Reviews for Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds
chelsss1 chapter 1 . 5/20
what a pointless argument. why dont they just shut up and watch quietly. Im sorry the story is good but sometimes the straw hat crew is overreacting and its annoying that sometimes i didnt even read they're argument or comments
Guest chapter 8 . 5/6
Why did you have to go with the brotherly forehead poke Author-san! Don't you know that that is torture for us Naruto fans! Unless you did it on purpose... sadist...
I'm absolutely loving the story though!
RainbowMaze chapter 21 . 5/3
The thing I absolutely adore about your story is how true and accurate you make the characters to their canon selves. I can imagine all of the Straw Hats, as well as Ace and Sabo, reacting like that.

Onto chapter 22!
RainbowMaze chapter 20 . 5/3
Amazing chapter! I can agree with you about not really liking Vivi. She was an okay character, I guess. The beginning of Drum Island, when she said Luffy was not suitable to be captain, really ticked me off. I admit that I fid feel bad for her when she was trying to catch everyone's attention when the battle in Alabasta (the war) was going on. I'm interested in how you have the Straw Hats react to the first part I mentioned.

Onto the next chapter for me!
RainbowMaze chapter 19 . 4/28
It always amazes me on how long the chapters can get. Anyway, I'm glad that you excluded the filler since not everyone watches the filler (me included). Those who are just getting into One Piece might exclude them to catch up faster, or at least that's what I do. I'm expecting great things from this story!
Guest chapter 6 . 4/25
I like how Robin always manages to turn someone else's bad situation towards her. It's really a talent honestly. A nice one? Not for the person the attention was supposed to be going to.
Guest chapter 49 . 4/23
Why are they blaming Hannyabal for the actions of the entire Government? I mean I get they they're biased but really? I'd expect Robin at least to leep some objectivity
Ryan Mashall chapter 60 . 3/31
I was just surprised tht sanji was only sry for the Baron thing. I thought he'd comment abt Drum island, or how he disobeyed captains orders at sabondy. And wat abt tht telescope usopp and franky kept promising to make? Oh well
Guest chapter 51 . 3/29
This fic had an interesting start and all the dialogue sounded so in character it was amaz, in the middle it got SUPer boring and i skipped a bunch, then their dialogue became really repetitive and now its back to intresting!
Ryan Mashall chapter 49 . 3/28
I could cry at this point, wait I already am...
Ryan Mashall chapter 43 . 3/27
Ryan Mashall chapter 18 . 3/25
I've been thinkn this for a while now, bt I really find it ironic tht Ace, who blames himself for the grey terminal fire ends up getting flames for a power
Ryan Mashall chapter 4 . 3/24
Tht was scute
Ryan Mashall chapter 1 . 3/24
This is p intriguing so far
Kiyaameron chapter 64 . 3/17
There is truly nothing but respect and awe I have for you for creating this great piece of fiction and for your absolutely perfect portrayal of the Strawhats. This is almost certainly my favourite story ever, I've read it at least 5 times and I am still blown away, so I just have to say thank you for making this masterpiece.
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