

I do think it’s interesting it’s the right door, just like the one chosen in the story. I wonder if that choice was on purpose. Sucks for Zeke that he gets out on such a lame foul. (I’m surprised no one made the joke that Blaineley was a cougar instead of a tiger). I do think Millie was the perfect choice for the bride, for that more drama with Chris. And well, just because I love Blaineley.

I feel like Heather’s Cattle challenge was a set-up for that slippery one joke and I love it. Heather won’t even deny it.

More DJawn ship teasing! I’m not surprised that Dawn’s bias helped him in this labor. I’m not sure any of the others could pick up on the fact that Dawn was giving him a helping hand, though Dawn didn’t do it intentionally like with say the moose.

Alas, Owen’s challenge dominance was not to last. While his girth has been an advantage in the labors so far, it was his downfall in the kyz kuu course. Still, he has bonus invincibility so not bad for his first individual challenge.

If this challenge has proven anything, Owen and Leshawna could be considered challenge beasts, but Izzy is in her own challenge genus! Heather might be surprised, but given Izzy is a actually a highly trained cop with a variety of skills, it’s not that shocking. Not to mention she was a beast in canon.

As for the cliffhanger, I expected that it wasn’t Beardo in danger. But whatever intern was in trouble was likely already dead. As to the answers for the polls; Zeke's was the lamest since he actually did pick the lady. I voted for Leshawna to win, with no other evidence then it was canon.

Overall, great chapter. I’m sorry it took so long for this review to get out; hopefully I’ll be faster in the future! I can tell you are a little annoyed with how long this challenge has been (I've been there), but I'm still loving this challenge. And now that we know all the labors I’m expecting a lot more knockouts.
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 27 . 12/16/2020
Long overdue comment incoming!


Over the years, I think I realize Izzy is one of, if not my favorite Total Drama character (although I guess that shouldn’t be that surprising). I was expecting Izzy and Trent to return, you revealed that to me as a slight spoiler. It makes sense given Izzy is known for returning and for some reason I imagine her as a favorite of yours. Perhaps its just because she is so fun or the big role she had before her elimination.

So I was surprised when Owen returned, especially since Izzy is still living on the island too. I thought she might return, but I wasn’t sure. I had also guessed Izzy might cameo or guest star in other chapters, such as the psycho challenge or the castaways challenge.

But I’m thrilled she is returning! I mean like I said Izzy felt like she had a big role in the beginning of LTDI, and we have the unsolved mystery of Captain McAllister to solve… Also having thirteen campers means that the castaways episode could have an actual elimination. (Izzy is also who I was referring to as someone I could see Owen having more significant interaction with in the merge, given what happens in canon).

Izzy being a crocodile in a past life just feels like something she would say in canon. I can’t remember Izzy even mentioning her past lives in canon, but it just feels so her. I always associate her with snakes, but her green attire also invokes crocodiles.

Also, of course she is swimming nude. Dang Zeke; if you asked me who I thought would be the first contestant to get some action, it would not be him. This is not going to go great for Courtney x Zeke though…

I can’t remember…is what Courtney is worrying about but can’t remember ever addressed? Or is she just worrying about what Zeke and Izzy were doing earlier and making an excuse. I do love Izzy’s philosophy of forgetting words; I think sometimes do the same. I also agree with Courtney; I doubt she would have been ousted than.

Bless Lindsay; she still can’t even remember Heather’s name, but can accidentally diss her rather well. All these interactions between the campers are fun, and very in character for them all.

And now the truth of Izzy…or should I say Captain Rebecca McAllister? I think I may have mentioned it before, but it reminds me of your Fake Souls contribution (which the Author’s Notes confirm is intentional). I can’t remember if Izzy’s first ‘elimination’ in LTDI had happened yet when I writing WTH? but it does have some similarities to what I may have had planned for Izzy in that.

Dizzy Izzy might be less dizzy? As I’ve said before, it could be used to explain her being the storyteller. Still, it feels like it might be very shocking to see this change go on during the story.

I kind of love the idea of someone playing spoiler. It’s a very fun idea, and I’m interested to see how it affects Izzy in the longtime. It might make her a valuable ally; she’s someone you will always beat and depending on if Chris will automatically eliminate her at some point, if you have allies you want to get far with than she’s good for that too. There’s the whole crazy factor to worry about, but no ally is perfect.

It’s honestly depressing to think that Izzy maybe working at a desk job for her future career after this. It still works to provide fodder for her as the storyteller though. Interesting to see Izzy and Dawn’s connection; I’d say it’s quite coincidental they met up, but there are no coincidences in storytelling.

Izzy just dropping that sex bomb. Hilarious! Courtney is so jealous! By the way, was there any other reason Izzy seemed fine to give being up a fugitive? Ezekiel’s thoughts trying to sink my ship…rude. Which is especially terrible, because Courtney is realizing how much she might actually like him.

