Reviews for The Boy in the Park
Kitty Kat Vixen chapter 10 . 12/2
What. The. Heck.
StecV chapter 78 . 11/22
Thank you very much for writing this fic. It took me two evenings after work but it made my heart warm. Smile appears constantly on my face whenever I remember scenes from this story.
You're a great author.
Gunkas Fee chapter 17 . 10/4
This chapter seems to herald a completely different story! I liked the interactions of the OC and Naruko and how little things affected the story line. The sudden reconciliation with Sakura seemed hasty but I decided to wait and see. And then this chapter happened and it suddenly became a harem story. As one guy with a bunch of younger girls is not exactly my cup of tea I will stop reading now. It may be cute but I just feel uncomfortable reading it. I should have read the comments instead of merely the summary, I guess. It is very misleading.
DuManHeiu chapter 78 . 10/3
So this is why you don't write too much fluff...
I think I got stage 10 diabetes here.
Namikaze Uzumaki Potter chapter 78 . 9/14
Dude..the civilian scored! Civilian Hokage pairing with is lit!
Mew-Star-Mew chapter 78 . 9/8
Okay, I loved this story until Shinku kissed back. I personally refer that to incest because my definition of family isn't "must be related by blood".

So that ruined the ending for me.
BUT otherwise, I absolutely loved the story despite the rest of the incestual context. It was hilarious and I can't say I regret reading it.
Shinku Yuhi is by far one of the best OC's I've seen, so good work
CaptainToast321 chapter 65 . 8/30
I'm really kinda depressed as to how this turned out.

The story was a LOT better in the first 20 or so chapters. Then you just kept adding crack jokes and bullshit into it. It's actually pretty terrible. I haven't laughed at all in awhile. The jokes have all been really cringy and dumb.

The only thing that kept me going this far was I liked the relationship Naruko and he had. The romance was nice to. But it's just gotten to unbearable to read.
Mindmaze chapter 77 . 8/16
Wow his dad is a "I'm proud of you son" or "I'm sorry your life hasn't been an easy one..." and so forth, just "your not seven anymore" and flippant remarks. Wow... So I guess Naruto did fancy him? Urgh I don't know if I should feel happy or not. I mean they're not blood related I guess and I do like shipping things but urgh...the fact he practically raised her and made on a family leaves me conflicted. I guess if I read it back and see the changing bond on her side since she returned with Jiraiya and on his side since he found out about the fake date but's well written but honestly don't know how to feel.
Mindmaze chapter 75 . 8/16
This was perfect. I meant the content was sad but in terms of character development, setting the scene and a portrayal of the bond between the two...perfect. I am so glad Naruko has some one like him on her side, yup. It was bittersweet fluff but it was fluff of the softest kind.
Mindmaze chapter 72 . 8/16
Okay this is funny but only mildly, mainly I'm concerned with your lack of concern or rather what you wrote. I mean Sakura had a kunai to Naruto's throat, Sakura went from humorous anime like pervert trope to full on psycho and no one is even thinking of getting the Hokage involved? She should get help, hell she should be suspended because she is clearly unstable and a threat to her comrades but no, that won't happen because plot! I mean it doesn't take away from my overall enjoyment but with the constant shift between cheesy and serious I don't know if I should laugh it off or frown because it doesn't fit in with the so called serious parts.
Mindmaze chapter 71 . 8/16
Yes Shinku you are to soft...but since my heart could not take the thought of you and Naruto going throughout life hating one another I shall forgive you your doormat tendencies...*sigh* I still wish Hinata was put in her place...honestly every one else learned their lesson but her. Still I'm glad this got wrapped up though I do wish it had taken a bit longer but ah...all's well that ends well. Still I am confused..does Naruko love him or not...I know she said she didn't but was she just saying that or did she mean it...because I was convinced due to what you wrote earlier she did love him but...ugh to confusing. I'll stick with siblings with an emphasis on her having a brother complex for now I least she isn't Sakura levels of crazy.
Mindmaze chapter 69 . 8/16

How could you! This fic is a trap! Oh yes a trap! It's sets you up thinking it's a nice fluffy feel good fic but it's not! It''s just a stinking lure to pull you in and then BAM! Stomp all over your feelings and turn out the flames of platonic family goodness. My feelings! Author this was very cruel of you!

Alas I understand the need for drama so I suppose as long as you make it better I shall forgive you. Shinku. Can. Not. Die. I will not accept it. So clearly it must be a joke. Yes. IT. MUST. Ahem...anyways, must read on ta for now!
Mindmaze chapter 68 . 8/16
I feel like I should feel bad for Sakura (After all she just had bad timing if any one deserved a slap it was Hinata or Hanabi whoever was behind the main harassment) that said I don't. She's had this coming a long time, I mean seriously he could have pressed charges against her. I mean I am angry at Naruto (I knew no good would come of this) but imagine if Nazuma had been real...they had no right to do that. Even though I knew it was Naruko I still felt so bad for them and at the end when conflicted Naruko just wanted to spend time talking with him...I mean I know she is just as bad but compared to all his other interested party that sort of innocence is just so...well it has me in her corner despite myself.

That said my biggest feels are of course for Shinku...dam he really needs to talk to the Hokage and get them to punish their ninjas. I wish he would give the rest of them the same talking to but have a feeling it's unlikely, that said he needs a hug, a hundred of them...he's the victim in all of this and I want hi better. Author you better make it better, I can't handle the sadness! Yes you did manage a sad Dattebayo...I suspect witchcraft? Yes I am on to you!
Mindmaze chapter 65 . 8/16
This is so messed up, it's like a train wreck I can see coming a mile off and yet I can't look away from. How do you come up with these things? Seriously you write such a compelling lead that I take any offence to him seriously as if it were my self. I never thought I would become emotionally attached to an oc, seriously I emphasize so much it hurts. What if he finds out, if I were him I'd be humiliated and if I generally loved her I'd be hurt because even if she wasn't real I thought she was and uncovering the truth would be the same as loosing her. Argh, I don't see how this will be resolved, unless Naruko makes him hate her alter self and he doesn't find out. Oh well must see results, tensely reading on.
Mindmaze chapter 60 . 8/16
Welp that was anti climatic...and yet very fitting for your character. Still glad they made up... Never. Do. That. Again. Okay? Good! My heart can not take it. Now impress me with you continued writing.
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