Reviews for Howling with the Storm
Falling Right Side-Up chapter 36 . 10/29
XD For all your brilliant writing, the one that tickles me the most this chapter is: "I hope you have a pear-flavoured wedding cake," Martha said viciously. Lovely.
Falling Right Side-Up chapter 12 . 10/29
XD I really hope you have or will write the 50th anniversary special. Would love to know how the twist with the scandalous wife came about and what image the moment chose :)
Flowerbiatch chapter 64 . 10/6
I loved this so much You are a great author and I hope you will never stop writing, even when you don't feel like what you're writing is good.
Fleur24 chapter 63 . 10/3
Oh Rose! her and the Doctor's road to healing and recovery will be long and bumpy, but their get there eventually. Never the same as before, but happy and together. I did like that Jack gave Rose her rings back, and that the Doctor found her necklace and bracelet.
I'm not completely surprised that Rose watched the Master burn with the Doctor. She wouldn't want him to do it alone.
Fleur24 chapter 62 . 10/3
The Doctor does have some of Seven's manipulative genius left in him. That would explain a lot, in hindsight. If Rose had been brought to the Valiant and then shot, she wouldn't have been able to come back, but by keeping her 'safe' in her cell, he could hope that with the reversal of time that she would come back to life. So she torments him with her words after she dies, but he still gives out her whereabouts before he goes. Weird, but convenient for the Doctor.
UNIT to the rescue. The Brigadier and Rose are going to have another encounter with each other. I love how the Brigadier saw to her release personally, and escorted her out himself. Very gentlemanly of him to wait outside with her and remind her that she will be happy again.
AWE the Doctor and Rose are united once more. I do like how he sonic-d her face before kissing her, so he wouldn't hurt her. His conversation with Alistair was lovely. Love the bit about Alistair saving the Doctor's world, mainly Rose.
Fleur24 chapter 61 . 10/3
I absolutely loved how The Doctor clocked the Master a good one for all the suffering he put Rose through. Of course if anyone was to survive the Time War, it would be the Master. After all misery loves company, and whats better than watching two old and former friends battle against each other?
The Doctor wielding the gun was a new twist, he wouldn't let Francine kill the Master, but that wouldn't stop him. It would make perfect sense, seeing as the Master had ordered Rose's death by being shot. In the end though its best I suppose that Lucy killed him. Can't have been easy having to be married to him. Tish giving him the watch and rings was a lovely touch, were those Rose's rings, or his own?
Let's go pick up Rose!
Fleur24 chapter 58 . 10/3
He can't go and look for her, and risk the Master killing her, but the small consolation is that she's alive and they can communicate through their bond. Wonder how she knew about Martha's flat being bombed or was that through the bond as well?
Fleur24 chapter 57 . 10/3
While I absolutely hate the Master torturing her to hurt her and the Doctor, not mention just the sick pleasure of doing so, Rose is basically a walking skeleton. It was cruel to make the Doctor and Jack watch as he ordered the guards to shoot her. Poor Doctor, having to deal with his wife death, the pain and empty hollowness of their severed bond.
Fleur24 chapter 55 . 10/3
He can't go and look for her, and risk the Master killing her, but the small consolation is that she's alive and they can communicate through their bond. Wonder how she knew about Martha's flat being bombed or was that through the bond as well?
Poor Rose, all that time tucked away in a cell, with no one by a insane psychopath for company.
Fleur24 chapter 54 . 10/3
The Doctor and co is back, they still have a long way to go. The Master's just insane and hateful enough that he would kill Rose, if the Doctor tried finding her.
Fleur24 chapter 53 . 10/3
Goodness gracious, the Master is one nasty piece of work. Not only is he torturing her, but taking away all of her jewelry, showing off his new wife and the fact that she's wearing Rose's rings. That last bit is just cruel! At least he was kind even to let her aboard the TARDIS when the Battle of Canary Wharf rolled around. That could have been a right mess. It can't be easy for her in the cell. Probably going insane from the isolation and separation from the Doctor.
I'm she still has some faith left in the Doctor, and some of her on fire at the end.
Fleur24 chapter 52 . 10/3
Yep this is bad, very, very bad! Good news though is that he can't get into her mind, thanks to her being Bad Wolf, and being the Doctor's wife. I love that bit you added with the Doctor commandng that she was defended. That was brilliant.
Fleur24 chapter 51 . 10/3
Oh dear the Master's back and he's got Rose. This is so many levels of bad, horrible really. Poor Doctor, he'll be ins such a state by the time he sees her again.
Fleur24 chapter 50 . 10/3
Nine and Ten, especially this Ten are have completely different opinions on physical touch especially around Rose. Rose has done wonders with him, and will continue to do so. Jack's actually given a choice, how novel is that? hehe.
Fleur24 chapter 49 . 10/3
Captain Jack Harkness is back!
I do love that little bit of refection and hindsight. With the exception of Jack, they really should have just left. Well at least Rose didn't give him a Tyler slap for running away from Jack again.
HEHE 'Hands off the Blonde' applies now more than ever now that their married.
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