On to the challenge! I really, really love this challenge! It’s a very clever set up and spin on the original canon challenge, but honestly feels rather original enough that it feels like its own entity. I love that Chris ‘has’ to do an educational challenge because the show is technically for kids.

I’m honestly surprised the commitment that Chris went to for this challenge; it’s very well-thought and detailed for the myth its based on (though I don’t really believe he did all the research or development in it, if he had any part in creating it).

The trailer playing out as a special winner’s reward is a very clever touch. It never struck me how odd it was that such a prize was given away in TDI… Lindsay actually having a strategic thought? Is she evolving or something? Should we be worried about an upcoming apocalypse for this is a sign of the end times?

Cameos! I love LTDI’s cameos and this challenge has a ton. Eva is perfect casting as the Queen of the Amazons. I love the little detail of the logo on the championship belt. Naturally, Duncan had to be Eva’s first challenger. And naturally Eva crushes him! You go girl!

A Jasmine cameo! YESSSSS. Jasmine is probably one of my favorites from PI (Ella and Scarlett, even if I feel they could have used her better, also there). We have all the warrior women this challenge. Well, except poor Jo…and now I’m terrified Jasmine will die. Too Cool To Live as they say. That might just be a rule with interns in general.

I wonder if Chris would ever air confessionals. He’s honestly pretty fair with letting the strategy play out without that much rigging. Well, there was Gwen’s two idols I suppose but I’ll let him claim it was to avoid a law suit for physical damage.

I like the variety of having a nonphysical challenge for the eleventh labor. I suppose it could have been lifting some kind of weight for some kind of time limit, but a little strategy in the mix to throw them off and mix up the physical elements. Nice to see Ryan to. If it’s anything like canon, then I’m afraid he’s with someone else Leshawna. Y’all would be a cute couple though.

I had guessed he palmed it! I can’t remember the quote from tropes exactly, but the trick is not getting you to pick the wrong shell, it’s making you thing there is a right shell.

I love Gwen’s special version of the cattle challenge. Another Monty Python reference is always welcome! Sweet of Gwen to play along. And I like the question was kind of a trivia question that Gwen maybe able to answer. I’m sure Chris, or whoever planned it, could have noted how Gwen knew the answer from archive footage…but they might have chosen that as a test of memory (or to rig it for her).

I’ll be honest, for reason I didn’t expect to see Bridgette. Maybe it’s because she did leave so early or because it wasn’t water related. Or even I assumed she wouldn’t step foot on the Island again. But its good to see her nonetheless!

I guess Chris wanted it to seem like Ezekiel had gotten some kind of comeuppance or karma for his comments? It is sweet of Bridgette to give up and give Zeke a win after that point.

Ennui! I’m so down for a Goth cameo! A horse race makes sense for this challenge, very clever to spice it up with the kyz kuu challenge. Ennui works perfectly as a dark king for this. The horse being named Loki is a nice touch!

A bull fight, or the bull moose equivalent, makes sense for the cretin bull challenge and is kind of callback to the bull moose rodeo challenge as well. I expected Izzy, just like her canon counterpart, to do just as well.

I’m surprised Chris didn’t find a way to make them clean the bathroom stalls or go into a sewage tank with the stables labor, although I suppose those are saved for other challenges. A bonus labor is a nice twist, and a clever way to add some more strategy to the challenge. I always enjoy the little loophole abuses and small strategic ways that the contestants can gain standing on the show.

Ennui’s ‘exaggerated’ moans of pain are akin to the same in canon. A nice way to incorporate that joke in.

I’ve been waiting to see what you do with the Hydra labor, so naturally it works as a perfect cliffhanger. The poor intern, whoever they were may they rest in peace, that was swallowed whole. But no time to mourn I suppose, Courtney has some slippery serpents to wrangle.

The chapter was great. I feel like I say this everytime, but you capture the voices of the characters so well. They really feel both very in canon but more fully realized as well. Izzy was a standout, but again I’m bias. Izzy might be at near the top of my LTDI rankings now, but its hard to distance that with my own feelings.

The challenge was amazing too. It takes a pretty basic challenge for Total Drama and makes it something that has a lot more charm and character. The cameos are great; it’s a tie between Ennui and Jasmine for my favorite, but I’m going to give it to Jasmine for actually winning her duel. My favorite labor might have to the kyu kuz or Eva’s girdle though, since again Eva is so perfectly stunt cast.

Slowly, but surely I’m catching up! Four more (at the moment) to go!
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 26 . 12/16/2020
Let’s see where we left off! Ezekiel is giving out his reward…

I’m glad Ezekiel was concerned about the different rooms. It’s very much something that fits his character, and a detail like that wouldn’t even be thought of by most writers (myself included). It’s one of those nice, little things that just adds depth and believability that are in LTDI.

