Reviews for I Need a Doctor
Guest chapter 1 . 5/9
i love your story
best of luck
TheWomanWithAMessedUpMind chapter 10 . 4/30
This is an amazing story and I would appreciate very much it if you were to continue it. (It would really make me want to finish reading what your brain comes up with next.)
Zero-Suicide chapter 10 . 4/15
evilgoddess1990 chapter 10 . 4/9
Update soon

-evilgoddess1990 loves yah
lovedreamsfate chapter 10 . 4/5
I cant wait for the test to begin .
Saranki Mahira chapter 10 . 4/3
This is too epic! Love this story! Please update when you have the time!
Hiddenfanfics chapter 10 . 2/26
I love this so much, the last few chapters have made me laugh so much I practically fell off my bed. I hope you update soon, I love how it's progressing, keep up the fabulous work ;D
N.E.D.CL.1 chapter 10 . 2/25
Can't wait to read the next chapter, please update soon.
KxZ fan chapter 10 . 2/20
Welcome back :D update soon.
Fuyumi A chapter 10 . 2/19
Such a tease! So exited with the lemons haha /
kuroh chapter 10 . 2/19
countinue please
cherrypopper11 chapter 10 . 2/18
shia naru chapter 10 . 2/18
yes :) please write and publish that v-day ff
I can't wait for their 'date'. will it go smothly or become disaster, hehe
update soon, please :)
BleedingJoyfulInsanity chapter 10 . 2/18
Beautiful! This chapter had me smiling! Please keep it coming!
vampirekitty26 chapter 10 . 2/18
Big hero 6? Ha! I love that movie.
Its so cute how they both ignore the fact that it's kinda a date. I wonder if there will be hand holding.
I loved reading about Kuran being in the workplace. Its neat. Can't wait till his first appointment with Zero. Oh and I think you should do the holiday chapter Or one shot. IT seems like it will be a while before these guys become lovers.
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