Reviews for Short Story Drabbles
123 chapter 302 . 7/1
APridefulSin chapter 302 . 9h
okay, hands down couldn't breathe because of laughter at how the scenario could be 100% believable with how the blacks are and how she is relieved at not going to Hogwarts, I wouldn't blame her with the order... but now with what happened, it up in the air how hostile they may get if the decision to search for her is made.

extremely well done, just like everything else I read today and that is here.
Shadow Kitsune11 chapter 302 . 15h
I really like this story so far and I hope you continue it. I had not really heard of twisted wonderland before but you have gotten me into it. This paring seems like it could be fun.
comodo50 chapter 302 . 17h
I think Aurora wouldve done some Q&A to the headmaster to decide if she stays or not, kinda like: does this school hide valuable artifacts that attract dark lords? does it use cerberus and other dangerous stuff to safeguard them? Do you have an unsolved murder case (ie. myrtle) which might happen again? Do you host dangerous tournaments that were stopped due to its death tally? And things like that. Of course, headmaster would be like, nope. And so, it makes it far better than Hogwarts
Shinigami04 chapter 302 . 7/1
This just got more interesting.
ShadowPhoenix34 chapter 302 . 7/1
I'd love this to become a full story I want to see how she reacts to the rest of them.
Draculora6 chapter 302 . 7/1
Love this story XD
Pg 301-302 Happy Little Accidents ch1-2
Fem Harry/Aurora x Malleus (twisted wonderland)
A good story to read
Cutey bell chapter 302 . 7/1
Love this hope you make another chapter I love twisted wonderland Drabbles
Abbadon44 chapter 302 . 7/1
Happy little accidents seems really interesting!
Andromedao chapter 302 . 7/1
I love this story please continue it.
4597boss chapter 302 . 7/1
This will be fun!
917brat chapter 302 . 7/1
this is so great and I adore how you twist together the stories in this is just wonderful
Firehedgehog chapter 302 . 7/1
niice 3
Brokenwingedcat chapter 302 . 7/1
please continue
cyn2100 chapter 302 . 7/1
lol, wonderful
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