Same with Lindsiot, which kills me.

Ezekiel’s plan is pretty ingenious. As Chris discusses later, it’s a great way to get information about the game. It’s especially useful for understanding team dynamics. Granted that’s less of an issue in Total Drama since teams live together usually, but Zeke might still be curious or not privvy to information about the other team. Getting the guys and Chris to serve as a cover is another smart step.

Heather feels like a psychic. I’m not sure the exact conditions of the losers, but given canon we know that Playa De Losers is a resort like they had been expecting. So she’s right on the mark. Her genre savviness is powerful...when not overruled by her pettiness. I do doubt Chris would let the losers talk to the campers, he’s hush-hush even when they visit, just for the sake of keeping the drama. Still, better safe than sorry.

If it was me, my gut instinct would be to pick Gwen or Katie. They’ve both been through the most. I’d lean to Gwen for the chance to hang out with Trent. But that’s before looking at the deals…'

How famous is Chris in the LTDI-verse. Is he worth the budget? Although, I assume he had a big role in getting it developed, so he naturally allocated a lot for himself. I’m interested to see how long he kept hosting this show after this season (though this might also be me thinking of Legacy and expecting something similar. If his relative is hosting now though, that implies quite a history with the franchise).

Yeah, I expected that out of Trent too. If the losers are at Playa De Losers, then I don’t really feel like Trent or Owen deserve to go. I mean, sure the cruise is nice and has special treatments but so is the resort. Trent should have gave his spot up to Gwen, especially with that broken arm.

Oh Cody. Sure Gwen will fall for you. Yeah, Chris giving secrets is exactly why I don’t believe he’d let Katie see Sadie like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sadie doesn’t get a challenge cameo like so many others have.

Me too Chris! How has Zeke not picked up on this love triangle? Maybe he doesn’t have any real feelings for Courtney, but even Chris can kind of ship it. Still, Duncan makes a good point of officially forming an alliance.

In reality shows, mostly Survivor, there are two ways that the extreme divide in team numbers would be handled. Usually, the eight Eagles would first work in eliminating all the remaining Muskies, or enough that the Muskies couldn’t work together without them. Though they may already be at that point.

Otherwise, especially in a big team that’s been around together so long, they’ll use the Muskies as numbers against their own. That feels more like what would happen, especially given Heather’s animosity. I’ll touch upon this later, but there really are almost two semi-alliances on the Eagles.

Point is, it would be smart for all of the Muskies to join forces and vote together for survival. They would at know at least a fair amount of votes aren't headed towards one of their own and towards someone else. And if they joined up with either Eagles side, they’d have an alliance for once it goes downhill.

Of course, this is if the Muskies didn’t have their own drama and if one of the Eagles sides wasn’t Heather’s side. But it’s still not a bad idea.

Very DJ being straight to the point. I do how you could make an argument for each of the girls deserving it, some more than others. But I am still curious as why Leshawna would outweigh the others. (I wonder if DJ’s short confessional is because it’s for Homeschooled).

This is true; Leshawna was traumatized. I’m put off cheese for awhile now.

I like Leshawna corrected herself from witch to bitch. Though it’s fair, wouldn’t want to insult Dawn. She would be a lot of fun to party with. She burnt Heather good though.

I swear sometimes Lindsay’s Lindsayisms with the names just get worse. But I love them, so don’t stop! I was a bit confused on how she got Madonna and Leshawna mixed up...till I said it outloud. Not to mention M and L are so close in the alphabet...if she knows the alphabet. I don’t know if misunderstood is the best word for Heather. I wonder how seriously Zeke would take that…

Katie’s confessional is really sweet. She know she doesn’t have a lot to give, and just encourages him to pick who he wants, while also showing how she’s just rebelling against Heather. As for the girl Zeke might be why he didn’t pick Courtney.

Chris is right, trusting each other and voting together as friends basically makes you allies. It’s why I’d kind of consider Leshawna, Gwen, and Trent an alliance. Not that Leshawna and Trent are close friends if we know, but with their connection to Gwen they basically vote as a unit together. Three votes all to’s pretty powerful. (Note: I had this thought in a later chapter actually, but I’ll bring it up again then…)

Heather’s offer is really good. A member of her alliance. I’d be fishy of that final four deal, but it makes sense that coming the merge with the reputation that Heather has and the enemies she’s made she’d want allies. I wouldn’t heed too much of the girls voting him out; this trip is enough proof they probably don’t see him as sexist anymore.

