Reviews for Devil Among Devils
Kami-sama of the dead chapter 18 . 2/18
Please for the love of god or maou continue
GoldenLion385 chapter 3 . 2/16
This story is really good and funny.
I like how there are characters from other
anime's in this story. Great work.
GentlestCobra2 chapter 18 . 2/15
great please make more chapters
Guest chapter 18 . 2/12
Update soon please it's been a while
Guest chapter 18 . 2/11
Issei chapter 18 . 2/1
Please update ASAP
Kaioo chapter 18 . 1/22
Damnit, this is a cruel place to be left on a cliffhanger for several months.
Kaioo chapter 16 . 1/22
Rias is going to be in the harem?

*shakes fist at sky*
Kaioo chapter 14 . 1/22
So.. Rias isn't actually a lesbian huh.

What is with all these stories I've found lately that involve girls experimenting? It's odd.

"sorry you had to hear that". Rias is obviously lying. She set it up perfectly for Issei to arrive when the confrontation happened so he'd help her.
Kaioo chapter 12 . 1/22
He doesn't remember banging Morgiana? Uhh, no matter how drunk you are, that's something you'd remember. Alas, humour.

Rias is a lesbian? Huh..

I'm surprised Rias or Issei or others don't find something wrong with so many people having harems for peerages. I mean, a lot of servants are probably forced into sexual relations with their master.
Kaioo chapter 9 . 1/22
If I didn't know that them not having money was being played for comedic effect, I'd be complaining about how a few centuries-old people who should have experience with earning money are failing to earn money.
Kaioo chapter 6 . 1/22
Yeah.. Issei really doesn't sound like a Gary-Stu.
Kaioo chapter 3 . 1/22
Isn't Koneko scared of using Senjutsu? Why is she using it to sense people?
Kaioo chapter 1 . 1/22
That's best man from the anime where the Maou has to work at a mcdonalds parody isn't it?

So, is Issei perfect in everything, because that's what Gary-Stu means, they're unbeatable, always succeed, EVERYBODY loves them, always correct etc.
Sir Cookie chapter 8 . 1/16
The one plot hole that I can find is that how did ise get the evil pieces? Seriously! It doesn't make any freaking sense. He has been hiding from devil society and evil pieces became available at the latest 2 centuries ago. It's amazing that ise even knows what evil pieces are. Otherwise cool story. I like the humor. I can't wait for when ise gets angry. He'll show what it means to be called lord of wrath, I think.
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