Reviews for Valentine Feline
HollowPoint chapter 1 . 8/7/2013
Haha, I kind of wondered what the name of the story might have meant, because I did pay attention to the fact that it says "Valentine Feline", and I did remember that Ushio likes cats, so I figured it would play a part, but I wasn't sure in what way.(which is kind of funny really that I didn't think of it, because I read another fic a long time ago that had a character dress as a cat to win someone's affection)

I was highly amused when Ushio was basically thrown into Nene, I expected Nene to jump at the opportunity to grab her, but I guess she wasn't paying enough attention(or she probably would have?) For some reason I rather liked that Nene fixated on Ushio's rear when she walked away, cause frankly most girls are never portrayed as being pervy enough to care about another girl's rear even if they like said girl.(which, it's also one of Nene's only options to stare at, it's either her rear, her legs, or her face(or probably her front too if naked, but that hasn't happened yet x3)

When Ushio blew up at Nene when she tried to give her chocolate the first time, I kind of thought it was gonna make Nene cry and make Ushio feel bad or something(gotta remember, I don't know the characters that well, I don't know how normal it is for Ushio to yell at someone, nor how okay with being yelled at Nene is), but apparently Nene didn't care at all XD

Just ears, paws, and tail, doesn't seem like it'd normally be quite enough to change Ushio's mind about her so much, but judging from the end, even just cat noises alone get her very badly, so a combination of all is far more than she could handle. I'd like to think that Ushio and Nene didn't have sex after Ushio pulled her inside, cause then that'd really be skipping all the fun stuff...that sounds bad again, I mean it'd be skipping right past all of their fun interaction, Nene utilizing her new power, etc.(and it'd be way too quick really XD "I hated you seconds ago, but now you're cat-like, sooo...")

It's incredibly nice seeing Nene in Ushio's lap being pet like that x3 like, I can't imagine how happy Nene must be about it, being able to sit in the lap of a girl she likes, and be pet by said girl, and have her fingers licked by her, it's just a very heartwarming scene, ya know? XD I do hope that Nene is able to keep Ushio tamed with just her cat noises/affection though, because wearing the whole outfit all the time would be embarrassing, and the paws would really interfere with groping.
Anywho, I'm very glad I read this story too, I liked the ending alone enough to make me like this story even a bit more than the other Nene story, it really is a lot of fun reading Nene stories, especially Nene/Ushio, because Ushio seems hardest to get, and it's really fun seeing Nene try to win her over.

Ya know, you've actually made the majority of the Nene fics, so I really must thank you for literally being the main creator of Nene fics, let alone Nene/Ushio ones(which, you're the SOLE creator of those)
Major Mike Powell III chapter 1 . 7/18/2013
Well, well, soldier...

HOO-RRAH! 1st Review EVAR, Btches!

THIS...was...awesome! (Wavy Line)

You SO do Nene justice, my friend! I can't get enough of her! (Heart) And she most definitely does NOT disappoint on Valentine's Day, as she tries and tries to woo Ushio, never giving up, and then...BINGO! XD
Nene truly is a genius-nya! (Wavy Line) And of course, a tamed Ushio is SO much fun to read! X3

Man! This grin I have on my face will have to be surgically removed. :D

Awesome work, my friend!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
Roxius chapter 1 . 7/18/2013
Too bad we never get a in-dialogue scene of them kissing or doing anything specific, but it's still a pretty cute fic, especially with how Nene finally wins over Ushio, although Ushio herself is kinda refusing to admit it lol