Still, I’d rather not have enemies with Heather and her cronies. Really, Heather gets a lot out of this deal too. She stops a Muskies alliance and gains her own power. She also throws DJ under the bus here, not that Ezekiel seems to make note of it…

Who would I choose? After these pitches I’d have narrowed it two. Who deserves it the most; Katie with all the trauma, plus she’s a great friend. Then there’s who I get the most out of; Heather. Coming down to it, it’d probably be Heather just because this is an elimination game. So I think Zeke and I are in agreement.

“Men are here.” Oh Zeke. I mean I don’t take that as necessarily sexist or even am offended, but you should just not mention gender all for your own safety. Although the notes on the chapter make it sound like it probably wasn’t taken the wrong way.

Ooh Brett. He maybe pretty genre savvy himself. He might do good on the new Total Drama. I wonder if he gets that from his mother…

As for the embellishing, well the Storyteller does do that. Though, it's hard to tell where. But given how gross those foods were, I don’t know if I would doubt that. Especially Leshawna and Owen.

Aww Chef! What a softie at heart! Having to clean is a small price to pay for a delicious meal. I wonder if Chef even enjoys cooking this terrible food for them.

It’s kind of fun that everyone went off in pairs and got to have a rather nice camping experience. Camp Wawanakwa may ruin camping, or even the idea of out for viewers and readers, but camping can be fun.

Honestly, that dinner sounds delicious. How much of a cook are you Gideon? You always make food sound so good!

Dang, I kind of want to know what gossip Ezekiel heard.

Courtney was totally eager. Lindsay and Katie called it! I also loved Lindsay even gets Homeschooled wrong.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I do like that the interns came in thirteens as another nice nod to canon. It makes sense they’d have more come at the halfway point. A poor shame that Rodney was completely taken out, though probably best for his own sake. I totally believe Leonardo caused that, especially because Dawn admits he may have powers.

Sky is the perfect intern to be the one initiating a dodgeball game. Girl’s Night indeed. I really appreciate the note on dodgeball too. I never even thought about it being more of a sport in other countries, because I was curious if Katie and Sadie’s school actually had a dodgeball team. That would fit canon too; when people try to pick it apart they make note that Katie has dodgeball skills in the fourth episode.

Courtney would spend a whole hike trying to teach Zeke.

I honestly can’t remember if I predicted what grabbed Zeke. Part of me feels I did, part me of thought I didn’t take it seriously because I suspected it was added to give cliffhanger for the chapter and so it wouldn’t have long term effects. I’m really excited to talk about it, but that’s for next chapter.

This was a fun chapter. A lot of fun character beats. The interesting thing about reaching the merge is how we see more of everyone. Notably, I feel like again I’m seeing more of Lindsay than usual. But that might be inaccurate to say, she did have a lot of stuff going on when Justin was here. It might just because she had hilarious mixups this chapter.

It is interesting as the notes say that there weren’t really any scenes based on canon this chapter. That’s not a bad thing though. The story doesn’t need any to be good, it’s good all the working elements.

I look forward to catching up and reading more!
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 25 . 12/16/2020
Finally, a comment! I swear I caught up at some point, only to now be very far behind. Oh well.

So now that we officially know our returnees, here’s my thoughts on them.

Trent is not surprising, partially because I believe you may have told me haha. But also given Chris was giving Gwen immunity to the merge for some drama, it just makes sense. Especially since we as readers know returnees were present at the merge.

I like Trent, but he’s never been one of my favorites in the original Island, probably because he is more of a straight man. Not that I think he’s boring, which I know some people do. Overall, excited to see what his return brings. Will he and Gwen become even more official? Will Heather try to kiss him like canon? And what will happen to Cody, who's become a bigger player and character, because of these events?

(By the by, I can’t remember if I mentioned this last time, but I had a theory about who Cody ends up with. If I remember, Sierra is suppose to have some importance to the story, being a temporary intern or something. She has the status of a mauve shirt then a red shirt if I’m remembering right. Given her canon obsession with Cody, I could see that if he leaves with no love interest he’ll hook up with Sierra as a ‘reward’ or happy ending of sorts).

Owen I was rather surprised at seeing return. Having him here for the food eating challenge makes sense, and the trivia notes he’s here for a specific joke. I guess Chris brought him back for this challenge, since I don’t see what kind of drama Owen could bring. He’s just so friendly, and likely not to have any major hook ups.

Then I did remember his and Izzy’s canon hookup, which could mean he might hook up with another camper, if he didn’t hook up with Sadie. Given what we see later, I can see some reasons you decided to have Owen return. He’s not exactly my favorite, but I think I’ll enjoy him. I was expecting someone else to return, but I’ll save that for later.

(Also I was kind of hoping Harold would return, just so we can get confirmation on whether he is really dead or not; I’m not giving up on the possibility!).

Strangely, no one seems rather annoyed that people are allowed to come back. I’m not sure if it was established earlier that was a possibility or not, especially since Chris’ speech implies they can’t.

