Reviews for The Legend of Total Drama Island
Yusaku-Playmaker chapter 32 . 8/24
Well ain't this quite the situation now. Cody has to vote off himself but wants Heather's Alliance to vote for Trent.

Looking at this based on interactions and likelihood, its safe to say Leshawna, Trent, Gwen, and Cody himself are voting Cody. Heather's Alliance is voting Trent (Assumedly). That leaves Duncan, DJ, and Courtney.

Duncan may vote for any of them, but if he's hellbent on maintaining whats left of the Guy's Alliance, he'll vote Gwen.

Courtney struck up a friendship with Gwen, and has known Cody longer, so maybe she'll vote Trent. But she could just as likely follow the logic DJ gave her regarding Zeke and vote Gwen off thinking their friendship is a weakness. She could also vote Cody thinking he's allied with Heather and getting rid of him hurts her alliance.

DJ is the real wild card though. He has no real connections to Gwen, Trent, or Cody, outside of some brief interactions. Like Duncan, he could desire to preserve the Guy's Alliance, but he could just as easily be coerced by Heather into getting rid of Trent, but could then again just as easily throw it back at her saying he owes her nothing and knows she is trouble after her latest scheme against Trent.

So if both DJ and Courtney vote for Trent, he's gone with 5 votes. But if even one of them votes Cody or both vote Gwen, Cody's gone with 4-5 votes. If one votes Cody and the other votes Trent however, Cody will still be gone. But if one votes Gwen and the other votes Trent, then tiebreaker for Cody and Trent.

And that's assuming Heather sticks to voting Trent. If she back-stabs Cody and has her alliance vote Gwen, then one more vote for Gwen, assumedly from Duncan, makes her tie with Cody. If she instead blindsides Cody thinking he's useless now, Cody is gone.

Its anyone's guess now, but if I had to guess who's going home, its Cody.
tiny umbrella chapter 32 . 8/17
I may also add that I meant the term 'fix-it fic' incredibly loosely. TLoTDI eliminates or reworks many of the problems that I had with the first series, so the definition fits in that regard only.
tiny umbrella chapter 32 . 8/13
While I can't say I've ever been good at review writing, even though I've reviewed this fanfic once before under a different name, I must say...from the beginning, this had me utterly hooked. Your writing style in general is absolutely enchanting [I've read and reread the other stories which you have here more times than I can count], and you got me to care deeply about characters that the canon material fell short on fleshing-out in addition to reawakening my love for old favorites. I never thought that I wanted a Total Drama 'fix-it' fiction until I stumbled upon this what now seems like so long ago.

I mean no lasting ill will towards any of the other writers for this fandom, of course, but it's incredibly difficult to find TD fanfiction nowadays that keeps the cast so innately in-character; as an aside, I've always thought there was far more going on than the cameras chose to show, as well. It is also immensely difficult to find an author who doesn't treat their audience like blithering idiots, intentionally or otherwise. Your writing, sir, gives me much the same feelings that reading Lemony Snicket did back when I was younger. In short, a sense of wonder and an odd feeling of 'belonging' [if it can be called such] that I've greatly missed, as well as a myriad of other emotions that would take far too long to unpack in this review. In any case, I am loving The Legend of Total Drama Island wholeheartedly, and want to say that this fanfiction is the best I've read in a long time.

In addition, I appreciate the fact that, FINALLY, someone other than myself realizes that Duncan is actually a capable player in the canon and handles him fairly. You have not eliminated him early for some poorly explained reason, nor have you blatantly favored his character.
Lowland Warrior chapter 25 . 8/11
Knowing that this was the disgusting food challenge, I wasn't surprised at all that Owen out of all people returned. Trent a little more so though I could've seen him coming a long way as well.

The menu felt like it was more... edible! The meals were also clearly more in line with the tone of the story, not in the last place because of the origins of many of them. I find it a signature of your writing style!

I seriously don't get all the hate black licorice is getting. Though I probably don't know any better.

At first glance, I feel inclined to say that Zeke only gives his spot away to cause dissent among the girls, but that doesn't really sound like him as Zeke never consciously tries to put people up against each other. It's really difficult to figure whether his intent is malicious, or well-meant!

Lord NV chapter 31 . 7/30
I'm glad to finally review Episode 16, Gideon - keeping true to our agreement of an episodic-reviewing in place of chapter reviews - though I have to admit that I've been tempted more than once to rescind my decision and go back to reviewing chapters.

