Reviews for Borrowed Hearts
cameronlove chapter 6 . 1/18
I hope you come I seriously loved this. I just wish... Its one of my favs. Pls pls pls. Im just glad I came across this fic. Thank you and come back...
ArtemisTheHunt chapter 6 . 9/19/2017
Come on. You cannot give up on this story. I freakin love it!
Candyjmf83 chapter 6 . 8/10/2017
I have no hope for a new chapter, but I had to share my opinion. Such a great story! I enjoyed everything you were able to post and thank you for sharing!
CrystalWatersXo chapter 6 . 6/26/2017
Oh I love this! So enjoyable to read!
GreyceMikelson chapter 6 . 5/17/2017
continua por favor muitas saudades
KlarolinesBae chapter 6 . 5/6/2017
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO god damn it why didn't you finish it ughhhhhhhh
ElleNotReally chapter 6 . 12/30/2016
Please update soon. This story is so wonderful.
Sarah chapter 6 . 4/26/2016
I hope you update this story. I really love it and cant wait to read more.

Keep it up!
Geli chapter 6 . 4/19/2016
I love your writing and this story is amazing! Please continue! I need to know what happens next!
Guest chapter 6 . 4/3/2016
Hey hey nice fic! Update please ! Please! It's seem like an exciting story , looking forward to Eajah waking up and how klaroline story builds up.. So please dun abandon it. Thanks. Joelle.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/25/2016
Arrgh... No update? Giving up e story? Pleas don't!
Wreckless Righter chapter 6 . 3/4/2016
I need more, like yesterday. You've awoken my Stebekah heart. And I need Klaroline
Wreckless Righter chapter 2 . 3/2/2016
Ohhhhh my god I LOVE this idea, Alex! I love that movie and I'm so freaking excited to see how this plays out for Klaroline!
Callista Wolfwood chapter 6 . 2/14/2016
franchgirl chapter 6 . 1/14/2016
i'm so waiting for the following ! make elijah wake up fast haha it's gonna be so weird i'm so ready for it ! your story is pure genius very original never read a similar to that one and really haha caroline like the girl keeps digging her own grave that's so fun the story is really good and i really like your choice of vocabulary, and the way you respect the characters, klaus has always been suspicious about people ans henrik well that's a good point to include him so sweet ! Thank's a lot keep on going and great work i'm glad i fond this one, hope you update fast !
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