Reviews for Get Down with Satan
Old Uncle Johnny Pilgrim chapter 1 . 8/7/2009
Well, this one isn't totally bad. Much of it is actually funny, in fact, but that can most likely be accredited to coauthor Mike Lee Rohm. Mark Moore wouldn't know humor if it borrowed his pants specifically to shit in them.

But of course, in true-blue Mark Moore fashion, the Christian-bashing continues. You know, don't you think it's weird that Moore is using Captain N, a show that NEVER had anti-Chistian propaganda of any kind, to make Christians look stupid? I'm sure that if he really wanted to get his anti-Christian attitude across, he could have done it in a more mature way THAN WRITING A FAN FICTION BASED OFF A SHOW THAT STARRED VIDEOGAME CHARACTERS.

Getting weirder is the fact that games like Castlevania and Kid Icarus used religious elements in their storytelling. I mean, Simon Belmont works for the Catholic church and Kid Icarus personally knows some of the Greek gods. Wouldn't it perturb either of those two characters that Kevin and the others are making fun of other people for the very things they believe in?

The scene that makes fun of Christian parents presents itself as possibly the most annoying scene in Moore's entire fanfic series. It's almost like saying, "How dare those parents try to protect their kids!" Since we live in a day and age where parents buy M-rated games for their kids, then blame the games when their kids become violent, I actually kind of find the overprotection Mark speaks of kind of charming. Hey, at least they're trying to be responsible.

Additionally, my overprotective Christian parents had nothing against stuff like He-Man, rock music (They were bigtime metal heads), or videogames, but Barney... I dunno what it is about that guy, but he just rubs people the wrong way. So all in all, a lot of the things Mark spits out are just fiction, including this wacky information he gets about Christians.

Anyway, much of the humor is great, but in the end, it really could have done without the Christian-bashing, as it was annoying, unnecessary, and just slowed down the pacing of the story.
T.C chapter 1 . 10/27/2002
Good one, man! Now you know how I feel about organized religion.

BTW, I read somewhere that He-Man can also be interpreted as *anti*-Satanic. There's an episode of "Masters of the Universe", where He-Man fights a Satan-like being known only as Evil. Evil looked like a giant pillar of hellfire, and tried to take someone's soul. Evil also commented that he (Evil) and He-Man were destined to battle. If Evil is Satan, then He-Man represents God. (Adds new meaning to "Masters of the Universe," huh?)

Besides, I thought mercy was a Christian trait.