I've had the impression that Owen would be the winner of this challenge when he was, in fact, the one eliminated. However, we see the Big Oaf unwilling to go down alone and exploited a loophole to drag another camper with him.

Question is… who?

I noticed that you seem to have a fondness for… rhymes, if that's what they're called – ones you centre and italicise to differentiate from the regular text. Are these rhymes excerpts from existing works or they're entirely constructions of your own? Whatever the case be, how do you chose them and what purpose do they serve in the fic?

Leshawna being Quebecois is a barely openly acknowledged headcanon among the Fandom, since in French her name translates to "The Shawna." (sometimes authors even spell her name as LeShawna to emphasise this). But what's telling is that she lacked the accent and speaks fluent English instead, not to mention she never said any word in French in canon and even most fics.

And lastly, can I inquire about which episode did this 'Wendingo Incident' occur; It seemed to have left an impact on the contestants even after it had come to pass. Sorry, this is a fault of mine for not reading much of the previous chapters.

We've seen in the series how callous Chris is towards the lives of his servants – the interns. But what kept flummoxing me is their identities as the contestants from the succeeding generations. Why have you decided to include them here in the first place?
insertnamehere21 chapter 32 . 7/25
This fic continues to be incredible.

I love how dynamic the characters are, what with Duncan's compassionate side, Chef's educated background, Katie emerging as a possible double agent, etc etc etc

If Trent survives the next elimination, I hope he gets more development

I also love how realistic Heather's strategizing is in this reimagining. One thing that annoyed me about her TDI counterpart is how much she depended on luck. When she does lose invincibility, I can't wait to see how hard she fights to stay.
Lowland Warrior chapter 24 . 7/18
I sincerely don't know what to fully think of how Lindsay won the challenge...

At one hand, it was a failsafe way to distract DJ, but is it like Lindsay to demean herself to that to win? Unless her innocent mind sees little harm in it, which as I pondered on that probably would be the case. It did lead that pretty hilarious exchange between the guys treating it as a divine gift though. Funny that I should've mentioned divine, or magical in that regard but more on that later.

What an extreme mood whiplash followed with Ella's... let's call it 'ascension'. It felt sudden, but that was important for the impact. I do remember I found her enchanting singing a little odd, but even though I felt she was out of place it made for a very poetic and enchanting conclusion.

Her ascension also made me realize how much you feel it if an intern dies. There are of course plenty of reasons for that such as them being more prominent and the overall tone of the story is vastly different, but maybe also because such cynical events just don't go so well in written work.

The interns are anyhow among the best side characters I've read about in a long time; they have distinct characters but hardly ever overshadow the main cast and if they do, it's because they're involved with one of them. Like Dawn. Dawn's characterization as well as her interaction with DJ was very powerful! In fact, her explanation of how she views animals and the workings of the food chain is perhaps the most realistic nature-oriented I have ever seen her. That DJ remarks that her aura bears certain dark elements and her sass in the previous chapters makes her read like a character how she's frequently portrayed, but still has the attitude and faults of any regular human being!

Your characterization of Chef is also the kind I like to see most; Generally speaking loud and aggressive, but no stranger to solemnness when the situation calls for it either.

With all this happening, you might almost forget that there's also the competition to follow!

I'm tempted to say that I didn't expect Tyler's elimination. However, once DJ got his marshmallow and the reasoning behind it, I honestly couldn't figure who else but Tyler was to get the sack.

Overall, the focus more on story and characterization was a welcome change! It keeps things nice and balanced.

Lowland Warrior chapter 23 . 7/18
Well, it's been a long time, but I figured I should continue reading this after...ocharme... well over two and a half years! I'm very sorry for the long delay. You know, it's odd but even when it has been a long while, I still remembered almost everything going on!

I probably have said this before once, my memory serves me much worse regarding reviews, but aside from the elaborate writing style making this story notably stand out among all the others, there's also this way how the story is told, I don't know how it's called exactly but it's very frivolous in its description and self-aware at times and it's an excellent way to evoke the feeling that's it's all told as a story!

Right, so something about the chapter itself; I really like the choice to replace sofa skydiving with the chicken jousting. Even if it's still a little farfetched, even considering the lax standards of the TD universe, it still is more reasonably realistic and much more entertaining to booth! How Cody beat Duncan and how 'the scorner of laws' pushed him into it was especially admirable!

