Reviews for The Boy in the Park
Rusticsoldier chapter 78 . 7/17
I was hoping you would end this as a harem story
The Fallen Fox chapter 78 . 7/14
Hi. I dont know that if you will check this review 5 years after posting the last chapter but i have to say this iloved your story very much. The concept was so fresh and unique i am cursing my self even now for not reading this before. Thank you...
Guest chapter 49 . 7/9
I love this,story so much. This story is so fluffy I'm gonna die!
Zirna chapter 78 . 6/19
Brilliant story
Chibi Mimikyu chapter 78 . 6/21
nice n fluffy, nice n fluffy. now time to read the rest of your heart-wrenching angst at 3:23 AM
Chibi Mimikyu chapter 59 . 6/21
press f for canon power levels
Chibi Mimikyu chapter 31 . 6/21
31 chapters and we get a name lol
Quilon chapter 78 . 6/3
10/10 for fluff. Made my day instantly better, and this is like the third time I've read this
MrKeyFox chapter 45 . 6/2
Tell her who her parents are. Ladies and gentlemen shadenight is an idiot but we know that already. Seriously you could have said anything better than that.
MrKeyFox chapter 37 . 6/1
Oh the cucking begins by gaara no less.
MrKeyFox chapter 20 . 6/1
Typical shade you see everything coming a mile away.
MrKeyFox chapter 18 . 6/1
Oh no the famous shade bad idea. Anko's on the scene now, gee I wonder who's the "true" love in this story.
MrKeyFox chapter 16 . 6/1
Lol there's the famous shadenight bitch mode we all know and hate. Will the cringe coffee meme rear it's ugly head, or the romance cucking?
StoryReiter chapter 78 . 5/14
...Thank you for EVERYTHING. Giggles, laughs, f-laughs(fluffs). Thank you.
StoryReiter chapter 56 . 5/14
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