Reviews for Short Story Drabbles
Floating Ash chapter 323 . 3/11
Yyyeeessss! Thank you for another chapter of “Friendly neighborhood wizard”! XDXDXD
…. Would like more please… :D
Ninggay chapter 323 . 3/11
Like this storyline .Seems original to me. More please...
Sagilemiel chapter 323 . 3/11
Amazing story ! Would love to see more
akinomatis chapter 323 . 3/11
So how will Peter feel about Rogers after leaving Tony dying in Siberia after almost beating him to death?
Arsao Tome chapter 323 . 3/11
What if Peter was the 'Sorcerer Supreme'?
ultima-owner chapter 323 . 3/11
fair points about Tony Stark, his 'smart choices' can get pretty bad in the scale of how bad way this idea.
Mukuro234 chapter 323 . 3/11
SilverDragon-Purity chapter 323 . 3/11
So… May still has no clue about Deadpool and the guys at Sister Margaret’s. …Peter’s going to have a lot of explaining to do on the at one.
cyn2100 chapter 323 . 3/11
trying to type a thank you for this and calm down the snickers it induced is hard. wonderful writing again.
eah.destiny chapter 323 . 3/11
I am really enjoying this story, I love your writing
Malhavoc Shadowlord chapter 323 . 3/11
The Fidelius is going to play merry Hell with everyone trying to pin down Peter's identity, and it will be glorious. SHIELD (and subsequently HYDRA), Tony, and anyone else who knew his ID is going to flip shit when they suddenly discover that they no longer can recall who Spiderman really is. All the spies will be especially nervous, since being able to remotely remove knowledge is going to be smashing the crap out of their paranoia button.
shadewatcher chapter 323 . 3/11
Muwahahahahahahahaa! Love love love i! Spidey putting the resident man-child in his place for pulling his ridiculous stunt of dragging him into something he had no stake in. Never mind him being under age. Wonder if Fury and Widow are going to be giving Tony a tongue lashing, never mind what Pepper will say, for dragging a kid not already in the know about Avenger's business into this mess. I soo do hope to see more of this one just to see the reactions and fallout of Tony getting a verbal smackdown for pulling this stunt. Hope to see more of this story!
ShadowWolf223 chapter 323 . 3/11
I get the feeling that all on this is likely to bit Tony Stark in the butt later…Or get Peter pulled into more stuff later.
Firehedgehog chapter 323 . 3/11
ohh... nice
Ranmaleopard chapter 323 . 3/11
This is just really awesome and I can't wait for this to hopefully become a full fanfic!
Please continue
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