Reviews for Black Water (IN EDITING)
dakr1201 chapter 15 . 17h
Ah shit! Charlie is on a mission! LOL chapter 15 is awesome!
Justmeesh33 chapter 1 . 9/19
I love your writing style, its a lovely mix of perfectly chosen words and simplicity. for most fanfiction i feel like I have to overcome the writing just to try to get into the story, but here the writing itself is amazing which makes it much easier to get into
whitewolf7410 chapter 15 . 9/16

I thought there was more to read! D: But besides the excruciatingly depressing fact that I have to wait for more chapters like boring peasants do I absolutely love this story.

Seriously, it's actually has a plot and a building up of events and - and just a good story to it. I love how Charlie doesn't find out about the werewolf thing right away but she knows that something is going on and has her own investigation and stuff. I'm happy with how she is this badass character but isn't a Mary Sue about her skills, appearance, and personality. I love how she doesn't have a love interest in the first five hundred words. I'm relieved that she doesn't steal canonical lines from other characters and has her own life going on within the show. I fangirl over the dynamic between her and Donald. I admire her sometimes obscure movie references in every other sentence. Im in love with her clever wit, 'uncaring' attitude, and Sarcasm. I'm vicariously happy with the humor and how smart you are to be able to put everything together so seamlessly. I'm in love with how you portray each character and how you put twists in the story (ex: she's stalking Derek and turns around and Lydia is the one to come up out of nowhere instead). (Ok, I'm going over-board)

It's such a joy to read this incredibly unique and... I dunno how to say it, congenial? and artistic story. I'm super impressed and maybe a bit jealous of your writing technique. I honestly think that... thisstoryisbetterthanBrittWitt16's,pleasedontkillme...

I'm super hyped to read the next chapter and anything and everything beyond that, keep up the amazing work and awesome references.
Please keep this story going and I'll see you in the next one.

Till the Next Chapter
Guest chapter 15 . 9/5
Please update I LOVE your story I can't stop laughing like h24 I swear
zvc56 chapter 15 . 8/13
Great chapter!
fighter61998 chapter 15 . 8/1
Stiles is not sneaky. Charlie is trying her best. Love the chapter. I was a can of the old one, but I think I like this version a bit more. She has a life outside of town and it adds a bit more character to her. Nice.
January Lily chapter 15 . 7/27
All the text notifications had me cracking up. If I was in Charlie's place, I would have been so annoyed! haha. But I really love the incorporation of Charlie in Lydia's life. Lydia needed a Charlie in the show. And I loved that ending! haha. Perfect! :)

I just wanted to take the time to say that you are an incredible writer. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this story and all of your other writings. It's obvious you put a lot of hard work into it. Thank you for sharing your story with us! I really appreciate that! And I appreciate you! Never forget that. :) I would also like to take the time to compliment your writing style. It's so easy to follow and the pacing is incredible! I couldn't ask for more-except for maybe that it was canon. ;) haha. Again, thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to where you're going next! Love ya! :)
January Lily chapter 14 . 7/27
I always love any scene you put Charlie and Donald together. Honestly, you can't even tell that they are both OCs. In fact, I would have loved to see both characters on the show for real. It's a good thing I have your fanfic to read! ;) haha.

Honestly, the way you write every relationship keeps me wanting to read more! You do so well at keeping me wanting to read more-wanting to know every twist and turn.

I love all the banter between Charlie and Stiles. Seriously, it's awesome. Every conversation with them flows so naturally! and most of them leave me cracking up in real life! haha.

But-uh-uh oh! That ending! I'm glad that I still have another chapter to read! This way I can "hopefully" get some closure. But let's be real, this is Teen Wolf. ;) haha.
January Lily chapter 13 . 7/27
BAHAHAHAHAHA-that dinner. Need I say more?

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie-I love you to death, but sometimes I feel like I relate too much to you with your timing on things and your retorts. haha. Like seriously, Charlie is one of the many character's I relate to the most. Sometimes, I feel she's me-but a much more awesome version. haha.

And her relationship with Donald-oh boy! I love it!

Thanks for the hard work you put into this! :)
YourpalMoony chapter 15 . 7/27
The start of this chapter is so classic Charlie. I just always imagine her swallowed by fluffy sheets and a messy head of hair poking out from between pillows lol.

Omg Donald, love of my life, light of my life. His ‘office.’ I love that he recruited a film nerd to help him solve the mystery that was found on Lydia’s phone. And he’s crushing on Charlie! lol. Look at Donald the feminist, so proud of my son :’] Him shooting down Charlie’s looks has me cackling, we all know Charlie is actually gorgeous!

Oh man, this chapter is giving me major feels for Lydia. You do such a good job with writing her. Her parents freakin suck, seriously. I’m so happy Charlie is there for her. Honestly my favorite pairing in your story is Charlie and Lydia. They just make me so happy even though they couldn’t be more opposite. It’s def one of your strong points.

Mel being nervous about parent teach conference is so adorable. She’s trying her best and I honestly think she’s doing a great job at raising Charlie, although Charlie is very self sufficient and makes it easy on Mel (sort of)

Now you’re giving me Charlie and Allison feels? DAMN you’re really good with relationships, please teach me how you do this? I am a brick wall and don’t understand the necklace is perfect for Allison. Better than that ugly Argent necklace, lets be honest.

HAHHHHHH THAT ENDING WAS SO SATISFYING! Seriously great ending to a great chapter :D
Basker chapter 1 . 7/25
I literally stopped to read The Wild Side like you said so... I'all be back!
Lizverse chapter 15 . 7/19
And now the real fun begins! Charlie is just too devious XD
LonelyGiant chapter 15 . 7/20
I've been waiting for this. Charlie is brilliant and, more importantly, realistic. That ending was bombastic. This fic is like fine wine. Don't stop creating.
OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 15 . 7/19
I completely love Lydia and Charlie's friendship. They really do compliment each other well and have their own strong personalities but at the end of the day are going to be there for each other. Also it's hilarious to see Mel freaking out over parent teach conferences lol
agent-jawa chapter 15 . 7/19
My heart my have stopped when I saw that you updated. I aspire to have the level or sarcasm and sass that Charlie has.
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