Thinking about it, how does Heather expect to have the losers support? I mean anyone she’s against will probably be more liked. I doubt few of the others will offer her support based on her strategic merits then one of their friends. Them seeing her confessionals certainly doesn’t help…

Nice touch that Heather would know this is coming, given she is the savvy one. I can’t remember if canon had a nine course meal, but I like Chris specifies a course meal, like they’re about to engage in some fine dining hahaha.

I agree with Jay; it seems like the guy's got the advantage here with Owen returning. I wouldn't be surprised if Chris brought him back just have someone to try the foods for this challenge, similar to the out of story reason he's here. Though given what we see, maybe he wasn't that big an advantage...

Heather and Courtney as the usual suspects is hilarious, and accurate. Nice to see the belching contest tied in from canon. I figured Owen would win it, but Duncan definitely works better thematically.

A Monty Python reference! I only know the movies, but I’ve been needing to watch more Monty Python sketches. I also love Trent muttering under his breath. The sexy servers is a nice touch, again tying well with The Battle of the Sexes theme. It’s something I could see Chris doing too.

I definitely got the Tex Avery reference. Red Hot Riding Hood is probably what Ezekiel is thinking about Scarlett in that outfit… Ooh a Topher reference! Not going to lie, as fun as it might be to see him bothering Chris, I much prefer the idea of Scarlett manipulating him to be vanished by the mob. Scarlett maybe shaping up to be the new Dawn/Ella of the interns…

I am with Owen, defiling fried chicken is a sin. “Great horny Catherine” is a perfect Owenism. I sometimes do forget that Owen can be a hilarious character because he is so used. He’s very humorous this chapter; Nuts was a great joke. Prairie oysters do make a good seeming item for gross food choices; great minds think alike.

I love Lindsay undermining Chris’ all psych out. I suppose a whole frog seems unrealistic, but you guys know Chris. He would definitely want you to eat a frog. I actually started craving chocolates after this.

And know the reason Leshawna is a francophone Canadian! I think you really captured how awful this meal was when you described her booming voice at only a whisper. The reactions to this cheese were hilarious, until Leshawna actually broke down. Again, I think you capture just how terrible this with just how out of character she is because of this cheese. That backstory does not help; I’m with Courtney. Leshawna’s dad has a nice sentiment, but that’s beyond cruel. I have to say I do kind of want to actually try this cheese to just see how bad it is.

I also need to mark that Heather line because I’m not sure what it implies is going to happen later, or even if it's to Heather, but I feel like there’s a lot to impact with those words. Especially knowing they’ll be prophetic.

Fruitcake! I feel like I tried fruitcake once, and didn’t bother finishing it. Everyone’s reactions to these foods are just great! Aww, Lindsay trying to be a good friend. I think she’s genuine, and will probably try to make it up to Katie, and Sadie, after the show.

Chris sewing on a parrot head, classic. I’m assuming they didn’t need to eat the head. Also, Lindsay actually thought Chris was serious. Wow. WOW. It’s hilarious, but somehow makes me love her more. And Katie helping her out. Seriously, this is a cute friendship 3

Do glasses of gross liquid in a row! Unsweetened lemonade is an ingenious trick. I say that all of these food choices have been really creative. Duncan’s sign is a perfect gag for this. The Blendo sounds pretty gross too. A fun idea for a prison themed challenge though.

The technically last item though. Black licorice came to represent! Gwen liking it seems natural, it is black and she is goth. But the trick that it’s...healthy and Owen’s reaction was amazing. And maybe not unjustified.

The almost running gag of Heather being thankful for not being captain was great when Chris revealed the last item. Courtney’s thoughts were just the same. A spring trap in the chocolate? That does sound rather nasty and painful...but Duncan didn’t seem to have an issue.

Honestly, it's probably better the guys win. The girls being peeved at missing a reward like this is great fun or humor. And we know the girls are the real winners because girls are genuinely the better characters in Total Drama (oops, sorry not sorry for that truthbomb for anyone who may read this).

But really it works with Ezekiel’s option and the cliffhanger. Sure its not the most life-threatening, but it definitely intriguing. I love how it plays out too, but that’s a story for next comment!

It’s weird that it took me so long to write this, because I feel like my comment is rather short for me. Maybe that’s why? Honestly it was just a very fun challenge with hilarious reactions and jokes and creative dishes. And not much to worry about the fate of my faves or theories.

I definitely say you can do great humor. LTDI has always been funny even if a drama, with the natural humor from these characters and the situations, so it's not really surprising this chapter is hilarious! Humor or drama, you could do either in my book.

A fun chapter. I look forward to commenting more soon, and I do have a lot more to say on them...
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 24 . 12/16/2020
Well its been quite too long since I commented, and since I've read the latest chapter and you've beaten me to the punch by commenting on TDG already, let's get on it!

