Reviews for Short Story Drabbles
markus j. fox chapter 321 . 12h
Alrighty, the FNW gots my vote to be continued.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 321 . 12h
This has me VERY intrigued. Hope your muse sings well and long as you want for this story. Cause i woul Fav'n'read this in a heartbeat.
Blu3b3rryT3a chapter 321 . 12h
Adorable. And he met the Ancient One!
I have a feeling he and Dr. Strange will have many snark fests.
Look at Peter/Harry being mentally healthy!
Good job!
Best of luck!
tigergirl1723 chapter 321 . 12h
This is what we need! I wish their were more stories of reincarnated Harry as Peter Parker!️
genecis chapter 321 . 12h
Ochsee chapter 321 . 12h
I like it. It is interesting to see how Harry/Peter reacts and interacts with May. Through I wished we had some interaction between Harry and Ben
Conner Kumiai chapter 321 . 12h
Buenísima premisa, me encanta y espero ver más de ella.
Probablemente el que pueda hacer seda de araña sea una combinación de su magia con los poderes que le dio la Araña Radioactiva. Y me pregunto en cual Peter está reencarnado. ¿Quizás el de Tom?
tammin chapter 321 . 12h
I haven’t seen this crossover in a hot minute. Harry Potter reincarnated as Peter Parker is an interesting take that I am looking forward to seeing more. I am wondering how Strange is going to be with this Peter
chibichibi98 chapter 321 . 12h
Loved this!
Dreamer Rose chapter 321 . 12h
I LOVE the Karen Takedown at the end! *chef's kiss*
Kminari chapter 321 . 13h
:) What continuity is this? will villains appear?
Dragoniaum chapter 321 . 13h
Quatermass chapter 321 . 13h
So, which "Spider-Man" continuity is this following? Comics? Cartoons? MCU? And who was that woman in the Sanctum Sanctorum? Did you genderflip Dr Strange or something?
silentstrixe chapter 321 . 13h
This one is quite interesting. While I have read many stories where Harry Potter arrives or is reincarnated in the Marvel universe I have never read one where he reincarnates as a replacement to one of the heroes then promptly comes to the conclusion that he isn't willing to go out heroing and placing his new family in potential danger. I am quite interested in seeing where this idea goes.
B127 chapter 321 . 13h
Nice. I'm Liking This
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