Reviews for The Twist of Fate
Guest chapter 15 . 11/24
You ma'am/sir took joy in making them suffer
Anyway great story
Hurry chapter 17 . 11/23
Blackrose567 chapter 17 . 11/18
please update more soon
miikkuli chapter 1 . 11/17
Wow, a very potentially cool story you have here! I feel like the story hasn't started properly, yet, so I can't put this this into my favourites, but I'll definitely follow this!

I already fell in love with Tobi because he was sweet, smart and just knew Naruto so well. 3 The plot seems to be planned out and this is really well written. Can't wait for the update!
procon chapter 17 . 11/8
Naruto what are you doing ! Poor kid. And Minato too poor thing. I love your story so far I hope you update soon!
Poke-Mobster chapter 9 . 10/31
Gave naruto chakra.
Mermaid Heather chapter 17 . 10/19
I like it a lot what happen next
BartWLewis chapter 17 . 10/18
Amazing! Can't wait for more.
Madame X chapter 1 . 9/22
Oh Minato... What were you thinking?!
childishbear98 chapter 17 . 9/18
It is midnight when read this fic in one go. And im crying like some poor soul, with my eyes turn bloodshot and snot running down my nose xD I cant wait for the next update
Flaming Beauty chapter 17 . 9/7
Aww I was hoping that naruto would make it back home to at least see his mom. I do feel bad for minato, he's doing the best he can with the cards given. Hopefully he gets some forgiveness.
Radiant Celestial Aura chapter 17 . 8/31
Glad naruto is getting better. Can't wait to read then ext chapter! :D
helenGet chapter 17 . 8/6
I love this.
Kura-Kyu chapter 8 . 8/3
You fooled me... I was wondering why it was so short, but just ignored it, completed it, and went to next chapter...
rubberduck248 chapter 17 . 7/30
Very fine!
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