Ooh my hahaha. I was curious given how canon went if going topless would be involved at all. Given the last two drivers were men, I didn’t think it would happen, but Lindsay’s assist was a genius (and hilarious) idea to incorporate this! Never understand Lindsay, especially when beauty supplies are on the line.

At least Lindsay is self-aware enough to know she isn’t good with names. A speech impedicure is hilarious.

Okay you’re starting to sell me on this shower haha. I wonder if they got all kinds off luxury soups too. I feel really bad for Courtney; today was a sucky day for her. I don’t think she’s going home, she’s too big a character, didn’t mess up and has Zeke as an ally. Plus she still has a baby to make! (Just kidding…maybe?)

Getting Cody to give it up is a clever idea, but he’s a genuinely nice guy that he did it anyway. I’m glad LTDI portrays Cody as such as a nice person, I felt he kinda was in canon by hooking up Trent and Gwen…then season 3 made him a little too pervy and obsessed for my like.

That being said, will he ever give up on Gwen? A favor like this could be better spent. Plus all the girls are telling them he could win someone’s else heart, and with the passion he puts in to romance I’d buy it.

I mean at this point I don’t know if he can hook up with anyone else, since everyone knows he’s so hung up on Gwen and would feel like second place. Plus he doesn’t have many options left; Gwen and Lindsay are taken, Cody wouldn’t flirt with Katie given Noah’s feelings, Courtney and him haven’t interacted as much and she’s maybe in a love triangle, leaving Heather and Leshawna which sees tough at first glance, but my shipping goggles make anything possible! Hmm…maybe that’s Sierra’s mysterious role whenever she makes an appearance

Still, I’m afraid not even Ella’s magic could make it happen between Gwen and Cody. So he’s out of luck. Not that I find his crush creepy, like season 3, its more endearing here. But I also pity him, especially knowing what will happen… The thing we do for love!

“How? By cosplaying for you?” I first thought it implying that Courtney may dress like Gwen, which is possible. But could it be another costume, perhaps more geeky? I could see it for some reference.

I’m cracking up at this religious experience they’ve gone through. How much was Lindsay’s flashing that powerful and how much is the Storyteller exaggerating? (And this does make me want to add a few lines in a similar vein for the last TDG chapter I posted).

Wow. Just wow Lindsay hahaha. I have no idea if she was aware or not what was going on. I love her one confessional line too. (I just even enjoy the editing process of the behind the scenes nature).

I remember reading this part about the infirmary and being very afraid to keep reading. Even with how lighthearted this chapter had been, a dark turn is never too far away.

I was not ready to lose Ella! I knew it had to happen soon, it seemed too good to be true for her to stick around this long (though I can’t even remember how may episodes she has off the top of my head). But she was great!

And she gets such a departure, very ceremonial with even Chris showing mercy. God, imagine what happens if Dawn dies. Wait, I don’t want you to imagine that! Then you might write it… Really she and Ella have had such an expanded role, or so it feels like. Maybe even more than Alejandro. I do enjoy catching up with the interns, so I don’t mind though.

By the by, who were your favorites for TDPI? Is Ella up there, and has LTDI influenced that at all?

Ooh no, don’t tell me Ella’s magic had been protecting the interns. Ella and Chris were a major conflict in TDPI, but if her magic did protect them, I’d say Ella and Chris could be considered foils.

I knew the merge was coming, but its still exciting we’ve reached that point! A lot can happen now because of it…

Tyler going home makes sense, out of everyone left he’s the only one without much of a ‘plot’ so to speak, having hooked up with Eva and not too many other big interactions. Not to mention he failed hard today, not sure if it was worse than usual but it seemed big. DJ was next, but his and Zeke’s rivalry was still kind of there.

On this reread I am only now appreciating the irony the sporto was eliminated at the sports challenge.

Does Ezekiel know why he keeps being in the bottom two? Has he questioned it? Cause he has to realize Courtney is his friend, so its not because he’s sexist. Is he aware DJ has a grudge against him?

DJ has a really good point! They’ve all voted together, and why its not an alliance it certainly appears to be. I mean Courtney and Zeke are friends, and Duncan and Zeke are friends, so being friends might as well be an alliance. I mean unless the other truly messed up, but even then I wonder if they’re close enough that wouldn’t matter. (Also, can’t fault them on Beth’s elimination; Chris told them too. Maybe he didn’t tell DJ?)

Ooh! A Dawn and DJ scene! I can’t recall if they’ve had any other bigger scenes, other than Dawn whispering to his moose. But given their very similar personalities, it was bound to happen. (Probably why I see them commonly shipped together…and can engage in some DJawn or Dawn J shipping myself…)

I like the detail that two do eat meat, especially Dawn. It’s a nice subversion of an expectation of her stereotype.

