Reviews for Trouble Maker
bethelove chapter 46 . 14h
Awesome chapter and still awesome story, too - hope to read more soon... Also Happy July 4th, too..
Guest chapter 46 . 7/1
Absolutely love it. I read this in a marathon thru two days. Would love to see how the rest of Leif, Astrid, and Beck's take goes. And of course what trouble Sookie and Eric get themselves and friends into this time. Keep up the good work!
VampMad50 chapter 46 . 6/29
Adore those kids. Keep it coming :-)
o0.Polly.Anna.0o chapter 46 . 6/28
Love this story!
anem72 chapter 46 . 6/28
They are soooo cute! looking forward to seeing them as teens lol.
anem72 chapter 45 . 6/28
I wasn't expecting that! Maybe it's a good thing she had 3 in one go though - especially for the sake of Eric and Jason's hands lol. A fun c..hapter, looking forward to seeing what happens next.
Londa1795 chapter 46 . 6/28
The kids are a interesting bunch! The drastic differences between them proves even more that they are Sookie and Eric's kids.
ashmo2000 chapter 46 . 6/28
The children are a handful. They stick together and protect each other in any way they can. I wonder what that vision was about.
MsNorthman chapter 46 . 6/27
Loved the time jumps a little peeks into how the kids are growing and adjusting. Leif flying was hilarious! Astrid's dream at the end, now that seemed important. Hope nothing bad is going to happen to Leif!
sillygabby chapter 46 . 6/27
These little moments of their family throughout the years is really sweet. I love the sibling relationship the three have.
Kelly chapter 46 . 6/27
Just wanted to say I voted for Keep Me in all rounds and that it is still one of my all time favorite TB stories. It came along at a time when some talented new blood was for me at any rate desperately needed in the goes without saying that your other stories since have also been wonderful and I look forward to as many as you are able to write in the future. Thanx so much for all the hours and effort you put out so folks like me can relax and escape from our own hum-drum lives. Kelly
Duckbutt chapter 46 . 6/27
Humorous update -those parents are outgunned and outnumbered. Quite a handful! But what could you expect with Sookie and Eric -they certainly would not have shrinking violets for kiddos!
bttrflybelle chapter 46 . 6/27
Awe I love their relationship at the end of the chapter! Can't wait for your next update :)
Shyann chapter 46 . 6/27
These three are going to be a real force to be dealt with when the family is threatened. Great chapter.
msbuffi chapter 46 . 6/27
Excellent! I love these little snippets about the goings on in the triplets lives! So interesting and really fun! Can't wait for more!
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