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Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 253 . 4/8
Oooo. Flesh this out please. Would love to readthis.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 244 . 4/8
XD would read this. Please flesh it out.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 234 . 4/8
Please flesh this out.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 233 . 4/8
Ooooh. Please flesh this out. Would love to read this
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 225 . 4/8
Intrigued. hope this gets published.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 201 . 4/8
Would like to see this fleshed out. The storyline is very interesting and want to see more
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 323 . 4/2
- Bucio
It's not quite fanon that Harry was physically abused, the OG printings were far more clear about that and it got taken out/sanitized as the series became more popular.

Even then, Harry's reluctance at being touched and freezing when it occurs. (That's indicative of associating touch with pain.) The Petunia frying pan incident, Vernon casually grabbing him by the throat in book 5 and noone blinking an eye at that.

There's still enough references to read between the lines. Things were just lessened both for PR reasons as well as trying to save Dumbledore's rep, as people weren't buying the Arslan/Gandalf comparisons, considering neither would put a child in an abusive home or keep him there, let alone raise him as a human sacrifice.

You can't get any more blatant than Snape's words in Book 7, in the memory section. That's Snape who hates Harry's guts making the observation.

So yeah, it's not quite fanon. More sticking to the earlier printings before the retcons.

No different from keeping Charlus and Dorea as Harry's paternal grandparents, rather than Fleamont and Euphemism, who were only brought in to remove the blood consanguinity between Harry and Ginny. Nevermind that it subsequently caused plotholes regarding Sirius' stay with the Potters in his youth and Harry inheriting the Black fortune over Draco.

Same applies to the Most Ancient and Most Noble and similar categorisations as that got canned in later printings as well.

Little Red chapter 323 . 3/31
I love sassy peter. Great chapter and keep up the good work.
Jostanos chapter 323 . 4/1
I agree with Aunt May. Peter is better off with the Ancient One than being with Tony Stark any day,
Peter learns more from the Sanctum Sanctorum than he did as Harry in Hogwarts.
And that is saying something! *warm grin*
FriendlyFire59 chapter 199 . 3/29
Luna for the Win!
Bucio chapter 323 . 3/28
So Peter here is a reincarnated Harry? (with May worryingly noting a lot of the behavior of someone who's been abused - a very exaggerated constant in HP fanon), a bit of MCU Spidey with a few other things, plus seeing him interact with other parts of Marvel, like seeing him get along with Deadpool and Domino and even having entered the Sanctuary in New York, mistaking it for a library and being found by MCU TAO (The Ancient One), who becomes his mentor.

In addition to seeing him troll Strange (whom he knows because May works at the same hospital) before his accident, which may or may not happen (given that Peter/Harry here, he prevented War Machine from becoming a paraplegic after what happened in Civil War ; and if I remember correctly it being that emergency due to which Strange had his driving accident) and watching a very frustrated Spidey/Harry tell his truths to Tony's face, in front of his allies (this version of Spidey/Harry being more Pro-Cap)

So, instead of Strange, here would Peter/Harry be the next Sorcerer Supreme? Let's see how he gets along with Wong and Mordo

Good luck and keep it up
FriendlyFire59 chapter 119 . 3/25
And Shield Wizard as well.
FriendlyFire59 chapter 118 . 3/25
Really hope you can continue Wizards Law.
LadyLament chapter 323 . 3/24
This story idea is awesome, a HP is Peter Parker is amazing. I can't wait to see if you add more or make it irs own thing!
Ariel Juarez chapter 323 . 3/23
l would like to read this story please...
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