Okay, so like I think I’ve said before I’ve always been having the mysticism left as a maybe it’s real or maybe not…but there is no doubt it is in LTDI! Really, I don’t necessarily have proof any magic isn’t here either.

Still, I did not expect Ella to actually be a magical creature. Maybe I should have given her very special magic…but even then, the fact she would turn into a tree I still couldn’t see coming!

Oh my gosh, I just love that we get to see Dawn’s aura vision! It just sounds so beautiful and intriguing (like Dawn’s potential dark side, which I could see, even in canon given her pouty face in her boot episode).

Eeeee! That’s my squeal that Ella is actually still alive! Its bittersweet that Ella may not remember her previous life, but she doesn’t die a horribly tragic death at least…unless something horrible happens to her tree form, if that would affect her, or the Island as a whole. But she’s referred to as an immortal, so maybe not…

So many possible questions with Ella and her form as a tree. Just the way she describes it sounds lovely. I just thought what if the season Brett is on takes place on the island and he tries to commune with Ella, or Perola I should say, but she only has vague memories, yet still has faint ones...

Is Perola shipping Dawn? Hahaha! Is it with DJ? Hehehehe. Shipping is so powerful even immortals do it! What a send off for an amazing side character 3

For some reason I had in my head that Ella’s singing was magical as a spirit and that brought peace to DJ with his grudge with Zeke. Don’t know why I remember that…should be interesting to see if DJ’s thoughts about a major alliance affects how he acts at the merge…

I love that Ella apparently sang the theme song later; I wonder if they kept using it for future seasons. I could see them trying to replace it at one point for something new, but the fans demand it back, possibly because of Ella’s magic. Glad she has a little legacy left with the show.

And EEEEEEEE! Another squeal because we’ve officially reached the halftime! Congrats Gideon on getting here with LTDI! I know its been a long run, but an amazing one! We’re not done yet though…

I like the idea of the Brunch of Disgustingness being a ‘halftime’ show of sorts. I can’t remember if it was established as such in the canon, but I feel like they made it more twisty like the battle of sexes were going to last. I prefer LTDI just being upfront about it.

Oh my goodness we’re getting the returnees! I like the nod to the original with that the returnees would be at the first individual challenge. I know now who, but originally I was shocked that it would be two males, though it seems more obvious in hindsight with the challenge. Partially because I was also expecting something different but we’ll get to that later, or to phrase it differently, that is another story for another time.

(Which, upon thinking of, I went looking at some of the other uses and throughout the story and enjoyed seeing what story for another time had come and how they had been hinted at. We might need an official list once LTDI ends).

Anyhow, I think I should keep my initial reactions to who the returnees are until their official reveal next chapter.

Overall, great chapter! Lindsay made it hilarious throughout, yet it was tragic to lose Ella, but mystical to experience her through Dawn’s vision. And I’m just so excited for what the merge will bring (although I also know haha).

I also have to say I love that this challenge has been great focus for Lindsay and DJ! Lindsay hasn’t been a minor character, a lot has happened with her, but she certainly was the MVP this challenge! DJ has been a bit more minor, but slowly becoming more prominent and having a big focus this chapter, that suggests possibly a bigger role in the future…or just more shipping.

I hope to not take as long with my next comments! I know I have a few thoughts (read:a lot) to share haha.
RhondaTheStalkerFan chapter 23 . 12/16/2020
Whelp, I was way off about Cody. He got taken out real quickly. I imagine his teammates are so shower crazy they aren’t going to be very forgiving… And the Muskies take the lead!

Hahaha, its sad when you get ‘snarked’ by Lindsay.

“…there gitch to ditch their itch.” Are we going to have a rhyme off to match the alliteration fest from before?

I feel a little silly, but I read that as chicken juggling at first. But I love the concept of this challenge, a jousting tournament in the air! I think this a wonderful addition to the extreme sports challenge and felt like something that could happen in canon, but has the realistic morality rate I expect of LTDI. (Also you and Jay met at a Joust? 3 That's so adorable!)

And wow, did Cody actually almost just ask for her bra? Geez, that is bad. At least Gwen is a good sport and gives him her necklace.

Interesting that Chris used the same pairings; he is right about revenge. Shawn makes a good point. As he thought about traveling or living in space either? I assume even if zombie astronauts were around they’d have trouble navigating zero gravity.

No surprise in DJ chickening out, given who he is and who he is against. Ooh boy though, Tyler wiping out was sad, even when he has the advantage. This is not been a good challenge for him; though Lindsay has been doing great.

Heather is not mincing words here. Duncan doesn’t seem like the one to chicken out…except he does! Yay Cody, proving that you’re a tough competitor, just physically outmatched before. It may have helped Duncan was hoist by his own petard.

