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alejandromnmn50 chapter 323 . 3/11
i really like this xover
ShankZZ chapter 323 . 3/11
that achewing was spectacular. hopefully he ditched the suit cause you know it has gps and with Fidelus they cant track him again. he can make his own with his magic and spidey silk much better. and i dont see him wearing bright colors. though you know deadpools reaction to this should be amazing i feel like the bar would be protective of any out side of them messing with the kid
brayanamaya963 chapter 323 . 3/11
muy buen corto sabes tiene una profundidad muy buena también también el desarrollo del personaje ya quiero ver cómo puede interactuar con una de las piedras del infinito con cualquiera no me importa porque recuerda eres un alma reencarnada el la piedra del alma la piedra de la mente quiero que son lo que más pueden hacer servirle o la reglada realidad porque vamos la magia significa alteración de la realidad en cierta medida pero son cosas mías no son para que lo tomes en cuenta porque me gusta cutu la historia como tal como tú la escribiste te mando saludo desde Madrid España que tengas salud prosperidad y que todo te salga muy bien hasta luego
hnh058513 chapter 323 . 3/11
Uh little reminder canonically the whole reason Tony involved Peter was because he was trying to find a way to bring everyone working with Steve non-lethally and with minimal injury as he knew peter had a speciality in, and was going into dangerous conditions in only a hoody with no protection. Also he had Ross breathing down his neck about how if he didn't bring in Steve for the disaster in Bucharest where he interfered with German Special intelligence was involved with the Tunnel Collapse and endagement and potential death of both operatives and civilians, and Bucky who with everything known at the time was responsible for the UN Bombing and still linked to years of Hydra's murders, And onto the whole "We've been ordered to Shoot" warning from Sharon, uh yeah she likely lied, As we never see the CIA again after that, and the German Operatives at the Apartment were focused on detainment.

Also Steve abetted after the fact and covered up murder, he knowingly hid the fact Hydra was responsible for the death of his Friend and Tony's Father Howard Stark and his Wife Maria for several years, with Obidiah Stane and Peggy Carter also assisting in the cover up by testifying that it was a Car Crash from Drunk Driving. In Siberia Tony asked him if he knew, Steve eventually admitted he did with the justification that he felt Tony didn't need to know, then Tony Punched him, Steve then started attacking him and Bucky got involved leading to Tony blowing up his Mechanical Arm. This ends in Tony being left a bloody mess with a heavy strike to his already damaged chest because he held back(This is canon as Doddy Jr.'s Stunt Director said the key to the scene was having Tony put in the least amount of effort in the fight) Steve's whole issue wasn't even with the Accords, it was with the oversight meaning overs(Including Tony) would become aware of his off the books trips to try and find Bucky, he only starts getting adversarial AFTER the part's about Oversight and review are brought.
Planar-Walking-Entertainment chapter 323 . 3/11
Tony got called OUT! peter parker better out that fidelus up or more trouble from tony's ego is going to come sniffing around. Wonder what wanda is think of the new mage who, to her, just showed up out of nowhere and didn't even use his power most of the fight?
APridefulSin chapter 323 . 3/11
first of all, that was amazing. the snark and the being pissed off of the others made sense and got stark uncomfortable, doubt hes going to be a welcome sight in the house, or if the cameras were working and used, in public for a little bit. a story to give work at least too! voluntold is correct.
second the awww was for the last part, letting may more into his life and the bonding going on, was sweet and great. beautifully done
edboy4926 chapter 323 . 3/11
Good chapter.
Though I wonder how fast would May change her mind about TAO if she knew that she was literally taking powers from a demonic monster to stay alive.
tf330129 chapter 323 . 3/11
Keep it up :)
Lovegood Loves Good chapter 323 . 3/11
Keep it coming, boss!
Cooldude82 chapter 323 . 3/11
Please tell me that this story will eventually become its own story. This is probably one of the first times that I’ve seen a story at similar to this a Spider-Man/marvel/Harry Potter Cross. Where Harry is reincarnated as Peter.

I’m really enjoyed reading the story, looking forward to future stories
All Insane Kids chapter 315 . 3/9
They’re like a Freudian Trio, averting the 'Poor Communication Kills' trope with Eir’s presence. Still, spending some time in the Trials of Valhalla ("God of War Ragnarök") in the foreseeable future might do her (and Kratos) some much needed 'good'…
Charon's Crossing chapter 323 . 3/11
I want this story to continue so I can see more of bar mom Peter
All Insane Kids chapter 314 . 3/9
I’m sold on this drabble, starting from how you dissed Zeus’ shortcomings that "God of War" Kratos of all people had to suppress his amusement… also, for your accuracy of using the Greek "He-Ra-Cles/Kles" instead of the Roman "Her-Cu-Les".
Primus-Sama chapter 323 . 3/11
Like where this is going. Maybe time to make it its own story?
waytodawn0 chapter 323 . 3/11
This is really good. I do hope this becomes a full story.
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