Furthermore the topic of challenges, there is something about the challenges that their unpredictability make up for their, admittedly, sometimes big length. One time a massive curveball is thrown and the losing team ends up on top, but other times when you expect them to make a great recovery, they end up losing anyway! Such randomness is tricky to write, for me at least, and the unpredictability is a really fun element! It keeps you on your toes!

Like, how is the Seadoo mud skiing going to end? Is it going to go down the same way as canon or not? I cannot tell!

Nerea869 chapter 32 . 7/14
I like this story. Don't have so much to say. Some characters don't catch my attention neither in the show or here.
I just want to Courtney and Duncan to be together

Sorry for my english
Knifez chapter 32 . 7/13
Interesting chapter! I loved DJ’s and Duncan’s strategies.

I can’t see either Trent or Cody going...if only for the gender imbalance. Seeing Trent without Gwen would be interesting too. My money is on Gwen.

I’m also glad Izzy is gone. You know I didn’t care for her role in the story. I’m definitely interested to see how this next challenge pans out, especially with all the changes you said you made.
FOWLKON chapter 32 . 7/10
I hope Heather bails him out, then seriously chews him out for his principles, mostly because I want my theory of his elimination in the Horror-movie challenge to be true (Mostly because I want to see him return the favor to Heather by sacrificing himself for her). My theory is that he'll white knight himself to save a girl from danger, and now I think that girl will be Heather instead of Gwen.
StayOuttaMyShed chapter 32 . 7/9
Hey, new chapter. Seems I picked a good time to recently get into the story. It also looks like the prediction that Owen would try, and fail, to oust Heather was an accurate one. Izzy's reasoning for the blockage was fair enough, and since I wasn't really feeling it too much with her I can't say I'm upset about the decision for her to go. Though between them being eliminated together and Trent potentially getting eliminated next chapter, that was an earlier end for the returnees as a whole than I was expecting.

Another short and sweet challenge this time around it seems, largely due to DJ getting half of the crew immunity in one fell swoop. An interesting choice for sure, I can see how it was necessary for nearly everyone to be immune to cause the love triangle bottom three, but as a result it kind of gave those girls the short end of the stick for screen time, Leshawna especially. But I did enjoy what we saw from Courtney and Duncan a lot, it's cool to see a glimpse at the "nice guy Duncan" attribute. Gwen and Trent's assisted hunting was also a nice choice.

So since it seems no groups are interested in booting Gwen, either Trent or Cody gets the axe next. Damn, these dudes just keep dropping and dropping. That being said, I would predict that Trent gets the boot even if he only just recently returned. The cliffhanger of Heather needing to up her price to help Cody almost seems too major for her to not even be able to cash in on it if he gets eliminated instead of Trent. And come on, Cody's just the more interesting character of the two. Despite winning a challenge and being part of the current main couple, Trent doesn't really feel like he's doing much. As I was writing this I was about to say I don't think he even had a line this chapter until remembering the chase with Shawn. It seems Heather now has to convince DJ to vote for Trent despite DJ already feeling they're even, so that should make for an interesting scene. Things could potentially backfire and Cody gets eliminated instead, but because he's the more interesting of the two in this story, I'll predict that Trent is done.

Now the bike challenge will be an interesting one. The episode is infamous for its convoluted rules and elimination, so it should be fun seeing how that's altered. And since that's the canon episode where Lindsay goes off on Heather, and Heather's alliance is starting to feel a bit too powerful with the three of them and Cody as an on and off again ally, I feel like Katie or Lindsay will be facing the music next. We haven't seen too much of people being eliminated in their canon eliminations, but Katie does still feel like the bigger character of the two, so I'm kind of expecting Lindsay to get the boot again. But that elimination won't happen next chapter, so that can be speculated on further next time. For now, I'm just looking forward to seeing how you tweak the challenge itself.
freshcreationgarden chapter 32 . 7/9
Well done on the twist elimination.
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 32 . 7/9
Excellent updating, and cool touch about making Robocop and Duncan related.

And yeah, Owen definitely needs to see a doctor, concerning his digestive issues.

Also, cool idea with DJ's strategy. That was pretty clever.

Keep the good writing.
John Spangler chapter 32 . 7/9
A lot of things surprised me about this chapter. Izzy jumping in to protect Heather, DJ's performance in the challenge, and Duncan showing his soft side with the wolf (what a cute scene!). The ending worries me, though. What does Heather mean with "the price has gone up"? Well, I guess we'll have to wait the next chapter to find out.
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