Reviews for Konoha's Maelstrom
PhantomCielo27 chapter 7 . 9/19
TomasDark chapter 5 . 9/16
Sincerely 99% of people reading your story does not like Sakura. And do not deny it, gennin Sakura is stupid. But as always a great chapter.
Cute Kirby chapter 5 . 9/11
Was rereading this story because I needed a little Naruto, and I was just struck by how well the character development is done. You've been very good about explaining different characters' intentions and strategies in believable ways, particularly with Sarutobi and the enemies up to this point, mostly just from Naruto's observations, which in turn is building his character. If you ever come back to this story, I'd love to see Naruto start bouncing ideas off the other people in his team, rather than just hashing it out with himself. It'd be a great way to get some team bonding and more Team 7 character development in there. Plus I really just want more Kakashi-sensei and Naruto interaction, where-in they continue to surprise each other.
(The chapter I attached this review to is irrelevant, by the way. Just had to find one I hadn't already reviewed.)
BYoshi1993 chapter 7 . 9/7
I'm sad that such a great story has seemingly been abandoned. I really hope that you update it again some day because I really like your writing style. You have a lot of thought in your words and I loved the bits of humor as well (like the innuendo that you made earlier). I really hope to see more of you in some way, whether that be an update to this story or your other story, I loved them both. I'd happily accept a completely new story too! I hope your still around somewhere. :)
Guest chapter 7 . 9/3
Love the story! I hope you decide to continue it.
Helixical chapter 7 . 8/27
If you continue this I will suck your dick. Totes mcgoats serious.
Guest chapter 4 . 7/31
Just read chapter 4... best Sarutobi ever... I don't think I've ever seen a better justified hokage...
Brenden1k chapter 7 . 7/18
Awesome story.
dieyoperson chapter 4 . 7/15
props on writing a brilliant story
AnthonyR89 chapter 7 . 7/11
entertaining read. are you going to continue it, or is it abandoned?
Seablue21 chapter 7 . 6/28
I think my favorite part about your story is the detail you put into describing the complexity of chakra manipulation and ninjutsu. You give the art the difficulty it deserves. In canon, the idea that the Hokage's version of a jutsu is the same as a genin's is a little hard to swallow. Your story, however, shows just how difficult becoming a top-notch shinobi really is, and I think these details are what separates your story from the masses. Also, I love how you think about canon events from a true shinobi perspective, as in the original, many events are depicted in a certain way to cater to a more child friendly audience. Favorited :)
faltrock chapter 4 . 6/23
This story is pretty awesome, but I just realised there are only three chapters left, and it hasn't been updated for over two years. I'm going to stop here because all those plot threads you indicated in this chapter will never come to full fruition, thus saving myself grief in a few hours.
Atheist god chapter 6 . 6/19
Error4North chapter 7 . 6/7
Fun story, well written and interesting ideas. Thank you for your work. I enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/2
This is just really, really good.
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