To be fair to Duncan, Chris said it was lethal and Dies Irae did play. Although it looks like it shouldn’t have been (at least so it seems). And Cody is rather lucky he’s the only guy left on his team, which is probably why he gets all the attention from the ladies as it is (although it doesn’t hurt that he’s also the most easily influenced by them either).

I’d be interested to see what Ella and Dawn’s cowgirl outfits looked like (in my head, Ella’s is an exaggerated rhinestone look, like a Nashville country singer). And Chris and Dawn will have a conflict in the future? I can’t say that’s too surprising…

Guess I should have seen Zeke doing well. Also, holding on for ‘deer’ life? Chris isn’t the only one that has a pun problem (not that I didn’t enjoy it haha).

Heather talked herself into, but she almost backed it up. The 7.99 joke reminds me of the canon joke about Geoff’s time in the leach barrel. And yeah, Courtney is not having such a great day. Duncan isn’t making it better.

Hunger Games reference! (reading the Trivia, and yeah that seems fishy about that reference being in here. You never sure what to believe from the Storyteller, but embellishing and adding to a story is the job of a storyteller…)

I guess Ella doesn’t have an interest in bad boys, probably wants someone whose more of a Prince Charming. I kind of wanted Duncan to get some humility of his own, but I guess I’ll take it (and he didn’t have a great day in the last challenge either…).

I was expecting Leshawna to do well, partially because of canon and partially because of her weight possibly making it harder to throw her. I was right! If I could talk to animals it wouldn’t be trash talking.

And again, Lindsay dominates! She is having an amazing day at this challenge. Is she just super motivated for that shower or would she usually do this well? (okay well, being against Tyler helped, but its still impressive from the uberbimbo).

I liked the quick transition from “Make your love proud.” He did not make his love proud. Hahaha.

I suppose I should have seen more interactions likely taking place between DJ and Dawn, given they’re the respective animal lovers of their seasons (I could totally ship them). Still, rather rude to cheat Dawn.

And I actually did not expect Cody to last, but good on him for doing. Honestly, how do auras even work? Are they who you are and your past or how you currently feel or a mix? What I am really asking, is where can I learn to read auras and become Dawn?

Polo, that’s an interesting challenge. Refresh my memory; Chris says they’ve all done enough horseback riding as part of their summer camp experience, but besides this challenge when else have they ridden horseback?

Man that’s a lot of rules for polo; I can’t lie the idea of an extreme polo challenge sounds fun but idk if I could keep up with all the rules. I forgot for a moment that the colors were reversed for the Killer and Screaming teams.

Once again Lindsay does good at the challenge and Tyler fails. I not shocked an illegal move came from Duncan, though I am a bit shocked Heather was involved but completely innocent. I can see if this was done in canon how Heather’s shot would be played for laughs.

Leshawna would excel at this, but Zeke would naturally too so I’m not surprised he ends up scoring a point (that and the Muskies have to tie for that final challenge).

Courtney and Lindsay being evenly matched strikes me as funny, given their somewhat opposite personalities (one of the reasons I wish they had interacted more in TDA or TDAS…)

And again, Tyler wipes out! Given the Muskies a point advantage. And like that, the Muskies win the first period!

I like Court taking charge here, this is a good point for her to display her leadership skills and strategy. And DJ still having an advantage with his moose; I guess I can’t complain. I’m not really sure who I want to lose this challenge. Like Lindsay, this is proving to be a good challenge for DJ (besides chicken jousting).

If DJ is skilled enough on his moose I suppose it shouldn’t matter who he is against at the goal. Though Heather is right, getting it out of his hands is best and Leshawna has the best chance of doing so.

I am seeing a recurring pattern of Tyler causing fouls, which is how the Eagles are really scoring. But DJ’s advantage does it and ties things up with the Muskies! It was both hilarious and sad to see how utterly owned the Eagles were.

I wonder how these interns keep coming to this show? Does Chris’ intern jokes not make it to the actual episodes or did they already sign their contracts in their own blood before the show?

Seeing the coral transformed into a mud pit makes me wonder where the mud pit actually was in canon…then again, the island’s landscape changes so frequently who knows anymore.

Its time for the classic mud skiing challenge! But is it going to end like the usual one?

Glad to see Tyler pulling more of his weight this time around; four of six is a lot though, so I think Katie could have it in the bag. DJ did get four too…but considering he’s going second I feel like he won’t succeed. Then again, if the Eagles go to elimination we can see what’s up with Gwen’s idols. But I have a feeling whose going to leave next…

I guess I’ll need to read and find out. Once again another wonderful chapter! I love the creative ideas for these extreme challenges. And I’m also really excited, as the merge is just around the corner…till then!
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